9.20 Common Test Changes

Good day everyone,

Here’s a list of changes made with the newest supertest version:

– It is no longer possible to install incompatible equipment on the tanks.
– Information about losing ranks is now displayed correctly.
– The number of earned ranks will now be properly displayed in the Ranked Battles Awards screen.
– The names and tiers of tanks will now be correctly displayed in the battle interface.
– The information in the “Achievements\Statistics” section is displayed correctly.
– Textures of models on the map “Fiery Salient” are displayed correctly.
– The the countdown value for the Airstrike/Artillery strike is now displayed correctly.
– Fixed a bug that caused the Maus tank to get critical damage to the tracks when ramming an enemy on it’s side.
– In the Russian-speaking client, the English text is no longer displayed in the line of the selected machine on the battle loading screen.
– Now Swedish technology is bought correctly with 100% discount received during the New Year 2016-2017 event.
– The welcome animation of Rank Battles now correctly displays the latest information on the rules for obtaining chevrons.
– Voice prompts during the transition to sniper mode on the Training Grounds are now reproduced correctly.
– Remove Advanced equipment can now only be done for bonds.
*After the update is released 9.20 Improved equipment will be automatically removed for free from all players so that they can reinstall it at will.
– The “Grand Battle” game mode will be turned off by default for players with insufficiently powerful computers. However, they can turn it on manually in the game settings.

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