9.20 French Rebalance

In a similar vein to the Japanese heavies, several French machines will also receive a rebalance. First being the AMX 30s, the overall goal being to differentiate them a bit from their counterparts in other tech trees (i.e. Leopard 1).

AMX 30 B & AMX 30 Prototype

  • Reinforced turret armor.
  • Improved gun soft stats: dispersion on the move, DPM etc.
  • Reduced penetration and accuracy.

Tank Destroyers

The goal of the TD rebalance is to bring them a bit more in line with the current game, and have them be a bit more adaptable to the conditions of Random Battles.

  • Autoloader magazines added to the tier 8 & 9.
  • Increased maneuverability.
  • Reinforced side armor to prevent easy overmatching.

AMX 50 Foch B

Tier 10
HP: 1,850
Speed: +50 / -13 kph
Hull Traverse: 30 ° / s
Hull Armor: 180/80/40 mm
View Range: 380 m

DMG: 400/400/515
Penetration: 257/325/65 mm
Magazine Reload: 38 s
Shot Reload: 2.0 s
Magazine Capacity: 6
Accuracy: 0.34
Aim Time: 2.3 s


AMX 50 Foch

Tier: 9
HP: 1,550
Speed: +50 / -13 kph
Hull Traverse: 28 ° / s
Hull Armor: 180/70/40 mm
View Range: 380 m

DMG: 400/400/515
Penetration: 257/325/65 mm
Magazine Reload: 34 s
Shot Reload: 2.4 s
Magazine Capacity: 4
Accuracy: 0.35
Aim Time: 2.5 s


AMX AC mle. 48

Tier 8
HP: 1,000
Speed: +50 / -13 kph
Hull Traverse: 28 ° / s
Hull Armor: 150/55/40 mm
View Range: 370 m

DMG: 400/400/515
Penetration: 257/325/65 mm
Magazine Reload: 34 s
Shot Reload: 2.7 s
Magazine Capacity: 3
Accuracy: 0.37
Aim Time: 2.7 s


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9.20 French Rebalance

56 thoughts on “9.20 French Rebalance

  1. Nameless says:

    They shouldn’t have removed the 150 mm on the Foch B. It would’ve been great if they let you mount either the 120 with an auto or the 150 as a single-shot with much much better soft and hard stats.
    Other than that, I don’t think the AMX 30 buff was needed.

  2. Halgarth says:

    If we want good turret armor, gun soft stats and DPM we have the Russian meds… Oh what, Russian meds have good penetration and good précision too
    AMX 30s are snipers, in the game just like in real history
    If the nerf penetration and precision, those tanks will loose their gameplay
    They are close to leopard, and then what is the problem ?
    Both tanks came from Europanzer project that is à normal for them to ben similar…
    As à player, I haven’t grinded à branch for à precise gameplay à tiers X to see this gameplay be modified à few months later

  3. MrDobalina says:

    NOOOO!!! Dont take away the only strength of the Foch 155 >:(
    257 Pen at Tier10, this sounds like a damn joke 🙁

  4. RAD FROOD 25 says:

    Dagnabit these changes had better get to console double quick it I’ll just stop grinding the tank Destroyers

  5. Mizutayio says:

    i think that a 6 shot aoutoloader, evne if it’s just a 120mm gun, is to big, that’s 2.4k potential damage, tier 9 is better, but i am in the opinion that all autoloaders should lose a shell or two but with a faster overall reload so they’re more flexible, both with action time and round management. I think all tier 9 and 10 autoloading heavies should get a 3 shot clip. Then the Tier 10 Foch should get a 4 shot, since it’s a TD, tier 9 should get 3 shots, but with a faster reload than the heavies and the tier 8 could keep the singleshot 120mm.

    I simply think that autoloaders as a whole need a rebalance, the Czech autoloaders are a great exemple, as is the Chi-Ri, although i do think that the time between shots on the Skoda T-50 and TVP T-50/51 should be increased.
    But the TVP for one has low single shot damage but a 4 clip magazine, it’s flexible enough to be able to play it similar to all the other meds unlike the batchat which is extremely situational with it’s large clip, it’s helpless when reloading but stomps tier 8s, tier 9s and even tier 10s.

  6. Topcat says:

    I really hope they dont think that that armour buff on the 30 and the 30b will change how it is played. At their respective tiers it will still do nothing. Accuracy nerfs and pen nerfs are not a good change for them either imo. Shame wargaming is going on a crusade to nerf accuracy of every tank that has low armour and relies on its gun.

    1. Rombat says:

      accuracy nerfs, dispersion of shoot in the reticle nerf, the plad to reduce normalization and an increase loss of penetration of shoots over 100m and buff of armor is the master plan of WG to suck us of money, by forcing us to shoot moore often premium ammo or to play only with premium ammo, see ranked battles, to buy premium acount and moore premium tanks to have credits to play the game competitiv.
      Or we can buy with real money thouse wonderfull packages with gold and credits that wg is selling…
      Good fucking master plan wg…leave alone amx30b don’t make it worst anyway nobody’s grinding it…people grind type5 heavy, mouse and other wonderfull tanks.
      Amx 50 fosch is a bad joke now and with the pen of a medium tank it will be sinister…a td is supose to snipe from far away and pen the heavies not to flank and make circles around them…(once upon a time td’s where the nemesis of heavies…great camo, great penetration and great dmg they did to poor mouse and other heavies).
      P.S. when they launch the amx50 fosch it was advertise as the only tank in the game who good send to garage a mouse with the 3 load magazine…and what is now fosch?

    1. 310 has the FV 215b 183 with AP round, and it has a 183 mm gun.

      250 is the standard for every gun… more tanks have a little more, other less.
      but even if you cant pen 2 or 3 rounds for example, stills 1200 – 1600 of damage, the same has a well HESH round.
      And you have 800 more potential damage.

      its k

  7. Infernal969 says:

    Even with the new guns, the French TDs are still hot garbage. Especially if they didn’t change the abysmal soft stats. 3 shells that take 2.7s each with 34s reload when you have to wait ages for the aiming circle at tier 8. And still 1000 hp, a two-shot for almost everything nowadays. Totally balanced compared to the Skorpion G.
    Also, fuck historicity, who needs that garbage when you can make fantasy.

      1. Lafie says:

        I have a V39, and while I agree the gun is great the gun handling is bad, and the camo in fact terrible.

        Don’t belive me? Check for yourself in game. It has some of the worst camo of it’s entire tier. Same goes for the tier 7, and it has even worse gun handling, unless you reuse the 90mm which leaves you with INFERIOR gun handling to the V39.

  8. CounterMAN says:

    AMX 30 B & AMX 30 Prototype

    Reinforced turret armor.(But no buff on fucking huge tumor -> useless buff)
    Improved gun soft stats: dispersion on the move, DPM etc. (Seem good, but wait a secs…)
    Reduced penetration and accuracy.(Haha, …. fine, WG, your balance team at finest)

  9. Jurrunio says:

    MT: Aren’t they lightly armored historically? Their cupolas are big as [profanity], so I don’t think an armor buff will help.

    TD: Interesting.

  10. AnAutist says:

    They wrecked the foch though.. 750 per shot was fun. Guess I’m gonna stop my grind. Sucks as I was almost at tier 8.

    1. James K says:

      Rich and the line leading up to it have been shit for a whole. Rich 155 was good a few years ago but they fixed that

  11. Hey Wargaming! French tank researchers say fuck you! 🙂 I don’t know you how were able to fuck up even more the already quite faked french tanks.. But it seems you did!

    1. Uuuhhh says:

      Awhile back they tested out changing the 155 with just the 120 from the tier IX, but with an autoloader. I guess they’re expanding on that to the top three tiers of the line.

    2. Kulingile says:

      The Foch 155 is being “rebalanced” and renamed the AMX 50 Foch B:

      AMX 50 Foch (155) AMX 50 Foch B Net
      HP: 1850 1850
      Speed: 50/-13 50/-13
      Hull Traverse: 31.29 30 1.29 deg/s nerf
      Hull Armor: 180/80/40 180/40/40 40mm buff to sides
      View Range: 380 380

      DMG: 750/750/1100 400/400/515 350/350/585 nerf
      Penetration: 293/395/90 257/325/65 36/70/25 nerf
      Magazine reload: 47.95 38 9.95 sec buff
      Shot reload: 5 2 3 sec buff
      Mag. capacity: 3 6 3 shot buff
      Mag. firing time: 10 10
      Burst damage: 2250 2400 150 dmg buff
      DPM: 2329 3000 661 dmg/s buff
      Accuracy: 0.35 0.34 0.01 buff
      Aim Time: 2.88 2.3 0.58 sec buff

      It’s hard to say whether this is a net buff or nerf. Having sides that are no longer overmatchable is a great strength, but the frontal armor is still kind of weak for tier 10. A T110E5 spamming AP rounds at the front of a Foch 155 has, on average, a nearly 40% chance of penetrating the Foch’s frontal armor. That’s not even considering that a half-decent player would aim for the Foch’s weak spots – MG turret, commander’s hatch, and lower glacis plate.

      The changes to the gun seem like an overall nerf, even though the theoretical DPM and burst damage have increased. The issue is that the penetration of the shells has been nerfed so badly that the Foch B will have THE LOWEST penetration of any tier 10 tank destroyer – 22mm less than the Grille 15, and 42mm less than average! It doesn’t even have the Grille’s fantastic 0.27m dispersion and 1.5 sec aiming time to make up for it. Instead, it is getting a moderate aim time buff, and a very slight buff to it’s accuracy. With the moderate aim time and accuracy of the Foch B, at anything except point-blank range you can expect to bounce about 2 shots per clip.

      If WG is going to give the Foch B such sub-standard pen for a tier 10 TD, then they also need to give it much, much better accuracy and gun handling to make up for it. Honestly, I’d have to call the changes a slight to moderate nerf to a tank that’s already famous for being over-nerferd.

  12. verossciraptor says:

    The tier 10 AMX is already kinda noncompetitive vs the leopard for example I hope this doesn’t work out to a big nerf
    The tier 9 is a very good tank and I wouldn’t mind too much if it got a small nerf
    the trouble with WG is they don’t seem to do small changes look at the Maus buff and the ELC nerf they take it too far

  13. worldsdawn28 says:

    When they don’t change the aweful 0,23 dispersion while moving the gun, and the 0,21 disperion while moving the hull (which you need to do cause gunarc) paired with 2,7s aimtime it doesn’t matter what gun you give it… it’s still shit.

    The armor is useless too as long as the cupolas on the roof are weakspots, but WG thinks: “Oh it’s a fast TD with armor! Better give it Obj 261 arty levels of gun dispersion but not as good as Obj 261!”

    And I’m like: “What?”

  14. RichardvdBor says:

    please dont touch the gun if the Tier 9 Foch! make the autoloader an option okay but leave the single shot gun in it please!!!!!!!

  15. real_toothdecay says:

    My BDR G1B has been waiting for some kind of buff. Smaller tumor, something. Cannot brawl in it. GREAT gun, but that’s it.

    1. Ricardo Morales Sola de la Hoya Cardenal says:

      Pinpoint accuracy? On world of random bullshit? Please… IS7 has better accuracy on the move than E50m and Leopard stationary…

  16. Anonymous says:

    i think this changes arent really good for foch 155. i mean 257 pen? really??? the t8 one will get the same stats, that bullshit. so they want you to spam gold wp wg.
    And the mobility is really crap today+ armor doesnt hold against anything. Rarely getting a bounce because the coupolas are as big as the front armor -.- . so i hope that they buff its speed otherwise it will still useless as it is.

  17. Limoncello says:

    This changes are crap for Foch 155.

    257 pen as a t10 td? really??? The t8 one gets the same pen…. If the pen gets higher, i am okey with the new gun as I mostly miss or get a critical hit with the 750 alpha gun.

    But i dont see any other changes like a speed buff. Foch has a really bad mobility for this crap armor. The front plate is okey but with this big coupolas as big as the front armor means that you dontt really bounce anything, only sometimes if they dont aim.
    If they are not going to buff its speed, i will mostly sell this crap as it will still be crap as it is.

  18. poisonousblood says:

    wargaming is just repeating history, there was a time when heavies were superior to mediums, so nerfed the heavies. Then the mediums got superiour, so buffed the heavies. Now they are starting to nerf mediums. One day will come, when people will just play heavies, they will nerf the heavies again and buff the mediums. Good job WG. Keep trying to “fix” things which aren’t broken.

    1. Ricardo Morales Sola de la Hoya Cardenal says:

      They have been better since they were introduced to the game. Do you live in a nutshell?

  19. The Spectre says:

    257 pen on a tier 10 TD is horrible. The Foch 155 isn’t called a tank DESTROYER for nothing. It needs high pen (+-300) to destroy tanks. You can have 2400 clip potential, but with that penetration, you are not going to destroy heavies from the front.

    With the 155mm, you can. You have the gun and penetration of a real tier 10 TD.

    The only buffs wg need to make are:
    -1200 hp engine back
    -Aim time
    -Perhaps intra clip reload to 3,5s

    Or increase the gun arc so that it doesn’t have to recalibrate its aim all the time. BUT KEEP THE 155MM, THAT IS WHAT MAKES THE FOCH 155 UNIQUE.

    1. Ricardo Morales Sola de la Hoya Cardenal says:

      Like it was before… It was never an OP tank. But retarded russian logic, “Nerf Foch, add WT E100” -> “Nerf WT E100, replace it with Grille” -> “Nerf Grille, buff Maus” And so on so forth…

      1. y0ok says:

        Remeber, those TD guns had 850 alpha on the time 155 foch was nerfed, so it got a gun nerf, armor nerf and mobility nerf on the same time.

        It only needed either a mobility nerf or a gun nerf to be honest, and now the “OP’ness” of the past have been really overrun by later version of many tanks and the changed accuracy model.

  20. Albert says:

    i play AMX 30b on test server…i can say openly now..this tank is now usless…you cant pen nothing…only meds and lts…for ht you are like 8 tier…some of 8 tier tanks hae best penetration than amx 30b….i dont play him after 9.20….

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