A farewell to arty as we knew it


Trobsmonkey has made a heartfelt farewell video to arty, as we knew it:


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A farewell to arty as we knew it

70 thoughts on “A farewell to arty as we knew it

  1. And im just sitting here watching this while wondering when WG will release patch 9.17.1 again and take 9.18 back to the Sandbox where it should still be getting tested

    1. "Light" tank-player says:

      Deadarashi, what are your suggestions for fixing what you see as wrong?
      People who complain about problems and have no ideas to help fix them make me very mad, like those silly “immigration reform” people in the U.S.A. who just complain of the problem, yet offer no ideas on how to fix it.

      Not saying you are someone like that, just interested what you have to say.
      Thanks for your time either way 🙂

      1. Looking at LT before they were nerfed you could remove gun rammer from the LT class to prevent it from getting high DPM/firepower. To make them a more viable tank that is a nessesity to the team they could increase the max view range for the LT class from 445 to 475.

        French LT need large clips and reloads set accordingly. Autoloaders are about their clip and burst potential, not their DPM, right now they are just underwhelming.

        M41… shorter reload

        Arty: shorter stun duration by about 2-3 sec, slightly more damage (about 200), less splash radius.

        I feel with more accurate SPG they didnt rreally need to increase splash radius at all while the damage on some is completely underwhelming where the B-C 155 58 and Obj 261 can hit a Maus and not even do 10 damage. 200 more average damage might sound like a lot but when hitting a tank it will only deal about 50-100 more damage, let’s the lower caliber SPG deal more consistant damage to heavily armored tanks to support the team with while not making the larger calibre crazy again.

        That’s the short and sweet of it, I do I have a post with my thoughts and more detailed suggestions on my blog

  2. Lasix says:

    Arty is only good for open top TD now. Can’t even kill a light tank now.
    Bulldog and other lights are trash now.

    How could WG pass this broken update to the users?

    1. PlayR says:

      You get pwned by it regularly isnt it, little pathetic cunt? Now instead of getting instant killed, you will be stunned to death, which makes you cry even more.

      1. Anonymous says:

        salty arty player alert, also there’s regenerable health kits that stops the stun, so sucks on you dumbass

      2. Steve says:

        Someone is TRIGGERED. Enjoy your BS class while you can, because if these changes don’t fix it, SPGs will (finally) be leaving the game.

      3. PlayR says:

        Forget about removing artillery cunnies, that would yield so so many problems with everything and potentially ruining the whole game, that they will never risk it. Oh or you believe that bullshit about removing that they shitted in your head? Then your dickness exceeded my expectations. In simple terms you will be still nuked from above, but another way. This game is no place for such cunts as you two who constantly cry about everything that is pwning you.

      4. Partybooper says:

        When arty will be removed completely, the gameplay will improve so dramatically for those who understand the game mechanics and are not complete bots. Every match in WoT which has no clickers in it is so much more enjoyable. You can use much more areas of the maps! Arty pushes players to go into corridors, camping, to not get damaged by this idiotic game mechanic. Suddenly, the maps are a lot more open! Bad players can be torn apart much easier this way by better players as well, because they can use smart moves and go hulldown on many more places where usually clickers will wipe them out with a casual click. So right now those places are impossible to go to if there are some (even totally incompetent) players in the enemy team playing slot machines (I mean clickers, or “arty”). I can name so many places I go to with my tanks when there are no clickers in the game I would die instantly when there are some in the enemy team.

        If arty will be removed, they could remove gold as well completely. Because without arty, mediums and lights can flank much better. Use more open ground with small cover. Shoot enemies in the sides without receiving death from above.

        Clicker-only players will not like that, as they will have to learn about the game mechanics to not become 35%ers or lower once they are forced to play the actual tanks in this game. Of course they don’t like that. They cannot watch TV shows while “playing” and have dinner at the same time. If they leave the game slowly – not a big loss in my eyes, sorry.

        I know it sounds harsh, but it’s my personal experience and my opinion. I stand by my opinion with some points.

      5. PlayR says:

        Your pathetic platooned-cocksucking in medium tanks theory has one big flaw: Artillery will not be removed. Just imagine all problems connected only to compensate players. It is simply impossible. Its same gay idea like removing your favorite medium tanks, which you using to sealclub tomatos with other faggots.

    2. Concerned User says:

      LEO, please, move out of your mom’s basement and get some meaning into your life. Making such statements because of a computer game really shows that you haven’t seen the sun much yet.

      1. Concerned User says:

        And I am shocked that this is actually a moderated comment thread, so I direct some of my statement to the moderators as well.

      1. Assault_Cat says:

        Yeah, also the Sexton I stayed the same with AP shells and stuff. But even with the arty changes with stun, i will farm them delicious salty tears. XD

      2. PlayR says:

        Exactly. Low tier artillery will be for killing pathetic crying kids and high tier artillery will be for pissing off everybody. I cant wait for making every fucktard cry and vomit on every forum.

  3. It lessens arty’s damaging ability but with the stun mechanics, with greater ROF, it’s upped their piss-off factor. If a tank gets focused by arty, good luck having anything like even a so-so game.

    1. Anonymous says:

      at least you can do something now after getting shot once like taking cover instead of getting one shot right away

  4. GamingW/War says:

    I honestly don’t understand all the complaints. Yes the light still need some work, especially the lower tiers. Arty is okay but is now leaning on the op side. I’ve one shot many litghts and meds despite the rework. People now rush arty thinking it’s not going to kill them in close range. The patch is really bland when you get right down to it. Yes the new arty view takes a minute to get use to and in my opinion that’s what makes it almost op. The splash effect isn’t all that bad if you have a med kit, it only gets bad when you have multiple artys shooting at you or when your stuck without a kit and if your in the middle of a fight. Besides that people are still playing there tanks the same now arty has a greater impact because of all the lights out and about and If you have premium lights they are borderline op and great fun to play in and earn some credits. Also they make people mad.
    Their my two cents.

  5. VonOhlnhausen says:

    Now, how soon will Wargaming be doing a total remodel of Tank Destroyers because they One Shot too many Unicums who are Kemping and sitting still in the open like idiots? Because we have to know that this is whats next, then whatever is too powerful after that and so on until the game is ground down into a fine colorless, odorless, and tasteless gruel of mediocrity.

  6. There is a reason why it is tested in the US weeks before they implement the patch for EU and RU. There is a good chance they will not implement these changes for EU as it is now for the US.

    The guy made the video is flatout retarded.

  7. Well... says:

    I watched unicums on NA playing on Twitch yesterday, they thought this was the best patch in years. They didnt care to much about the lights, played one or two games in them doing really well but not OP. They had a chance when getting hit by arty, not getting oneshotted a single time, and their reusable consumables got rid of the stun effects almost all the time, otherwhise the vehicle was still usable even if cramped for a few seconds…MM was also positive…I dont play WOT since 2 years, mostly enjoy Twitch, but they and most I saw in chat thought it was a good patch.

    Ive been reading the comments in here for years, i think a lot of you guys will always complain no matter what WG does and no matter what someone writes, all you focus on is negativity, you will never ever be happy. I understand that you would want a tank game to your definition, and that you invested a lot of time in the game…but if you really hate the game this much and always write negative stuff no matter what maybe its time to take a look in the mirror and just quit this one.

    Got popcorn with salt ready, so do what you do best, complain about WOT more, coment on eventual writing errors I made, that im a WG fanboy, I should kill myself and cancer and all that bullshit, doesnt bother me.

  8. Té says:

    “Vengeance is calling on you
    And there’s nothing that you can do
    Brings you the thing you deserve
    Death from above!”

  9. Bring back Wt E100 says:

    “Arty as we loved it”? Are you trolling? Problem is now it is even more annoying cause you get hit more often and stunned and all this shit.. I thought wg said if community don’t like it they will remove the entire branch??

  10. KingTiger375 says:

    tbh arty in WoT was annoying. But when remembering to how it was in AW, all i can assume is, that it was really nice! Even for sb like me who played Arty only a handfull of times.

    Having had those fast tanks and a warning for incoming arty, it made it fair in my eyes, like the arty countering….why people complained about it, i never understood…and i was a pvp only player…some may remember…but however the decision has fallen against artys…

  11. YouAreScrewed says:

    You guys complain about arty but arty was supporting your ass you will now see camping maus type 5 heavy and other broken tanks that wont move from the spot cause nothing can pen them gl with your game m8 it will be broken as fuck

    1. PlayR says:

      Bon appetit in eating their shit! Looks like there are still countless idiots that believe everything that they randomly release from their asses to satisfy dumb masses and keep money flowing.

    2. kunexar says:

      I will be more than happy to recive all of that free xp from CGC line. BUT how will they compensate my 5fem crew at FV304? Support sai in ticket that i can pay them to have it changed as funcion is in game, even if they changed product that i have earned without any compensation. They remove arty, i want to be allowed to assign that crew wherever i want. And another normal crew should be endabled to be retrained to 100% for any UK tank you want. Would you like to face me at some “free TX” with good crew from FV304? I hope that if that happens i will stumble upon you and other crybabies that arty hitrate was over 80%.

  12. I can’t see problems connected to removing arty. Gameplay-wise there’s no problem as we can see in battles where there is no arty. Compensation-wise there’s no problem either. Give arty owners free xp and credits back. Problem solved. WG would never have said that they think about removing arty if there were any unsolvable problems related to it. Sorry

  13. torturebear says:

    Maybe there will be some recurring postings… since I wrote some big comment which now somehow is disappeared or will show up later…

  14. Wiesel says:

    i wonder how many players are really complaining about this update that hard as y’all do here…
    1) Tier10 LTs are a nice addition, although they are a bit underbalanced in their current state. Maybe give em back 10-15 meters of viewrange, but the firepower was too damn high before imho. eg the WZ132A has 246mm of pen and 390 damage. A damn superheavy like the E100 gets the same amout of penetration. Conclusion: nerfing the alpha was a good move, viewrange not so much

    2) about the arty: i can’t hear these damn whining ‘lil crybabies complain about it anymore. Arty is imo a class that belongs to the game and it cant be removed as easily because of obvious reasons. But i do agree in the fact that too many SPG in a match encourage camping. I dont wanna get hit for 700-1000 damage in my Maus maybe 3 times in a row, ruins the fun completely. Therefore, the damage reduction is quite nice alongside with the improved fireing characteristics, as far as the stun mechanic goes, im fine with that too. Imagine a 240mm shell detonating beneath your tank.would be quite a headbang.

    All i can say is that i personally look forward to this update, especially the changes to the map rotation algorithm seem intriguing, and so do the other changes. Imho i’m quite confident about this playing out nicely

    1. Paglia says:

      I concurr with your post
      Changes are interesting, might need some polishing yet

      Only thing that leaves me unsatisfied is the MM still based on matching tanks and not skills… great to see I can now have a chance to pen something when bottom tier but yet, a team full of baddies vs a team full fo unicum means no change to the outcome

      1. Marc Schreiber says:

        In my experience playing in a stock, tank increases the chance on bad mm. But that is my thin foil hat. When I review my wins and losses iIoften start after the stock grind with a terrible 46% win rate, but when I elite the same tank this goes up to and beyond 53% (average, not a unicum player as you can see).

        I also encounter periods of wins and losses for the same tank. Like the game has some hidden mechanic that compromises the team based on your progress. Yet again tin foil hat talk.

        I think win rate in the long term depend on how good you can perform with a certain tank. the mm balances itself out in the long run

    2. Marc Schreiber says:

      True story, the patch is not perfect, and WG tries to balance the game every time a bit. And although I believe that stun mechanics that do dmg through walls is a bit weird. It is a small step in another direction. LTs might need a buff, but in the end more data is needed to validate that change.

      What I still find strange is that a number of new maps introduced are primarily good for heavies. I would love some more maps that favor lts, mts and tds. Looking at my personal stats I find that heavies are easier to play, yielding greater dmg, more wins, more exp and a higher wn8 rating for me by a landslide. They recently buffed a lot of heavies and the frontal armor of the new premium additions are no joke. Now this has to do with the map design. Usually the team with the most heavies wins on city maps, and this is a shame.

  15. dimo says:

    about arty – they just had to nerf its damage, not make it useless
    about LTs – why on earth 😐 wg dev team – uninstall pls

  16. HulioX says:

    Fking cunts, on the forum all arty players has join in spam to stun all tanks, like one shoot you ,you repair, and after another sun you ,and another untul your death .Fking cunts im a arty player and i can wait the update, this update give me a bigger chance to fuck all unicum shit;s , all you fking scum who crying here will crying more with next update, Arty = BUFF, reload + aim + STUN all together is a total buff for us ( arty players ) From all arty players ( Fuck you all )

  17. OSAAMA says:

    Sold as a nerf on Arty, it is a buff. You can one shot 3 lites at very close range lol. let the antiarty salty tears begin.

  18. David Hendrickson says:

    I love how people whined and cried about arty pre 9.18 and now they are whining and crying about arty post 9.18.
    WG should just give up and tell them to live with it.

  19. Han_Y0lo says:

    Well, these arty changes might affect XVM-stat Green and better players in this game more than any one else. We already get XVM-targeted by lazy clickers as it is. It may actually be worse as the stun from rapid firing or coordinated arty will neutralize better players.

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