A look at the potential swiss medium tank line

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a while back i have talked about the swiss light tank line from tier 1 to 10. Today i will be talking about the Medium Tanks.

And something i want to tell in advance. I am not working for WG, nor have i any power in deciding what they do, same goes for every RsR author and Historian doing Q&As on this blog. So if you have a problem with either WG or how WG develops their game, please vent your anger on the Forums instead of here, it’s much more useful over there as barely anyone from WG reads the comments here.

With that being said, let’s get on with the Medium Tanks.

Tier 5: Panzerkanone 2

Panzerkanone II

It is a Medium tank based on the chassis on the NK II. It would have 70-75mm Of frontal armor with a top speed of 50 km/h  While there wasn’t a blueprint on this vehicle per se there was however a very strong suggestion in the Shape of a Turret Drawing part of the NK I and II development.7.5cm Turm model

Said turret has already been covered on my article about the Light tanks on the chassis of Panzer 39/ NK I.

Panzer 39-75

While this vehicle isn’t necessary, it would be a nice addition to the Tier 5 medium Tank club in which at least one tank on each nation is represented.

Tier 6: Laupen 14t or 16t

These Tanks have been covered before on this blog, link to the article is here (and an even older one here

To put it simply, Laupen 16t is originally a light tank on the chassis of the G-13 while Laupen 14t had a completely new hull, suspension and Tracks. Reason why i won’t make them light tanks is due to their armament, armor and mobility. Since both have around the same nominal thickness (same as Hetzers upper plate), one having thicker plates than the other and while the other has a better slope, it would still be better than most tier 6 mediums. In addition they have a 90mm gun which would make it similar to Skoda T40 or VK 30.01 (P). Also their mobility would be bad for a proper light tank with only having a top speed of 40-45 km/h.


Tier 7: KW 30/52

This Tank was by far the hardest vehicle to get any proper information for. However i have found enough material to finally complete the tank and to even get a custom Drawing made for it. There also is an earlier post on RsR so go check it out here. However to put things simple: It basically is a T20, practically no armor (70mm frontally at most, 45mm side), and a good gun, Mobility varies from document to document, while documents from 1952 say that it would go 60 km/h, however documents from 1953 say it goes 45 km/h, so WG actually have some room to balance if the rest of the tank turns out to be to good or to bad.


Image courtesy of blockhaj

Tier 8: KW 30/57

This is the Real Panzer 58 first prototype, unlike the Panzer 58 Mutz, which is very unhistorical as it has not only the wrong model for the Tank, but also they couldn’t get the 90mm gun right.

What they also could have done is simply give it the 20 pdr gun, less work and the extra penetration would have been welcomed.

The Armor of the ingame Panzer 58 is also very wrong as the gun mantle should have been 130mm at the thinnest part and 200mm at it’s thickest part. Not to mention the fact that the turret roof would be around twice as thick for the most part and the Turret front should have a much larger 120mm area than it currently has. Those points and the fact that KW 30/57 has sideskirts would make it much more durable than the Fake Panzer 58 in game.

Tier 9: Panzer 61


Nothing Special about this vehicle. It is the first ever mass produced Tank in Switzerland. It’s similar to KW 30/57 and Panzer 58, however it has a different turret and exhaust system It’s also faster (55 km/h) since it has a bigger Engine.

Tier 10: Panzer 68


It it’s essence it is a Panzer 61 with an even bigger engine and rubber pads on it’s tracks. Look at it like with the AMX 30 and 30b, however this time it’s an actual upgrade rather than mobility going down for the sake of firepower.

Secondary Tier 9 and 10 Meds

Similar to the Soviet tree or french tree, there are multiple options for tier 9 and 10 tanks, here are 2 additional and completely optional tier 9 and 10 lines.

Tier 9: Panzer 58 MBX (optional second tier 9 medium)

Pz.58 versuchtsfahrzeug

Panzer 58 with a MBX 833 RA-500 V6 750hp engine and the Renk transmission giving it a top speed of 70 km/h. The higher engine deck means that there would be no gun depression towards the rear.

Illustration by David Bocquelet

Tier 10: Panzer 68 Lamborghini (optional second tier 10 medium)


Rear turreted Panzer 68 with increased protection and bad gun depression towards the front. It got the name “Lamborghini” due to its sleek shape.


Tier 9: Panzer 55/60 Diesel (optional third tier 9 medium)


Centurion Tanks with a 720 hp Diesel Engine.

Tier 10: Panzer 57/60 MTU (Optional third tier 10 medium)


Late Centurion with a 750-1100hp MTU MB 837 Diesel Engine and the Renk Transmission, It could go 10 km/h faster than the Normal Centurion so historically 45 km/h instead of 35 km/h, so translated to the Centurions in WoT, the Panzer 57/60 MTU would have a top speed of 60-65 km/h in game. If WG wants to make it even more different to the already IG vehicles they could add a special turret. which was used for the Centurion bunkers in switzerland.


And that was it for today, i hope you liked the insight in the medium tank line. Next time i’ll be covering the Heavy tank line.

Let me know what you thought in the comment section.

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