9.20 Soviet Changes Part 1

Good day everyone,

In line with the recently announced balance changes for 9.20, WG has now announced changes to the Soviet lines, specifically the mediums.

First off, the overall hope of these changes is to make the high tier mediums more active machines. So overall turret buffs and gun stats that support close to medium play. Rather than give you the full press release, we’ll condense it down to the key changes (I don’t think you all will mind at all):


Obj. 140

Turret roof armor has been improved somewhat, while its prominent turret hatch weakspots will remain the same. Full details for this haven’t been released at the moment, but if anything pops up we’ll be sure to update.



T-54 will be receiving changes to both of it’s top gun options in order to better separate the play styles of both (which will likely be negated by immediate pressing of the 2 key, as is now). As well, it will be receiving turret armor buffs:

Turret Armor: 200/160/65 ⟶ 240/160/65

100mm D-54

Accuracy: 0.39 ⟶ 0.33

Aim Time: 2.9 ⟶ 2 sec

Reload: 8.2 ⟶ 8.5 sec

100mm D-10T2S

Accuracy: 0.35  ⟶ 0.39

Aim Time: 2.3 ⟶ 2.5 sec

Reload: 7.8 ⟶ 7.4 sec





T-44 will recieving turret armor buffs, and gun handling changes as well (note: this will also affect turrets on the T-44-100 and T-54 mod.1):

Turret Armor: 120/100/100 ⟶ 190/100/100

100mm LB-1

Aim Time: 2.3 ⟶ 2.1 sec

122mm D-25-44

Accuracy: 0.43 ⟶ 0.42

Aim Time: 3.4  ⟶  3.2 sec

Reload: 15.6 ⟶  15.2 sec


T-54 mod.1

Turret Armor: 180/100/100 ⟶ 190/100/100

View Range: 360 ⟶ 380m

Aim Time: 2.4 ⟶ 2.2 sec



Now, these won’t be the only changes coming to the Soviet line. Changes to the heavy tanks are likely to be announced in the near future. Of course if any more info on the mediums is released we’ll update here.

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