9.20 Detailed Japanese Heavy Changes

Good day everyone,

Yesterday we posted some general changes that will occur to the Japanese heavy line in 9.20, but now we have some more details on specific changes.

O-I Exp.

  • Removed 10cm Cannon Type 14, due to being too effective for a Tier V machine.
  • Reinforced hull armor from 75mm to 100mm.
  • Reinforced turret armor from 75mm to 100mm
  • Reduced turret traverse from 22.9 deg/sec to 20.9 deg/sec.
  • Reduced shot dispersion during turret traverse from 3.8 to 3.45.


  • Decreased rear armor thickness to allow equal tier opponents to penetrate.


  • 10cm Experimental Tank Gun Kai will receive premium armor piercing ammunition with 250-260mm penetration.

Type 4 Heavy

  • Decreased turret traverse from 18.8 to 17.7 deg/sec.
  • Reduced hull traverse from 22 to 17 deg/sec.
  • Reduced shot dispersion during turret traverse from 4.14 to 3.91.
  • Reduced shot dispersion during hull traverse from 4.64 to 3.59.
  • Weakened the front hull armor.

Type 5 Heavy

  • Decreased turret traverse from 20.9 to 18.8 deg/sec.
  • Decreased hull traverse from 22 to 17 deg/sec.
  • Reduced shot dispersion during turret traverse from 4.22 to 3.8.
  • Reduced shot dispersion during hull traverse from 4.22 to 3.26.
  • Weakened the front hull armor.
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9.20 Detailed Japanese Heavy Changes

35 thoughts on “9.20 Detailed Japanese Heavy Changes

  1. Zarax says:

    Is it just me, or now OI-Exp look a lot like a tier V KV-5? :)) Time to hurry the grind and get past it while I can. It will not be underpowered after nerf, but also not as fun to play.

    1. septfox says:

      Stronk power to weight, check…high weight, check…thick frontal armor with massive glowing weak spots, check…effectively medium-tank gun for its tier, check…

      Huh. The only thing it’s missing is copious amounts of vodka.

  2. Uuuhhh says:

    Well it looks like they’re killing off the last thing I had fun with in this game. How is a slow down a buff to mobility?

    1. SpottableSky says:

      How is something that is broken even fun? Especially for those who have to encounter these thing front on like the t9 and t10. The O-I exp. 105 was identical to the old old t5 KV with the 107mm gun.

  3. Yogi_2015 says:

    Well add this to the reasons why I stopped playing a much as I used too. Nerffed the fun right out of the game.

  4. Dreadnought1906 says:

    I can understand the rest of the nerfs to the Type 5. But this: “Decreased hull traverse from 22 to 17 deg/sec.” Is going to make it into a complete turd.

    WTF Wargaming? The Type 5 was trash, you over-buff it, then you over-nerf it. Back to square 1.

  5. Wahnfried.III says:

    Lets see:

    O-I Exp: Or the proving tank that armor is not competive in world of tanks. Of all the japanese havies it has the worst armor, yet performs best. Giving it more armor but removing the gun as such can only be seen as a major downgrade. Which probably is justified, because it is indeed a tad to good for tier 5, in no small part because there are so many horrible tier 5 tanks. I would expect a lot of 12cm HE spam though as the 7.5 is not a heavy gun by any stretch of the imagination.

    O-I. I dont think that nerfings it back armor is a good call. People should be rewarded for knowledge and punished for lack of it. Being one of the few tanks that is actually quite durable from behind of course can be a nasty surprises, but with its sides being huge pieces of paper, I honestly dont see the armor issue being anything but the front. Which is naturally completly made irrelevant by gold spam. Speaking of gold, of course no nerf to the absurd 150mm cHEAT pen on a tier 6. Keep the euros rolling our dear beloved players.

    O-Ho. The derp is and still will be what makes this tank. It is the only reason to play it ever. With the 105mm, even with buffed gold ammo, it just cannot compete. Not that it can compete with the derp mind you, but this is at least fun to play somewhat. It still remains a very weak tank that by no means is going to be capable of challinging IS3 and co. It simple does not have the armor for that. IS3 gold can penetrate O-Ho anywhere it pleases while IS3 turret and nasty angles can casually withstand 300+mm penetration shoots. You will still be raped by IS3… but your feeble attempt at defeating it just have become much more expensive.

    Type 4:

    Oh yes, mobility nerf. Just what the worst tier 9 tank in the game needed. It is technically sound balancing to have frontal weakspots, but in reality 240mm is not a good armor number. Against guns with standard pens above 270, it wont make a difference compared to the normal armor. Against lesser guns, it still is damm durable. And against 330mm cHEAT, not even 300mm all arround could save it. Especially not with that shitty weakspot that makes side scraping unhealthy. The Type 4 could be a breakthrough tank… but not in world of goldammo where tier 8 mediums can rape it at will. While its 14cm gun – which has balanced gold ammo – is no match against the op gold ammo of most of its competitors. Oh, but of course, there is the pay to win HE gun…. again… WG does not give a fuck about the game… all they care about is their money.

    Basically the same is true for Type 5. This garbage junk is never going to be remotely viable to any good or even average tier 10. To slow, pathetic gun and no armor of any value against gold. Useless P.O.S. A burden to any team.

  6. Ragnarokbazil says:

    Yeah they killed my fun in wit time to finally uninstall its been a nice ride guys.. I only played type 5 only because funfactor now they reduced mobility when its slower then the fuvken maus yeah wargaming you seriously know how to balance shit.. No you really dont.. Who wants my account?

  7. Ragnarokbazil says:

    Like im all up giving my type weak spots and all but why make something unbearably slow and cant defend it self when side hugged already?! It makes absolutely no sense.. None what so ever… These medium bitching people really need to get permabanned and stop Fucking with our game..

    1. jeffrey6046 says:

      the armor is a double edged sword in this case because it did not have weakspots.
      Heavies and TD’s couldnt pen that tank from the front, while mediums should flank that is not the job of heavy tanks and also really hard to flank in world of coridors.

      1. jeffrey6046 says:

        Thats why everyone spams gold at that thing because everything is flat its armor is too strong for normal AP and too weak for gold ammo.
        Almost every tank basically gets lolpenned with gold ammo its not a type 5 problem.

  8. Ragnarokbazil says:

    You had good lights then mad players bitched now the heavies are suffering to them… I just dont understand..

  9. Albemarle says:

    Understand? What don’t you understand? TD’s were realistic with most having better view ranges but the Heavy “Pros” bitched. NERF. Arty is one-shotting us! ehhhh. waaaa. NERF. Lights suck because they can’t spot for us. BUFF. Next, the mediums. At this point I just play the game. Japanese Heavies blow except for the O-I exp. so I don’t play them unless I’m feeling especially masochistic.

  10. Viking_North says:

    They buffed the Type 4, tier 9 tank with no frontal weakspot and nerf the type 5 with weakspots… Wg, go home, your drunk again.

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