A New Province

Good day everyone,

So a new map is in the early stages of supertest, curiously named Province. No, doesn’t seem to be a return of the original newbie/seal clubber map that was removed from PC, this looks to be a new map, though with a few pieces of the old map scattered about and the same general aesthetic when it’s further along:


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A New Province

9 thoughts on “A New Province

  1. Killtech says:

    it is the province map but enlargened and with alternative routes to the other side then through the middle valley of death.

  2. says:

    I didn’t even realize that Provance was removed. 😮 Didn’t play low tiers for a while but that made me a upset a little. Played a lot clan wars battle there and it was always a great feeling when we managed to outmaneuver the enemy on a so small map with huge tier X tanks.

  3. Anyone says:

    Oh look it has a huge open area in the middle of the map, how original and wait corridors too. Who could have guessed that WG would make a map like this.

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