9.20.1 HD Model Comparison Video

Good day everyone,

As usual, a video showing of the new 9.20.1 HD models compared to their old SD counterparts. Enjoy!

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9.20.1 HD Model Comparison Video

4 thoughts on “9.20.1 HD Model Comparison Video

  1. Partybooper says:

    STB-1 in HD?
    Finally! About damn time! The most beautiful looking tank in the game.
    And it’s even getting a little turret armor buff. Seems like it will finally gain a little bit of relevance again.

  2. OrigamiChik3n says:

    I like how they turned high poly Church into high-poly-er Church. I can clearly see polygons becoming polygonier.
    Also, good job wasting resources making high-poly model for Object 416 that might be removed from the game soon.

  3. Shishkin says:

    Noticed an error on tanks gg. The KV-4’s (HD) visual model doesn’t match its collision modell. The turret front under the curved mantlet area is supposed to be flat between the 2 curved part, (right under the gun mantlet) but on the collision model the 2 separate curved part are unified !

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