A Little more Map News

What is happening to some of the maps that are not yet in HD:


  • Klondike – in development for HD.
  • Widepark – in development for HD.
  • Kharkov – It’s in redesign and prototyping.
  • Highway – It’s planned  to translate into HD.
  • Swamp – Out of rotation.
  • Windstorm – Out of rotation.
  • Mitengard – Out of rotation. A small map that played very badly even for starting tiers.
  • Stalingrad – Out of rotation.
  • Sacred Valley – Out of rotation. Despite recent attempts at redesign.

From WoT Leaks original source Harkonnen.

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A Little more Map News

45 thoughts on “A Little more Map News

      1. wheeledtank says:

        Mittengard is awful. Its so small and confined that new players can’t even take a bit of time to learn, unlike on something like Mines, where, while still rather compact, has clear points of importance (Hill, Island, north-east town) and can give an idea of what works best for what place you;re going

    1. Kyros says:

      @Infernal969 Swamp is garbage indeed, Top spawn has most advantage. North-East Corner is only used by tomatoes, theres’s only one place for heavy Heavys and clickers have a open map.

      Stalingrad is a good map, it’s balanced, clickers can’t hit heavys all the time. The only downside is that you can enter heavy battlefield only from top or bottom of each spawn, making it a closed deathzone for the tomatoe heavys that get pushed with no chance of escape.

      Mittengrad is one of the best Maps for newbs, it throws the player in cold water and you either learn to swim or drow or get raped by horny Dolphins. Its teaching the new players with iron fist and no mercy that you either get your shit together and learn to play or you can fuck off this game or be forever a tomatoe. No bushes to camp, no stones to hide behind 15mins, no big map to get confused. You play passive shooting behind cover on close range you learn how to play heavys, you rush to enemys positions and flank them from the sides you learn how to play meds, you trollololol full speed between enemy tanks, get their attention and leave them with little dmg taken you learn how to play lights.

      1. Infernal969 says:

        Swamp is asbolute garbage, no one with half a brain would argue that.

        Stalingrad is a garbage map with thousands of artificial dead ends that prevent you from doing any manouvers. Because a bunch of planks and rubble would stop a 50+ ton behemoth from going forward.

        Mittengard is just shit. It teaches nothing but to roll down the hill, die in the first minute or sit back and die to something you can’t pen after 4 minutes. It’s even worse introduction to the game than Province was. “Push W and pray”.

      2. Kyros says:

        @Infernal969 Ok you just proved that you have absolute no clue about this game.
        Stalingrad has his artifical walls to prevent an open map, this means that you can’t be sure from which little corner or gap the enemy can appear and flank you easyly resulting in turboloses. The artifical walls limit this and give the players the confidence that from this positions the enemy can’t go around and flank me so he can focus on the enemys infront of him. But this requires basic knowledge of the map you’re playing which your argument is, that no one knows how the map looks and is structured thats why you say it’s a bad map.

        Mittengrad I just listed up what makes the map great, giving the typical tomatoe behaviors no chance. They are thrown in a battlearena which directly leads to shoot-outs. You just defended tomatoes and bots with your argument, can’t pen an enemy ? Learn to pen it ! Die in first minute ? Learn to use cover ! Push W and pray ? For what ? That someone will increase your skill with a magical hand wipe ?

      3. Infernal969 says:

        Yeah, curse those open maps that require having awareness and reward taking opportunities. Corridors are such a great map design idea! No brain needed, drive forward, load gold, shoot!

        Mittengard tells nothing about spotting mechanics, how to avoid arty or how to use your tank’s advantages because the only thing that matters is having enough armor to kill stuff before it kills you. Just 3 minute random micro-city roflstomps until you get to a tier 4 and have no clue what to do on a proper map. Learn to pen an enemy? What’s there to learn when you have a tier 2 peashooter and you have a T-45 in front of you that will both shrug off the damage and out-turn you anyway?
        But maybe you are right. The map teaches that average battle lasts for 4 minutes, is decided by a lemming train and who has more broken tanks. Exactly what WoT is about past these 2 years.

        Can we platoon? You can tell enemy arty what a noob I am, so they can shoot you instead of XVM focusing everyone that’s blue or above. Oh, wait, you can’t, that would be too ‘toxic’.

      4. Baldrickk says:

        Oh I’m most definitely on Infernal’s side here.

        Stalingrad was meant to be the havok playground with destructible buildings allowing players to make their own routes around.
        They put it into the game as it is because “hey, we’ve done work on it already and we’ll fix it soon (TM)”

        It’s a poor map.

  1. lostmymarbles says:

    take more maps away but no new maps in return way to kill this game wargaming more before after taking out tournaments on the NA server basically killing off the NA server with crappy MM and lopsided teams everybattle

    1. wolvenworks says:

      issue with historical maps is that they’re historical. can’t be 100% fiction. so inevitably it will turn out to be a very brutal map because face it in the real world, no such thing as “perfect map design for tanks”

  2. DickHerMax says:

    Swamp was OK, one of few maps where HTs could show their claws. Stalingrad, glad it’s dead. Mittengard, welp, drunken idea finally got sober.

    1. DickHerMax says:

      And Sacred Valley… Could be good if WG did not take 2 rows/columns from each side with their idiotic mountains. Their maps are so small and yet they still take so much space WITHIN the map with mountains or water.

      1. wolvenworks says:

        map’s gotta look good and fitting the theme (for Sacred Valley, the Korean mountains), so of course there will be mountains. if you could make a better Sacred Valley go ahead. just remember the core design or you might as well design a new map alltogether

  3. Dusk says:

    Mittengard btw is the perfect example of WG pushing people to go and die fast for more profit. Province was a way better map for people to get a understanding of the game.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Province had a balance issue from the top if they could push past there cap and clime the road that was in the far corner of the south spon it was over, in the north it was the center/corner far from the north spon

    2. wolvenworks says:

      you’re kidding me right? mitten teaches players to not camp the fucking spawn. it forces the newbies to move to the city or get shot by basically everyone on the other side. now province, it has terrible verticality, it’s ridiculously hard to push an attack most of the time, and ppl camp A LOT in it. so to me it’s a no-brainer that mitten’s better, especially since i love close-contact maps

    3. Understanding the game? You mean come with thousands of games back to tier 1,2 and 3 and use something liek the fcm pak 40 with great crew, equipment and camo to feast on new players that can’t even see that OP-TD. Mittengard at least teaches some close combat skills like using different approach angles, hull-down positions …

  4. Apache1990 says:

    Stalingrad is good, though I still prefer old, pre-rework Stalingrad (before they straightened out a bunch of the paths for no reason).

    Pre-rework Swamp was a map that worked well if you were good at scouting it, or at least understood you needed people to scout it for you. The trouble was you HAD to have a good player who understood how to scout it or you just had both teams drive into TD/other-camper walls which they never saw.

    I don’t super like Windstorm or Sacred Valley, but they’re not the worst maps out there.

    Mittengard is bad and should feel bad. All it does is teach new players to rush in and die, and then we have to yell at them to stop doing that.

  5. Ragnarokbazil says:

    Why dose it even matter you get ruin burg 5 times in a row already… Only difference is your on the north spawn and encounter south spawn… Sigh

  6. Michael says:

    I used to quite like Hidden Village, Southcoast and North whatever it was. Maybe I’m odd. I suspect they weren’t fair to each spawn, i.e. not mirrored

    1. Anonymous says:

      Hidden Village was good stronghold or other premade team modes, but with random teams it was utter shit. Southcoast and Northwest how ever were fun enough play. Only problem with Northwest was that lower most road was a deathtrap for hevies becouse of steep hill rises it had both sides…

  7. Rly go to hell WG … now there are a low amount of maps and we play still the same maps again and again so u reduce them even more … rly great … why to keep asian maps in game? so remove next one, Sacred Valley … Swamp … great map after redesign, for every tank … remove … CG … stalingrad, i really like this map, removed … Windstorm … ok, this is crap map, but still map less in rotation … rly killing this game WG … GJ !

  8. ERTER says:

    Why the fuck they remove maps thats the wors idea they remove maps before and they ware nice maps. If the need to remove maps from the game then thats need to be prokhorovka and malinovka.

  9. Bikaz says:

    really gotta question what goes on in wargaming HQ. i mean i can agree with most of these changes, but like sacred valley, windstorm and stalingrad out of rotation? they were solid maps at least that were mostly balanced that could have been perfectly fine with some HD rework and remove of a few positions and boosts. meanwhile they are reworking widepark thats absolute aweful always, highway still “in plans” even tho its always horrible. and yet mines is still in rotation and hasnt changed in gameplay what so ever and tier 10s can still spawn on it.

  10. Joe Hunt says:

    I would just rather the maps were slightly more unbalanced but have more of them so there is more variety. There is nothing worse than getting the same maps over and over. Would love it if they brought back Pearl River, Port, South coast, Dragon Ridge (maybe xD), Northwest and these ones they’ve listed in HD in a few patches.

  11. lol, these ragenerds going on about how WG are taking maps out and not putting new maps in, when the very article posted before this one was about the new map Minsk, and just a little further below we have one about new map Glacier, and just a few before that there was one about new map Studyanki

  12. With Windstorm, Stalingrad and swamp gone I am happy
    Mittengrad was bad but fun to seal on…

    Hope that Kharakov and Widepark also get pulled because they are shite maps and not fun to play on. Highway is the only in this list that is actually kind of good

  13. Anonymous says:

    Wargaming apparently is STILL not interested in listening to their customer WHO PAYS the bills.

    There have been 2 main issues the player base has complained about, removing alot of the fun factor away for the NA server players:

    1.) MATCHMAKER IS BROKEN FOR THE NA SERVER: It may work when you have 50-60k players on the EU server, but here on the NA server, we are lucky if we can get 20k players on the NOW single NA server (4 years ago we had more than double the player base). Battles are lopsided most of the time, and I know they can check the stats and see this. BTW – I am a 59% win average player with 30k battles, so I am not crying in my milk from losses.

    2.) THE REMOVAL OF MAPS: The removal of maps that the player base enjoyed has been another big mistake of Wargaming. The remove way more than they add, reducing the map rotation and again, fun factor to the game. And why isn’t the new map PARIS they gave us being removed? This is got to be the worst map in game. Wargaming, you need to let your player base decide which maps are fun to play and NOT YOU!!

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