9.21 Official HD Renders

Evening everyone,

A bit late, but here are the official HD renders for the upcoming Update 9.21:



Light Mark VI.C

S35 CA

Somua SAu 40

StuG III Ausf. B


T25 AT



Type 61

VK. 45.02 (P) Ausf. B





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9.21 Official HD Renders

28 thoughts on “9.21 Official HD Renders

    1. C-can… Can it be? Is it finally happening? THE T28 HAS FINALLY BEEN UN-FUCKED?! What manner of gift from the WG gods is this, that they have finally decided to trow out that abomination of a model they had the audacity to call “T28”?

      But really though; it’s good to see that WG is actually taking the time to examine how their game has evolved and change tanks based on that. The T28 was really the last relic of the pre tier-10 Med/TD days with it’s pitiful speed and strange made up design that existed only to provide weak spots for lower-tier opponents. It’s not the best solution, but at the very least now it looks like it actually has something to do with the T95.

    2. FtKnox says:

      Looking at my picture of the T28 at the Patton Armor Museum from years back, I agree. The most striking thing is the round mantlet on the real T28 versus the rectangular mantlet on the WG version

  1. Kyros says:

    I don’t like that T-28 is now a totally made up Tank by WG same as T110E4. (T-28 is the name of T-95 without it’s 2nd Tracks)

    But at least future players of “T-28” will have good gun depression and no 200mm huge frontal weakspot anymore.

    1. Draklorm says:

      The t28/t95 was basically one tank, but the old t28 render looked nothing like t95 frontally. Why they changed the back which was historically accurate you might ask? Well because Russia, obviously 🙂 😉

    2. iamshadowed says:

      There was an article before (not here) that the T28/95 had several hull prototypes. So I guess WG is making the T28 a different hull variant from the T95 we all know and love/hate

    3. T28 is actually a real designation for the t95 and theyve actually made it closer to how it should look when then t95 has its outer tracks removed, not the made up front hull that it currently has

      1. Kyros says:

        To the people that still dont get it. T28 was a made up tank by WG, now with HD its a bit less made up.

        You just take the T95 HD model, remove it’s 2nd Tracks and NOW it’s T28.
        ________________________THAT’S ALL ! _________________________
        No remodeled mantle ! No different backroof ! No different lower plate size ! No different Armor values !

  2. Ion7 says:

    On on hand the t28 is slightly more historical, and on the other hand why not give it the actual mantlet or fuel tanks?
    It does look better now in my opinion, and one can see from all of these renders how WG has progressed and made the had models better over the first batches. Now just for the duck…( and that press account Japanese tank).

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