A look at the Potential Swiss Light Tank Line

Since the new Tier 10 Light tanks  for Germany, France, USA, USSR and China have been leaked i think it’s as good as a time to start talking about the Potential Swiss Light Tank Line.

Also don’t forget this is my proposal, so WG might screw around with it so don’t expect too much. ( And yes, the Tree has been confirmed to me by WG but work on it will Start in 2018 at the earliest since WG plans to fix the game in 2017)


Let’s start with Tier 1

Saurer RK-9


While yes, this is an Austrian vehicle, it is built in the Österreichische Saurerwerke which is related to the Swiss Saurer Factories since that’s where Saurer was founded. While the Austrian Saurer Factories didn’t belong to the Swiss factories when the RK-9 was built. It’s the single best option. An alternative would be yet another Renault FT with a mere peashooter. It’s a wheel cum track vehicle so it could go faster on it’s wheels than it could go on it’s tracks. It’s sop speed on tracks is around 35 km/h. Combine this with the fact that it has no armor and that it gets the Panzer I Cs gun ( hopefully with a much smaller clip size) it would make a very decent tier 1 tank.


Tier 2 Panzer 34/35 mit 4.7cm Inf. Kan.


While the tank itself existed, the fact that it would be equipped with a 4.7cm infantry gun is merely a proposal. It would make an otherwise shitty tier 2 gift tank *cough* into a decent tier 2 light tank with good mobility and speed but no armor at all. If the gun was to be mounted in the real tank, there would have been a couple of minor changes in the turret like seats for the loader and commander ( who also doubled as a gunner), a hatch in the rear of the turret and a mount for the gun itself.


Tier 3 Panzer 39


This is very similar to the existing Panzer 38 (t) from WoT. In it’s stock configuration it would get the historical 25mm tank gun as it exists in real life. The upgraded version would feature a bigger turret which was to fit a 4.7 cm tank gun.


Tier 4 Panzer 39L


The Panzer 39L is an elongated Panzer 39 with an additional pair of roadwheels. It would mount a 34mm AA gun which could be similar to the 37mm gun on the MT-25 maybe with a bit more penetration to not make it a turd. ( pls WG, don’t screw this up). While there are no drawings for this tank, there is a pretty good description of the tank in the archives which gives us the ability to make an Impression on how it would have looked as seen above.


Tier 5 Panzer 39/75


Same as with the Panzer 39L this is an upgraded Panzer 39 chassis and is thought to be a successor to the 39L. It does get more armor than the 39L and additionally it also receives Sideskirts. It gets a completely new turret with decent ( up to 75mm of Turret armor excluding the gun mantle. It was to be equipped with a 7.5 cm Gun L/43 or additionally a 10.5cm Howitzer.


Tier 6 HS-30-1


This is an unusual vehicle as it only showed up in the Swedish Archives. It was an early HS-30 which has a front mounted Turret with a 90mm Gun, The turret Is rather small for the gun which thus gets horrible gun depression (we’re looking at levels that make chinese tanks look good) It would be quite nimble though and quite small (1.7 meters tall) the gun is also mounted quite high so if the terrain allows it you could hide the hull and only show the relatively small turret.


Tier 7 HS-30


This is the Swiss HS-30 as everyone knows it. It’s hull is similarly shaped to that of the Panzer 58 family. It was equipped with a 90mm Gun which would have good Depression angles ( 10°-12°). In addition it has good mobility which means that in return, it would have no armor. (30mm at best)


Tier 8 MOWAG Pirat


It’s very similar to the HS-30 with the only difference that it’s even smaller and has even better gun depression values. It’s even lighter than the HS-30 and is even faster. But that also means that it has even less protection. this time it’s 20mm at most.


Tier 9 A.14/90


This Tank which had one Prototype built, was originally meant as an AA Vehicle. It was also planned to be fitted with other Weaponry like a 90mm Gun if the Trials on the AA Prototype were successful It handles much like the Pirat and the HS-30, but it’s even lighter (11.3 Tons with a 240 bhp Engine) and at the same time being larger than the Pirat. Which means that the Armor is basically non existent and that it would be extremely mobile.


Tier 10 K+W 15t

Based on the 30ton Medium Tank concept from 1950 by the Eidgenössische Konstruktionswerkstätte this is essentially a Light Tank version of the Medium Tank. As there isn’t much information on the Tank itself, it’s likely be the Same size with the same Engine (which is 600 bhp) means it could get a power/ton ratio of 40. And yes this might sound OP, but the armor is even worse and it would be a relatively large tank for a light Tank. In addition the Gun would historically be a 9cm L/39 gun with the intention to mainly fire HEAT. Alternatively there’s always the option to give it the same guns as the 30 ton Medium which i have talked about earlier this year on the blog.

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