9.20.1 Common Test- Second Iteration Changes

Evening everyone,

After some initial confusion over the changes posted, we now have the changes applied to the second iteration of the 9.20.1 common test server. Note, translated from Russian servers, so please forgive any vague or odd looking language:

Innovation: Competitions

  • Added the opportunity to participate in competitive gaming events straight from the game client. Current events can be found in the combat missions interface in a separate tab: “Competitions”.
  • For the player participating in the game events, statistics are available based on the best results, as well as a detailed table with the leaders of the competition. With this you will be able to assess your own progress in the event and compare your progress with the best players.
  • The criteria for determining the best players can vary for different events. Detailed rules will be specified in the regulations of each competition.
  • Competitions can be held with or without pre-registration forms. You can apply and participate in the event without leaving the game.
  • Battles that take place in competitive modes will be counted statistically under “Random Battles”. In the competition there may be additional restrictions: a solo game or platoons, a stand-alone battle only within a certain time limit and game servers, as well as limits on vehicle types.
  • In the garage there will be a special notification, which will help to understand the competitions.
  • During the general test, you can take part in two test competitions – no settings, no images, no awards as nothing in them is final. The first tournament will be held vehicles from the  USSR and the UK at Tier X, the second – same nations but at Tier VIII. To participate in the event you will need to register and play at least two fights at the chosen tier of one nation.

General Changes:

  • The text on the return button of the order form has been changed.
  • Status on task bar and button is now labelled “Improved Results”, rather than “Return Order Form”
  • Fixed an issue with the transitioning to operations on the Personal Missions map.
  • The number of tasks in the “Show tasks” filter of  the “Tasks” tab is now displayed correctly.
  • The map interface in Personal Missions will now load correctly.
  • No more empty greeting window for completed tasks.
  • Tooltips for class marks are now displayed correctly.
  • The team artillery marker on the mini-map no longer hangs when you set the marker to a long distance.
  • Fixed problems with the operation of sound modifications.


Enhanced Balancing *

* Now the balancer additionally tries to balance each part of the team list (bottom, middle and top), taking into account the features and roles of vehicles inside the types: the Maus tank will oppose a Maus, Type 5 Heavy or E 100;  T57 Heavy – AMX 50B and so on. However, in some situations there will not be a symmetrical balance over the game roles – for example, if vehicles with different roles is platooned.


Tank Changes


  • Depression of OQF 32-pdr Gun Mk. II in turret Conqueror Mk. II increased from -7 to -10 degrees.
  • Depression of OQF 32-pdr Gun Mk. II with turret Conqueror Mk. II ABP increased from −7 to −10 degrees.
  • Depression of 120 mm Gun L1A1 with turret Conqueror Mk. II ABP increased from −7 to −10 degrees.


  • Increased turret armor.

FV4004 Conway:

  • Forward speed reduced from 50kph to 40kph.
  • Reverse speed reduced from 20kph to 15kph.

FV4005 Stage II:

  • Forward speed reduced from 50kph to 35kph.
  • Reverse speed reduced from 15kph to 12kph.

Super Conqueror:

  • Shot spread during movement reduced by 25%
  • Shot spread during hull traverse increased by 20%.
  • Shot spread of 120 mm Gun L1A1during turret traverse reduced by 29%.
  • Reload of 120 mm Gun L1A1 with turret Conqueror «Unorthodox» ABP reduced from 9.3 to 8.7 sec.
  • Depression of 120 mm Gun L1A1 with turret Conqueror «unorthodox» ABP increased from −7 to −10 degrees.
  • Total HP with turret Conqueror «unorthodox» ABP increased from 2350 to 2400.

Type 59:

  • Ammunition capacity increased from 34 to 50 shells.


Following vehicles have been transferred into HD:

* FV215b

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9.20.1 Common Test- Second Iteration Changes

39 thoughts on “9.20.1 Common Test- Second Iteration Changes

  1. Blackswordsmen says:

    I am actually really glad they nerfed the speed of the top tier brit tds cuase just imagine an angel of death with 50km/h… also i think buffing the the gd of the super conqueror was a bit too much. Couldve been just fine with 8 but eh, ah buff is a buff and i like it! Nj wg.

      1. Blackswordsmen says:

        Well 50km/h with a gun that can remove most of your hp in one shot…it can be quite frustrating on the recieving end so they had to rebalance it accordingly.

      2. a passing hobo says:

        The “shitbarn” gets an extra 6hp/t ratio as well as 5 degrees better depression, more ammo capacity and a wider gun arc. I suspect it also received improved gun handling but I’ll have to check.

      1. Indy_ah says:

        Tankinspector selected for the Testserverfiles says otherwise, its the same turret now as before 9.20

  2. Action_Packed_Action says:

    so they buffed the 4202’s turret, rolled it back, then buffed it again… lol, make up your mind wg
    though i honestly prefer an engine buff or gun handling buff (and reduce the 20 pounder shell cost while you’re at it) on the FV4202, but as they say, “every little bit helps” so thx wg

    1. Hopefully they will listen to your comment if they would even look at this website XD
      I agree that FV4202 needs gun handling. But at least it doesn’t have 220mm of effective armor for frontal hull armor.

  3. Wiking says:

    „Enhanced Balancing *„ you might call that enhanced balancing I call it enhanced bullshit.. does anyone in the wg office got a brain left? The game should be fun in the first place right? But all you do is cut out more and more variety out of the game which is a big part of Fun in the game.. it all started with removing maps out of that game like south coast, northwest and pearl river.. the next big step into the wrong direction was to implement the new MM System in 9.15.. was a major cut in variety of the matches and now with this step you take a road into killing all the fun.. next patch rhe enhanced balancing will be that E100 faces E100 only and so on.. only rare tanks will be random matched up and at some point we will have 3 different tanks in 1 match 😀 well wg open your ears.. I never cried about gold ammo, arty, wt or that maps were unbalanced.. but now I secure you that the game will die if you continue to cut out the variety of the game.. I hope some of you will get to read that and rethink maybe what you planing to do..

    1. No offense, but changes like that is what I see most people complaining in chat about…

      “CryWhine we only have heavy tank and the other team only has medium tank…!”

  4. Type 59:

    Ammunition capacity increased from 34 to 50 shells.

    Best Joke EVER!!! This absolutelly useless shit tank, which penetrate & hit nothing will get more ammo, so you will miss more and pay more credits after battle …


  5. Blankman says:

    That -10 depression is much appreciated, since the -7 is, well, depressing.. Nice to not see a blazing fast HESH Barn though..

  6. This is common test so I don’t know why you guys are whining about. They can change things as often as they wan’t to and you know what? It is good because they can test more accurately. Changing things back and forth isn’t something special.

    I dislike nerf of top speed of TD’s. Maybe in previous iteration they were OP but with paper thin armor and almost no camo for me it’s mandatory to have decent speed. Also they were unique to some degree because there are not single peek-a-boo over ridge line TD in the game currently. They would be counter for OP meds and lights.

  7. No Name says:

    Lame. Look, at last download tank inspector, post some screenshots of changes, and maybe you can see that VF4202 has no turret buff at this point. Rubbish.



    Increased turret armor.

  8. Mikosah says:

    Wait a minute, is the 4202’s armor getting changed or not? Given the choice, I’d rather it have the horsepower than armor. Let it be the more mobile, low-profile, and stealthy alternative to the Centurions.

    As for the TDs, clearly the Conway and 4005 were over-buffed before but this set of mobility nerfs is overkill. Perhaps preserve the reverse speeds and only nerf the forward speeds, or vice versa.

    The recent heavy rebalance of having to give up their signature British gun handling for armor is tricky. The Caernarvon desperately needed love but honestly I like the live version Conqueror just as it is. But letting the new tier 9 and 10 have gun handling, depression, and armor is encroaching on other heavies. They can’t get away with that unless they further nerf these tanks’ mobility as well.

    Besides that, what about the other Brit heavies that are desperate for attention? Does anyone else remember that the Church VII and Black Prince are a thing?

  9. SirNopp says:

    Why did they buff up the firepower of the Super Conqueror? It has its pretty good armor to depend so buffing the up the dpm to match the 215b makes it better in everyway save for it being slower and probably has worst gun handling… Makes the 215b less of a gem to keep…

  10. Daniel says:

    Just wondering…what will happen with the missions that are completed but the prize is not redeemed. For example TD15 from OBJ 260? I will have to redo the mission? Or it will stay so I can redeem the prize later?

  11. Nele says:

    With all the changes to the british line, I wish FV201 (A45) would get some love. It is ok when facing old enemies, but with these new power creeps it can strugle a lot.

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