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I just been ignoring the “Wargaming Wednesday” videos but yesterday they uploaded a mini review on the Tortoise which is my current favourite vehicle in World of Tanks and couldn’t resist clicking on it. And oh dear…this is the perfect example of what happens when they put a guy reviewing a vehicle he does not know how to play.

Actually, what was even the point of making this video? Doesn’t NA already have a far more qualified person (The_Chieftain) for these type of things?

Shouldn’t a director of community be focused in more pertinent matters like oh, dunno! The fact that the NA server numbers have been creeping down to nearly SEA server numbers and that players must be brought back?

Seriously, look at the server graphs from the last 24 hours, I added other servers as well for you to have an idea:

-Taken from www.vbaddict.net

I know NA always struggled with players but 25000 (give or take) players at a peak and counting both servers? That’s nearly twice as low as the EU2 server alone. To put it in other perspective:

  • Yesterday’s Peak of lowest populated NA server: 6300
  • Yesterday’s Peak of lowest populated EU server: 48300


Honestly, couldn’t end this without answering to some bits of the video:

“Its slow moving”

– Still faster than your tier 9 N. American.

“Got magnetic armour that attracts artillery”

– Maybe don’t drive it out in the open like an idiot?

“A really fast gun that can do a lot of DPM…”

– Hey you got one right!

“…but struggles with penetration.”

– Seriously?

“This armour is a little squishy.”

– *chuckles* Please, just stop. Again, stop giving yourself so easily to the enemy and hide your main weak-spots.

“The Tortoise is the end of this design idea and in my opinion, it couldn’t happen fast enough”

– This video, in my opinion, couldn’t have ended fast enough either.

And lets not forget who paid for the trip and most likely a camera man too, a really nice investment Wargaming.

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A nice company investment

94 thoughts on “A nice company investment

    1. gpc_4 says:

      Anyone remember the brief time when Rita posted useful and relevant WoT information almost daily…good times.

      1. VladCelTroll says:

        “Interesting times, indeed” – the only option you get when receiving some random message in Hearts of Iron 4 😀

      2. VladCelTroll says:

        It’s one of (if not the) best WWII game I’ve seen in a while. It’s much, much more understandable and easier to play compared to HoI 3 which has an overly complicated interface.
        It’s pretty much the ultimate ‘what if…’ kind of sandbox game. It lets you do whatever you please. There’s absolutely no limits in regards to what you can do (OK, maybe the time period which ends in 1947… but other than that, no restrictions whatsoever).
        I highly recommend you watch some YT reviews from good players (*cough* the Yogcasters *cough*) so that you can get a better idea of what I’m talking about.

        I’ll tell ya a little secret if you want, but swear to not tell anyone else 😉

      3. zombietropa says:

        Another one you might consider looking into is Day of Infamy, but it is a hardcore WWII FPS, one shot and you’re dead, sort of affair, if you like that. It’s still in alpha, but not too bad. Just don’t play the offensive mode…

  1. VladCelTroll says:

    Rita, you dissappoint me? Is that all the rage you got? Hmm, better bring one of my salty Dinger clanmates to teach you how to curse the hell outta these WG bastards 🙂

      1. VladCelTroll says:

        I’m amazed how I’ve not been chat banned for how much I cursed at a Bert…
        But hell, when they get mad… that’s when real fun begins 😀

  2. Lately they’ve been sending The Chieftain all over the world for various errands. I don’t think he’s even been able to do his weekly streams. At the least they could’ve gotten Cutland to do it.

    1. Haven’t seen one of his streams in months and don’t really pay much attention but the fact I pointed him out is that he is far more qualified to do a video like this. Especially this short, there’s no need to waste money on a second person when Chieftain just could have done it in one of his trips to The Tank Museum.

  3. ThatGuy says:

    I just gotta say, concerning the NA server pop graphs…I’ve never seen US West with more pop than US East in the past 4 years, except for maybe one or two rare occasions. I think the colors on that graph are reversed. Could be wrong…

  4. TDMillard says:

    They did a little vid on the Churchill Mk I in the Bovington car park a while back. Except if they actually bothered to read the sign next to it they would know that it’s actually a Churchill Mk II that’s got a fake 3″ howitzer bolted to it…

  5. They spent that money sending whoever this guy is to Bovington to ramble senselessly about the Tortoise? That’s idiotic. I’d much rather see a Chieftain visit to Bovington, or see him get some funding to do more research in archives.

  6. Terminus says:

    Hmm, As i recall. A good Tortoise driver is one of those things I begrudged fighting in almost any Tier IX battle. If it gets into a good position on a corner were it can cover up its commanders cupola, I don’t think anything atleast at Tier IX has the pen to go through the front plate. It is a bit of an arty magnet on open maps, but it does have access to the super heavy spall-liner to counter that.

  7. SMGJohn says:

    I hate it when people are lazy and does poor effort into video making just for the sake of doing it.
    They could been far more successful with this video if they bothered researching a little, does not take a lot of time…

  8. Badmouthing the tortoise -> triggered Rita x)

    He represents the average WoT player honestly.
    Yes 257mm pen is too low for the average moron who cant play without gold. And yes the Tortoise armor is terrible when only gold is fired at it.

    As for the NA server numbers : if they do add their new “everyone will get permabanned in less than a week” policy needless to say this will keep on going down.

  9. VladCelTroll says:

    Tortoise is one of these tanks that get one thing for the price of another. In this case, Tortoise gets a very nice 120mm gun which can thankfully punch through everything it sees while not being made out of wet cardboard like the WTs are. However, this comes at a cost: it’s terribly slow. But, after all, who cares about that when you can literally roflstomp any lowtier peasant? No-one, of course.
    Yes, it’s an arty magnet, but so is the Type 4 HT, for instance.
    Tortoise is great…. until you stumble upon a platoon of cockroaches (T-54s or T-55As essentially) which start spamming cHEAT at you because “too hard to aim- plz buff ruski tenk accuracy”.

    1. zombietropa says:

      And if you want something a bit faster (plus a turret), and dont mind shedding some armour, you cant go wrong with the Conway.

  10. qwertypresser says:

    Between this video and the puppet show with Victor from earlier this year, I have given up on the NA office. As far as I am concerned they, along with SCC, are a bunch of mindless jerks who’ll be the first against the wall when the revolution comes.

  11. While The Tortoise may be faster than the T95, as is probably alluded to by one of the above comments, I never see Tier 10 Heavies turn tail and run when one is staring them down, unlike the T95 which still has the big “Fuck You” factor on it’s side.

    And if you disagree, you’re an ISIS supporting Commie-Nazi Dirty Liberal Puppy Killer as the T95 and my comment is 100% Freedom Cheerleaders baking Eagle Apple Pie while firing guns into their air at a Bikini Car Wash Rock Concert.

    1. That’s because they haven’t met me. I punish HTs a lot with the Tortoise and are the ones I like to go for, they are slow so they cant really run away. And is it a Bruce Springsteen concert?

  12. To be fair I recall that Quickybaby said something similarly negative about the Tortoise in one of his recent streams so I don’t think the guy in the video is the only one to hold this kind of admittedly wrong opinion about this TD or that it’s only people who don’t know how to play who have it. There are no bad tanks, only bad drivers.

    1. I often advocate that… sometimes when I’m grinding a tank or doing tank request streams I openly say that just because I’m performing bad in a particular vehicle it doesn’t necessarily make it a bad one, is just not the best on my hands.

  13. MM says:

    well.. nobody is scared of Tortoise (its easy pen almost everywhere).. but everybody is scared of T95 (cant be penetrated so easily).

    1. wolvenworks says:

      as someone who never had a t9 because it’s highly uneconomical, i mentally shit my pants whenever i see either, especially when they start spitting gold

  14. I have been noticed that the videos of introduction to missions has significantly increased since the beginning of 2016 in NA sever. It is almost guaranteed that there will be a video released once a week. I have the same feeling of you, in which I do not understand what is the point to make the video every week. Even it is a weekend mission and the reward is just a few slots, they still could make a video to talk about it.

    I think the strategy of the NA community is to focus on the mission, they think they way they emphasized missions could attract players back. But the reality is adding an additional video doesn’t make much of difference. They should use the time for something more important.

  15. Anonymous says:

    They need to fix the MM if they want to bring people back on. I struggle to keep playing. Too many heavily unbalanced matches, and the top players usually play arty. I end up just playing company of heroes 2.

    1. Uggala says:

      Even so, the video sucks. Very short and very pointless. Total waste of the money used to make it. And the tortoise? Didn’t see any competent drivers for a long time, but even with the weakspots reachable, trading shots with one of those things is something i really don’t want to do, the gun is pretty damn good IMHO.

  16. Or is could be that more and more of us are moving over to Armored Warfare. Might still be “beta” but the devs listen to us and will actually fix things we find wrong with the game. Sure is nice to have a dev team that are open to some insight. hint hint.. wink wink…

  17. The new NA staff decided to just throw out the bullshit, the honest approach that is appealing to the majority of players is, in my opinion a good idea.
    Instead of appealing the the ones that have a emotional investment in tanks that most people hate, you see?
    I mean while you might do really well in it, the majority of the player base won’t and will struggle with it, and not want to drive it, but feel that they have to in order to get the death star, which tbh is the reason most people would suffer through it.
    Like meathead militia don’t try playing up the toldi 3, he just says, you get a free garage slot, because while a small minority might actually enjoy it, the larger group of people are going to sell that POS and use it for an actual decent tank at a higher tier.
    Most people know that, and while people like you and I might love our toldi’s and keep them and play them and club in them, most people don’t waste their time on the crappier, lower tier tanks, and these people realize that, and realize the way to appeal to the American crowd is to shoot straight and not pretend that people are going to be excited about a shit tank when they know they won’t.
    Even most historians think the Tortoise was shit and that is why it didn’t get put into production, just like the Maus was shit and the T95 was shit because they are so vulnerable, and so hard to move around, that they had no place in modern warfare, and almost no place in this game.
    But odd people love odd things, and people like you and I are going to find ways to make it work and enjoy its cuteness for what it is.
    Wargaming have made some really bad decisions, and the NA crew aren’t trying to pretend like they are the best of decisions, or that shit is not shit. They hope to salvage the remaining and give promise to the future for those of us that still enjoy the game and want to keep it alive.
    Certain people will do amazing in that tank, and will love it, but most won’t they didn’t come for the tortoise and they suffered through it while trying to make it work.
    So why not be honest, if that is how he and many others feel about it?
    And remember, defaming the NA server like this didn’t have to happen. You could have just said your piece about how he was wrong and moved on. Every day NA players have to hear about how the game is dying and how poor the numbers are, and if that hasn’t spooked enough away already, this certainly isn’t helping.
    The game is better than it ever has been, they offer more free stuff and incentive to play than ever, more of the problems have been solved, and still yet east has under 10k right now. I don’t know that any of us really have answers, but I certainly appreciate the pushes that they are trying. All I can do on my part is to not be the cancer that is destroying it. I would wish more people could do that too.

  18. Steve SEA says:

    I recall the good old days when WoT was truly fun to play, and patches were something to look forward to. now its all about rewarding the hacks that get away with it, and putting out a patch that is so buggy its hard to play. (not at all salty about the 7 DCs tonight… the first night of 9.15.1 on SEA) They really seem to have lost their way. Honestly If i did not have year and $ 1,00’s of dollars invested I would look for something else.

  19. Jesse Jenkins says:

    I’m a bit surprised at how little the wargaming staff actually knows about tanks, battles, or just their own games; it’s interesting to see videos being produced for the community but still be full of bias and sometimes plain misinformation/ignorance.

    We need more folk like the chieftain 😏

  20. Shankmeyster says:

    did you see the twitter post from Meatheadmilitia? either he was trolling or WG NA just bought a boeing 737 jet for the company travel. I replied “that’s WG for ya. Spending money on bullshit when they should be spending it on fixing the game.”

    But those numbers are why myself and my clan only play on east coast if we can help it. Low player #s on west and a LOT of tomatoes as well. I also don’t think that PC players in the US have the attention span to play a game that can take up to 15 mins per round, or they just don’t have the time to invest into it.

  21. Batt1ePope says:

    Tortoise aka 2000 hp snack. Sure, guy has no idea what hes talking about but really – slow td without a turret and armor that can be pened by 240+ mm guns not even aiming at giant glaring cupola (front drive wheel when aiming upwards takes hp dmg ,left machine gun port, roof ) . Highest dpm ? Shot at the machine gun turret kills loader…. so no more dpm . Going from corner that will cover your main weakpoint ? Ok , il track you and reverse , find a bit of rubble and go hulldown . Still thats on the best conditions for tortoise. How about malinovka, prokhorovka, highway , swamp and other open maps? A little tier 6 light tank can outplay a tortoise and make a new one to it…. non mentioning higher tier stuff that can load 300+ pen heat or apcr and just end you like a bowl of chicken wings . Yeah , its easy to roffle stomp tier 7 tanks that have no hope at killing you because ,,playerbase avg” but any tier 9 can do that and more . Conway for example – 2x faster , gun is almost the same + turret with troll mantle . In that tank you can go places, support mediums, snipe , help heavys and rek lower tiers almost as fast as the torty does…. while the tortoise is that one trick pony that otherwise $hits himself and goes to glue factory. Harsh but honest and truthfull opinion of mine.
    I was once hyped about this tank when grinding Deathstar, but now…. mehhh , when playing it i feel really booring and frustrated. At-15a got same armor and preff mm at tier 7 so it works 10x bettet at clubbing 🙂 i like that one way more.
    ps.: sorry for bad eng, its only my 3rd foreign language

  22. Anonymous says:

    I had the pleasure of watching a Tortoise in the hands of a good player. Its been a while and I can’t remember the map. This player held off the other team while we flanked them and wiped out that thrust. Then he rumbled over to their cap and took it. (ok we let him have it, he deserved it) In the hands of a good player the Tortoise is a beast to face.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Wow, evading artillery at 20km/h and blocking shells at Tier 9 with 220 effective armor? Incredible insight Rita, bloody amazing job!

    The Tortoise is a horrendously slow vehicle with absolute butter for armor. Unless you can slap it at an angle using the gun arc, around a corner, against something with less than 250 pen, the Tortoise is a very easy tank to penetrate.

    The only valid point you made was about struggling with penetration; which the Tortoise certainly does not.

  24. The lord your savior says:

    No comment on the fact, that tortoise sounds ingame like a LAWN MOER? …
    its such a waste, makes the game unplayable for me.

  25. Tortoise is a fun but mediocre tank says:

    Honestly, couldn’t end this without answering to some bits of your post:

    “Its slow moving”
    – Still faster than your tier 9 N. American.
    —It’s slow compared to all other tier 9 tanks. Brett never mentioned it’s the slowest tier 9 there is.

    “Got magnetic armour that attracts artillery”
    – Maybe don’t drive it out in the open like an idiot?
    —Yea good luck on maps like Malinovka or Prokhorovka, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of cover there. Let’s not forget that artillery sure loves shooting only fast moving things. /sarcasm

    “A really fast gun that can do a lot of DPM…”
    – Hey you got one right!
    —Hey you’re happy at least Brett praised your favorite but terrible tank in some way!

    “…but struggles with penetration.”
    – Seriously?
    —To be fair Brett did make a mistake here. In game the Torotise has excellent pen. However. Brett might be referring to the HISTORICAL gun of the tortoise, the OQF 32-pdr AT Gun which only has 214 penetration.

    “This Armour is a little squishy.”
    – *chuckles* Please, just stop. Again, stop giving yourself so easily to the enemy and hide your main weak-spots.
    —In the video, Brett said the armor is squishy in the context of “with all the gold ammunition throwing at you”. Can you just be slightly more bitter please? Regardless of the comment of gold ammo, the tanks IS squishy. The Cheek to the left and right of the gun can both be penetrated on top of the machine gun weak spot AND the lower cheek underneath the gun. Good luck hiding all of those.

    “The Tortoise is the end of this design idea and in my opinion, it couldn’t happen fast enough”
    – This video, in my opinion, couldn’t have ended fast enough either.
    —And this post, in everyone’s opinion, is extremely irrelevant to in game news update and couldn’t have ended fast enough.

    And lets not forget who paid for the trip and most likely a camera man too, a really nice investment Wargaming.
    —Oh so you are in charge of Wargaming now? Would your allow your employees to take long breaks going around riding tanks, feeling tired or writing pointless stuff like wishing one of the many employees happy birthday?

    Oh and “Yeah… before Wargaming decided to slow down patches and therefore the information that comes out. Good times indeed.”
    —Let’s continue to direct hate towards Wargaming and blame it on them for lack of content while they are pushing things like the Sandbox servers and overall optimization of the game to make the experience better while Rita is out busy taking care of cats or somewhere riding tanks or simply ‘feeling tired’. Nothing wrong with having a life and commitments, but stop blaming the lack of info on Wargaming.

    I’m not affiliated with Wargaming in any way. Some of the stuff they do pisses me off, but it pisses me off even more that an influential but moronic blogger like you keep trying to badmouth Wargaming in completely irrelevant ways while you continue to play their game.

    Please don’t be Quickybaby with his Comet. It’s fine to like a tank but it’s stupid to misguide new players into thinking it’s the best thing in the world.

  26. Captain Dorja says:

    24,000 at peak hours on NA seems pretty good to me. I’ve been out of WoT now for about 18 months, maybe a bit longer, but NA server has never had high numbers. A lot of the time when I was online, NA east would be running like 12-13,000 on a slow day and like 15-17,000 on a good day.

  27. tango35 says:

    Part of the problem for WG-NA is the lack of specials. We used to see an odd assortment every weekend. Players used to bitch about them, but they were there. This last weekend – NOTHING. WG-NA is depending on whatever corporate’s flavor of the month is. Mainly, corporate keeps selling/rotating “rare” tanks (Looks @ the Berlin AFV’s) on a quarterly basis. Only so many players are going to buy them. Also enough with all of the platoon missions. WG-NA needs to go back to offering equipment specials, reduced training/retraining, etc to bring back former players and excite the new players enough to have them recruiting their friends.

  28. penisman123 says:

    even though it’s faster than a t95 it’s still slow and the armor is actually trash to the point where your entire front armor is a weakspot lol stop protecting that piece of bs, it’s not a good tank at all, the armor is only good against people that are braindead and tier 8s

  29. dieroten says:

    And FUCK SEA right. No one give shit because the VIETCONG just ruling everything here, especially in THE GOD DAMN TIER X CW. Even the multi coalition CW operation inisiated by moderators isn’t enough to end their hegemony. I guest we need another help from US to kick their ass ??.

  30. Bobby john says:

    Well, Tortoise is an arty magnet and arties can shoot you even if you’re not in the open. The armor is useless in its tier, might be decent against T8 but everyone who knows how to play WoT can pen it. Seems that Rita is just bitter. And there’s no need to blame WG for the lack of updates. Just saying.

    Bottom line: Tortoise doesn’t have anything else going for it other than its gun. Just a terrible tank otherwise.

  31. Rita how about you focus on some more important stuff…?

    And your “favorite vehicle” in the game is nothing special…it can get penned easily,it’s so freaking slow and the only good thing about it is the gun…everything else is shit…

    1. OliWood says:

      a tank does not have to be OP to be your favorite vehicule…
      it’s just it matches your way to play and you enjoy it… that’s all

  32. OliWood says:

    Rita, what are your equipements and crew training plus advices for a new Tortoise player?
    i only see battles videos from you but no garage to have these info.
    i found “WoT: The Feminine Tortoise” and “Tortoise: Who is the Bit** now?”, do you suggeste another to learn how to play this TD?

  33. The problem for the tortoise is that it has 2 weak spots on the front that 215+ can pen easily. All t9 meds (except ruskis) have way more. This means not a scary tank. The only thing that makes the tort dangerous is its ability to spin quickly. But a couple of track shots and you are doomed. When driving a T50 if i have time i will delay my shots to keep you tracked longer.

  34. Nigel Robinson says:

    No, I am in H3VOC AKA ginvr, got to see you at tankfest, but did not have the pleasure of meeting yourself and Jingles 🙁

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