WoT Patch 9.21 HD Renders

We have these HD Models for you.There are three which weren’t ready in time for super-test T28, T25 AT, FV204. With the 9.21 patch, only two tanks will remain in SD: Japanese type 98 ke-ni otsu and French AMX 40.

  • T25/2,
  • T-34-2,
  • 110,
  • WZ-120,
  • Somua SAu 40,
  • S35 CA,
  • VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B,
  • StuG III Ausf. B,
  • Light Mk. VIC,
  • Type 61,
  • SU-14-2,
  • SТ-I,

Source WOT Express

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WoT Patch 9.21 HD Renders

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