9.21 General Test Changes

Good day everyone,

So a small update has hit the general test server, here are the changes:

Customization Interface Changes

  • New interface screen
  • For Tier X through Tier VIII you can apply rental and permanent custom paint styles. At the moment it is only possible to rent and entire paint scheme, separate elements aren’t available for rent.
  • Styles are given out for the number of battles, not calendar days.
  • Paint is applied to 4 to 5 separate parts of the machine (depending on whether the gun of a particular tank is customizable). All vehicles will have at least 3 parts where you can change the size of camo patterns and some other aspects.
  • For the bonus effect of camouflage to be applied to a tank, the hull must be painted.
  • Added a new effect to apply wear and tear to paint. This effect does not work with low graphics settings.
  • Both historical and non-historical elements are available.
  • There is an option to disable seeing non-historical elements in battle.

Corrected Issues

  • Fixed issue with the installation progress bar.
  • Fixed an issue with shifting tabs when entering the campaign screen.
  • Settings for recording Grand Battles have been applied correctly.

AMX M4 mle. 54

  • Premium ammo penetration of 120 mm D. 1203 B gun is reduced from 325mm to 315mm.

AMX M4 mle. 51

  • Premium ammo penetration of 120 mm gun D. 1203 B is reduced from 325 mm to 315 mm
  • Premium ammo penetration of 127 mm/54 Model 1948 gun is increased from 258mm to 270mm.

AMX 65t

  • Premium ammo penetration of 120 mm D 1203 gun is reduced from 325 mm to 252 mm. 


  • Armor improvements made.
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9.21 General Test Changes

23 thoughts on “9.21 General Test Changes

    1. Brucalizer says:

      i think you mean the 130mm gun on T10, it’s a different gun to the T9, but no it doesn’t look like the bad pen on that gun has been buffed

      1. godofdun says:

        The T9 having the bigger gun as an option is nice, but the low pen on the 130 doesn’t leave it as much of an option given how many all T10 battles it will see.

  1. heldermartins1 says:

    Well, it seems we’re gonna get World of Clowns fro Christmas, with all this paint jobs. Its gonna be PJ, and not BJ. Sucks.


  2. dino7777 says:

    “Premium ammo penetration of 120 mm D 1203 gun is reduced from 325 mm to 252 mm. ”
    So the pen on the Tier 10 is much worse than the same gun on tier 9.
    Wot logic or a typo?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Instead of offering “fantasy” camos, why doesnt Wargaming offer additional equipment that can be added to the tank, like: sandbags, helmets, extra non-firing machine guns, etc.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Still no changes to the dreadful mm especially at the tier 8 that even community contributers complain about…. I doubt they even have plans to improve it. Until then we will be forced to play 95% of the time bottom tier and being fed to the tier 10s that for some reason have no weakspots. That’s what wot has become the team of wich the tier 10s don’t suck roflstomp the other team..

  5. Buchi says:

    So when you are low on credits, you paint only hull with camo to get camo bonus. Perfect, making game more beatiful with HD maps, but most of tanks you will meet will have only hull camo.

  6. what difference does the new camo paint give over what we already have in the game?

    looks like nothing at all to me same as same as.

    seems pointless but then its WG and giving useless stuff in patch updates is nothing new
    (unless I’m missing something …..

    1. asferf says:

      The new paint and system allow for greater customization. The current system allows paint to be basically be applied over the whole vehicle. The system that Wargaming plans to implement will allow different paints to be applied to certain portions of the vehicle (hull, gun, turret, etc.).

  7. “For the bonus effect of camouflage to be applied to a tank, the hull must be painted.” Errr..what? You mean for the camo bonus which I have already paid for on tanks to now work I will have to buy paint? I hope I have misunderstood this… 🙁

    1. ksdmlkdm says:

      I’d guess that the notes say that to get the camouflage bonus, camouflage needs to be applied to the hull. With the introduction of the new system, Wargaming will remove all camouflage, but compensate the players for the removed camouflage.

  8. wolvenworks says:

    remember, more pen for ANY gold shells means less fun time for you, because BITCH NOW YOU’RE DEAD I’M COMIN FO YO ASS in randoms

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