9.21. Armor changes In the HD. move: Pt 4

Only 2 vehicles in this part:

  • VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B.
  • Type 61.

Source WoT Express.

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9.21. Armor changes In the HD. move: Pt 4

10 thoughts on “9.21. Armor changes In the HD. move: Pt 4

  1. Jos Abee says:

    yes yes, that tumor on the type 61 gets smaller!!

    now do the same thing for the e5, at15, tortoise and give a cupola to the is7

    1. Camaro says:

      Just look at side. It doesn`t get much smaller, just gets nerfed. 😀 I`ll stick to STA-1 for a while. It seems much better that Type61 pain in the butt. 😀

  2. Anonymous says:

    So way long ago, they talked about how they were NOT going to simplify the armor models, make weakspots, make players learn them and how to combat different tanks……….now all they do is remove weakspots and simplify armor model. Classic WG.

    1. Anonymous says:

      VK45.02p has never been op. Its lower front plate used to be huge weakspot untill wg buffed it to where it should be. Then, wg being the bitch they are, nerfed that same spot and VK is again useless. It has no armor on sides and its reload time on top gun is too high.

      1. ShoterPipe314mm says:

        And + after Upd. 9.21 the toaster 45.02B will be real slow… WG gonna add more weight, at least from 80k to 81k

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