9.20 Soviet Changes Part 1

Good day everyone,

In line with the recently announced balance changes for 9.20, WG has now announced changes to the Soviet lines, specifically the mediums.

First off, the overall hope of these changes is to make the high tier mediums more active machines. So overall turret buffs and gun stats that support close to medium play. Rather than give you the full press release, we’ll condense it down to the key changes (I don’t think you all will mind at all):


Obj. 140

Turret roof armor has been improved somewhat, while its prominent turret hatch weakspots will remain the same. Full details for this haven’t been released at the moment, but if anything pops up we’ll be sure to update.



T-54 will be receiving changes to both of it’s top gun options in order to better separate the play styles of both (which will likely be negated by immediate pressing of the 2 key, as is now). As well, it will be receiving turret armor buffs:

Turret Armor: 200/160/65 ⟶ 240/160/65

100mm D-54

Accuracy: 0.39 ⟶ 0.33

Aim Time: 2.9 ⟶ 2 sec

Reload: 8.2 ⟶ 8.5 sec

100mm D-10T2S

Accuracy: 0.35  ⟶ 0.39

Aim Time: 2.3 ⟶ 2.5 sec

Reload: 7.8 ⟶ 7.4 sec





T-44 will recieving turret armor buffs, and gun handling changes as well (note: this will also affect turrets on the T-44-100 and T-54 mod.1):

Turret Armor: 120/100/100 ⟶ 190/100/100

100mm LB-1

Aim Time: 2.3 ⟶ 2.1 sec

122mm D-25-44

Accuracy: 0.43 ⟶ 0.42

Aim Time: 3.4  ⟶  3.2 sec

Reload: 15.6 ⟶  15.2 sec


T-54 mod.1

Turret Armor: 180/100/100 ⟶ 190/100/100

View Range: 360 ⟶ 380m

Aim Time: 2.4 ⟶ 2.2 sec



Now, these won’t be the only changes coming to the Soviet line. Changes to the heavy tanks are likely to be announced in the near future. Of course if any more info on the mediums is released we’ll update here.

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9.20 Soviet Changes Part 1

94 thoughts on “9.20 Soviet Changes Part 1

    1. heinz says:

      Because T-54 is not idiot proof yet.

      Oh wait it actually is already. I call Russian bias on this one. This is buffing for the sake of happier Russian players. Nothing else

      1. DickHerMax says:

        That is not the case. They introduced OP T-54 ltwt on tier IX which is now a better med than T-54 itself, so they need to make T-54 “competetive and respectively stronger” xD
        Fight overbuff with another oberbuff 😀

      2. Anonymous says:

        T54.. I do not know what to think of this tank.. It’s probably one of the worst played tanks I would assume.. with less than 48% winrate across the board (worst of all T9 mediums), means not many people play it well at all. (this also explains why only a bit above average like me can get 2 marks on it) but I digress..
        This tank in my opinion is very fukin good in the hands of a good player, even without that many HEAT rounds imo, I tend to not use them because, well when I do I miss or bounce.. so.. AP works better.. *shrug* dunno why. but for someone who isn’t that good.. well the average winrate speaks for itself.. I dont know if this will make the T54 any better on average.. but my goodness will it make it better in the hands of skilled players.

      3. bla says:

        Yup, thats why maus and type 5 are gods…..russian bias! Thats why E5 was god for a long time, thats why T29 still is! Silly nubbies.

  1. skivster says:

    Thats it. I declare WG fucking retarded.
    Make stronk mediums even stronker.
    Clearly you will need skill rounds to pen shit.

      1. heinz says:

        I challenge you to get into a Pershing and try a frontal engagement against T44 mod 1. He can turn quick enough so it is always frontal. You can’t pen the mod 1. Even with gold its difficult. Therefore the gun/speed has to be bad.

      2. leggasiini says:

        If you struggle to pen Mod 1 with 268 gold pen on gun that has good gun handling, then the problem is not Mod 1’s armor really. Mod 1’s armor is borderline irrelevant against 220+ pen.

        Mod 1 has worst gun in its entire tier (there is literally nothing redeeming about the gun expect fully aimed accuracy which is useless unless shooting stationary targets as bloom, aim time and velocity are shit), only marginally better mobility than heavies, worse view range than both heavies and meds, low HP for med (which somewhat negates armor advantage, which means it isnt even that much more durable), ALL that for armor that is still worse than heavies.

        How does that not need a buff?

      3. heinz says:

        Leggasiini you only said that I am right. Pershing without gold has 187 mm pen (or so) so mod 1 is again a tank that does require premium ammo to pen it. The same problem as Chrysler K except mod 1 has a worst gun so it is balanced

      4. jeffrey6046 says:

        with gold obviously however without gold
        gold shouldnt be taken for granted to hurt an equal tier tank

  2. Vidar Hook says:

    Oh dear lord. Murazor at it again I presume. But are they REALLY going to buff the roof armour on the obj 140? Like… really?

    1. Pedalpowered says:

      Hmm, just checked vbAddict and the t62a has a 48.5% winrate versus the 140s 48.9. I doubt these are the only changes, both tanks are going to see changes, and not just armor wise. WG has already stated they want to make them more different.

    1. Pedalpowered says:

      the low ammo reserve and low pen are basicaly the only things keeping me from getting one, I’ve suffered enough with low pen tanks, I avoid them like the plague now.

      1. cynicaldutchie says:

        Even if they buffed the pen and ammo capacity it would still have shitty gun handling. Just don’t get it ever, all other T8 prems are better.

      2. The “Motherland” and “Mod 1” on Console have buffed ammo capacity, and it makes them more playable as you can take more regular ammo rather than an entire loadout of premium ammo. However, considering we do not have the buffed superheavies or the rest of the OP tanks yet, I’ll have to see if it suffers when they’re added

      1. OrigamiChik3n says:

        Actually no, it’s not “P for Premium”. The T-44-100 (P) and unlimited premium account on RU server are given to the subscribers of special “Gaming” contract with telco company Rostelecom which costs equivalent of ca. 13 euro. Cyrillic letter “P” is spelled as Latin “R”. Funny thing is that once you cancel the contract, this tank disappears from your account.

  3. heinz says:

    Honestly, the tier 9-10 Russian tanks are all strong. They don’t need a buff. There are far worst tanks. Who sets the priorities in the balancing department? I think this guy needs a high five in the face

      1. Vidar Hook says:

        Yeah, there are surprisingly enough weak Russian tanks that could do with a buff. How they came to the conclusion that the 140 was one of them is beyond me.

      2. heinz says:

        And now go to tanks gg and compare Obj. 268 to T110E4 and tell me which one is better overall

  4. Partybooper says:

    An armor buff to the T-54…
    THE T-54!

    How about… Armor buff for Chrysler K? Camo and mobility buff for E 25? Alpha buff for the T9 and T10 Japanese heavy derp guns? Speed buff to the ELC AMX?
    Oh, right, they are no Russian tanks, I forgot.

    Okay, another proposal: Leave all the stats of the KV-1 as they are and make it a tier 2 or tier 3 tank. Sounds good? Coming soon? Ok, awesome!

      1. Anonymous says:

        Looking at how people drive those things on ranked, it’s not the tanks’ fault. 98 % of those who use them seem to have a ball bearing ball rolling around their otherwise empty skull. Looking forward to more suiciderushing and 2 minute games.

    1. leggasiini says:

      ” Speed buff to the ELC AMX?”

      Considering they completely shat on its top speed…why not?

      I still feel bad for ELC fans…

  5. nrnstraswa says:

    Oh goody, T-54 and 140 buffs. Mod 1 changes look good though. Since the T-44 is getting buffs, here’s holding out hope for the T-34-2 as well.

    1. Spots says:

      Buff a Chinese tank? Don’t see it ever coming, but we can hope I guess. T-34-2 and T-34-3 could really use some love, especially so since they’re buffing the T-44 and T-54 mod.1

  6. Blankman says:

    “First off, the overall hope of these changes is to make the high tier mediums more active machines. So overall turret buffs and gun stats that support close to medium play.”

    Yeah sure, give t-54 turret that could brawl, gun that could snipe, and land HEAT shells more reliably from distance without dropoff in pen.. I agree that T-44 and 44-100 need some buffs, but not the other ones..

      1. And the is3 has one of the worst among tier 8 heavies…yet is by far the most OP excluding only the defender.

        That shows nothing. All it shows that it is incredibly popular BECAUSE it is op. The most played for a reason. So all the noobs grind for it and bring down the overall statistics.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Popular =/ OP. chrysler, defender, patriot are popular, and OP, and they have the stats to back it up. yeah, I manage a 60% winrate in my T54.. but then again I also managed 65% in the M103 even thou I hate that tank probably more than any other..

      VBaddict, on EU server statistics, the T54 does not excell in any category, not in dmg, not in dpm, not survived time nothing.. these buffs will not make the average of T54 go in any direction I dont think. but the people who know how to play, will make it good. like any tank in the game. a good player will make even the worst of tanks seem good. but to the average, it’s not. Like T-10.. by stats it’s the worst heavy on T9.. yet I think it’s one of the best medium tanks at T9, and got 61% wn in it.

      It’s all about perspective. good players will make OP tanks super OP, like the new T8 prems. where as average people will always be average. unless they are in Maus or type 5.. but thats another story..

  7. dimo says:

    step 1 – no more spending money on wot
    step 2 – no more high tier battles for me
    step 3 – stop playing wot for months
    step 4 – uninstall wot

  8. Backslash says:

    If they are buffing the gun on the t44, why aren’t they doing the same to the t-34-2s 100mm. It almost has a 3 second aim time and worse accuracy for the same gun?

      1. Nameless says:

        Naaah, T-34-2 Chin-Chon-Chung tenk. Mao betray Stalin. Not gud. Ching-chong maoist pig no buff deserves.

  9. Mikosah says:

    T-44 buffs make sense. Obj 140 buffs make absolutely zero sense. And as for the T-54, I think I see what they’re trying to do, making the 200 pen gun have great DPM but bad handling, while the 219 pen gun gets good handling but bad DPM. Still though, they aren’t fooling anyone. This is suspicious as all hell.

  10. Anonymous says:

    In what world does buffing turret front armor and gun handling at the same time promote active gameplay? With these buff these little buggers can snipe more accurate from a farther distance while being more resilient to return fire if they are hull down, if not already good enough.

    This is like the famous “arty promotes active gameplay” bullshit at a whole new level of stupidity…well done WG on fucking up your own product, once again, as if you haven’t done enough of that.

  11. jakub_czyli_ja says:

    If they want to make high tier tanks more active, they should buff their profitability. Then players would play them more.
    Making OP tanks more OP won’t do that, because they will be still costly as hell – few years ago hardly anybody played T-54 without gold, so it was perfect credit sink – so players who already play these OP tanks will benefit, others will stay as they are now.

  12. What I was expecting them to change on the T-54 was the ammo. Make it like the Czech. 248 apcr standard round with a 300 pen heat, or maybe 290. Now its pretty much the same HEAT spam, one with better DPM, one with better accuracy.

  13. WhiteBaron777 says:

    I can see the reason behind the 44 and mod1 buffs, but what exactly are they trying to achieve with the 140 and the 54?

  14. bbmoose says:

    There is no single reason left to play anything else on tier X the. The 140. Best in fucking every aspect, besides alpha and gundepression.

    At least allthe other stats make up for that. I mean, why the fuck would you play the Leo 1?

  15. ROMBAT says:

    I don,t know why are you crying like little bitches about obj 140…is just the roof of the turret buff…who shoot the turret of obj 140 anyway when you can shoot cupollas that are untuched or better shoot the hull.
    For me this roof buff is moore than an buff in order not to take so much damage from an arty shoot.
    T54 front turret was almost unpenetrable for the majority of the guns in the game now maybe it can survive an jpze100 heat shell.
    T44 was garbage, now or has something…a turret, pershing it is still the best tier 8 medium in my opinion.

  16. che2palle says:

    The only way WG will understand that they are screwing with the game and us is to UNINSTALL WoT and when the survey ask why we removed the game we tell “because the game is shit, WG is tanking a path that will destroy the game. Because WG NEVER listen to the community. Because WG is ignoring casual players.”

    We need massive unistallation of World of Tanks, 100 unistall per day, 1000 in a week until the have next to no players left in the servers.

  17. Ragnarokbazil says:

    I hope to god they nerf the pen then I can say yeah its fine… If not then I officially quit this game.. Time to move on… Im struggling to stay but now? If these go live lights are even more useless god damnit and you guys say maus and type are bad…

  18. Tiger says:

    I am a 50% win rate average player on wot.
    I am clocking 57% WR in 170 games in my T-54 and the tank isn’t even elite yet.

    These morons want to buff a tank like that?

  19. SquishyStar says:

    Guys, this is a Supertest.
    So evidently, things are set to be played around with in order to find the correct measures in the end. :/

  20. SquishyStar says:

    Also, how impatient must a community be to burst out crying before all changes have yet been announced? 😀

  21. Neo says:

    Lol, the comment section on this blog is so full of cancerous whining tomatos. Please, sustain from your feedback if you don’t know what you’re talking about. When the post about Maus “nerfs” came you actually cried about how they are “destroying” a Maus, but when meds are buffed you cry about russian bias and how retarded WG balancing department are. I almost never agree with the changes WG is trying to implement, but when I see you guys complaining and spamming about stuff you don’t even understand it makes me feel sick. You are all bunch of hipocryte Maus/Type5 players with 0 skill who are ruining a perefctly good game (once was) with your constant whining. L2P or GTFO

  22. wolvenworks says:

    no amount of buffs will counter the 2 button. i still recommend total removal of gold shells. we can still have fun and engaging matches without it

    I’ve proven it. we had the inaugural WoT national tournament in Jakarta earlier at April. I was the one in charge of the WoT organiser team. We recognise that we would probably get not many people signing up, so we made our own rules based of WGL rules that my team adjusted on the fly. to summarize: 5-man tier 8 teams, a limit of 1HT and one TD per team, QCQ maps (excluding Paris. we had to include it for the first match of the event because it’s Paris) and absolutely no gold shells. the action turned into a proper WoT brawl centered on O-Ho howitzers and TDs (hence the class limit), which i believe is a highly purified form of what a proper WoT fight is supposed to look and feel like.

    Anyone is free to use the Indonesian Rules for their tourneys but please credit me (Wolvenworks) and DeBritto (the one who set the rules framework) of the ASIA server. feel free to find me (the one and only Wolvenworks) for further info regarding the rules and standard we made

  23. septfox says:

    SO in summary:
    Probably the strongest tier 9 medium gets stronger. Turret armor that was already nearly impenetrable without gold due to its shape, is now completely impenetrable without gold due to its shape.
    At least the change to the guns is interesting. Though with the HEAT left intact, you’ll still have people spraying that nearly non-stop, and now they’re rewarded with higher DPS if they’re willing to stay within mid- to short-range and blow through turret faces. ggwp, balance department.

    One of the most-played tier 10 mediums gets a turret buff, because why not. At least if they leave the cupola weakspots, it’s not quite as ridiculous as the T-54 buffs.

    I don’t have the Mod. 1, but looking at the stats it probably needs the buff. The T-44 has been the laughingstock of the main Soviet medium tree for a while, so I’d suppose it also needs the buff (though the turret buff seems a bit over the top).

  24. WarStore says:

    I like how they basically swapped the T54 guns and called it a day. They could’ve easily just bumped the penetration of the D-10T2S to 217 mm or whatever the penetration of the D-54 and nerfed the pen of the latter to 201 mm. Done. You essentially have the exact same result. But no….. WG is so desperate to make people burn credits, like the +300k to buy the other gun, that they couldn’t even think of this much simpler solution.

  25. mattbrix02 says:

    If t-55A is similar to t-54, does this update will happen to t-55A too? Because T-55A is always getting penned by everyone in the center turret. 🙁

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