A look at the potential swiss TD line

I intended to post this article on the weekend, but due to the overwhelmingly good feedback so far i want to post it earlier.

Next part will be the SPGs and will likely come tomorrow. Whether i will follow up on it with an article about a possible wheeled vehicles i can’t say yet, it is however very likely. Also part 1 of the swedish Q&A will be posted on saturday and since so many questions came up on my last 2 articles i think of doing a Swiss Q&A again. And there are many other articles  planned, so things won’t get boring considering i don’t get to lazy.

Disclaimer: I do not work for WG so i have no power in what they will add and what they do with the game, please don’t comment about such things.

Anyway, here is the TD line i have proposed to WG, enjoy.

Tier 3: 34M. Pz. K-41


This is what i believe to be the very first version of the NK I due to the fact that it’s an enlarged Panzer 39 chassis with a sheet metal turret. This may sound like nothing special unless you know that, in the very early years of the NK I, it was mentioned that a tank on the enlarged chassis of the Panzer 39 with sheet metal turret was to be converted to the NK I was we know it. This and various other mentions in the archive documents strongly suggest that the 34M. Pz. K-41 has actually been built.

It’s main intention was it to be a SPAAG/ TD hybrid for which it used the 34 mm Flab Kan 38.

However there were other guns proposed such as the 4.7 cm Infanterie Kanone 35/41 as well as the 7.5cm Motor Gebirgskanone 1938 L22.

34mm Panzerjäger 1941

Tier 4: Nahkampfkanone I Ausf. F1


The 7.5 cm gun armed version of the NK I unlike Ausf. F2, which was an open topped vehicle, F1 had a closed fighting compartment. It’s playstyle would be very similar to the German Marders.

Tier 5: G-13 mit 7.5cm Pak. 51


While the base vehicle is known as the Hetzer in WoT, this G-13 version, which i found in the archives, would have the same gun as the AMX 13 75. Whether it had an autoloader or if it was loaded by hand is not known, however it certainly would be able to hold up to other tier 5 TDs.

Tier 6: Nahkampfkanone II A “Gustav”


This oddly shaped TD would be a force to be reckoned with in World of Tanks, while the only built prototype has a “mere” 7.5 cm Pak L/49, it’s project life in the 40s was quite extensive. Multiple guns ( most of them mock ups) like 7.5 cm Pak L/73, 9cm Pak. L/60, 10.5 cm Pak L/60 and 15 cm HB 16 L/14 were mounted on this vehicle.

The NK II A in WoT would only mount all 7.5 cm guns and the 9cm gun and maybe the 15 cm gun for the lols.

Tier 7: Nahkamphkanone II B “Gustav 2”

Same as Nahkampfkanone II A, however II B would have a layer of 15mm spaced armor all over it’s frontal armor which was actually a real proposal back in 1946 in order to make the shape of the vehicle more even.

In addition, the tier 7 version would get the above mentioned 10.5 cm Pak. L/60

Tier 8: MOWAG Skorpion


To be honest, this is a vehicle where i barely know anything about as i’d have to look into the archives of MOWAG which i haven’t gotten access into yet. However one thing is for sure: It had paper for armor and a 9 cm gun.

Tier 9 Casemate TD: MOWAG HM-13 Gepard


It’s characteristics would be very similar to the Kanonenjagdpanzer, however it could mount the 105mm L7 gun.

Tier 9 Turreted TD: Meili WT

A rather “unique” vehicle. According to our sources at WG, a vehicle with such a suspension can be implemented and like the MOWAG Skorpion, not a lot is known, all we know is that it does mount a 105mm gun ( It also comes as a wheeled version).

Tier 10 Casemate TD: MOWAG Taifun


Everyone’s favourite Jagdpanzer IV on steroids, It would have very good mobility and camo rating as well as a quick firing gun. Talking about guns: It’s a modular tank so any gun could be added. The original project used the 105mm L7 but guns like the 120mm L11 could also be used.

Tier 10 Turreted TD: 10.5 cm PzK. 61 auf Panzer 51


To put it simply, it’s an AMX 13 Testbed with the Panzer 61’s main gun. While only a very crude drawing is available, it was a legit project as multiple archive sources do mention this project.

Also to finish this article off, thanks for _Chrueterchraft_ to share this with me.


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