A nice company investment


I just been ignoring the “Wargaming Wednesday” videos but yesterday they uploaded a mini review on the Tortoise which is my current favourite vehicle in World of Tanks and couldn’t resist clicking on it. And oh dear…this is the perfect example of what happens when they put a guy reviewing a vehicle he does not know how to play.

Actually, what was even the point of making this video? Doesn’t NA already have a far more qualified person (The_Chieftain) for these type of things?

Shouldn’t a director of community be focused in more pertinent matters like oh, dunno! The fact that the NA server numbers have been creeping down to nearly SEA server numbers and that players must be brought back?

Seriously, look at the server graphs from the last 24 hours, I added other servers as well for you to have an idea:

-Taken from www.vbaddict.net

I know NA always struggled with players but 25000 (give or take) players at a peak and counting both servers? That’s nearly twice as low as the EU2 server alone. To put it in other perspective:

  • Yesterday’s Peak of lowest populated NA server: 6300
  • Yesterday’s Peak of lowest populated EU server: 48300


Honestly, couldn’t end this without answering to some bits of the video:

“Its slow moving”

– Still faster than your tier 9 N. American.

“Got magnetic armour that attracts artillery”

– Maybe don’t drive it out in the open like an idiot?

“A really fast gun that can do a lot of DPM…”

– Hey you got one right!

“…but struggles with penetration.”

– Seriously?

“This armour is a little squishy.”

– *chuckles* Please, just stop. Again, stop giving yourself so easily to the enemy and hide your main weak-spots.

“The Tortoise is the end of this design idea and in my opinion, it couldn’t happen fast enough”

– This video, in my opinion, couldn’t have ended fast enough either.

And lets not forget who paid for the trip and most likely a camera man too, a really nice investment Wargaming.

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A nice company investment

94 thoughts on “A nice company investment

  1. IndygoEEI says:

    For those that don’t know, what’s weird about NA population is even though as whole it is dropping (Peak was 42k total), the population for the W Server itself has risen. When W server first appeared, it was 5.5k. Now it gets very close to the 9k mark frequently

  2. I’m curious as to the number of NA players that have decided to play the EU servers instead, you know in hopes of playing alongside you, Jingles, QB, etc? I think that part of the problem is that we have players in NA that are more worried about WN8 and win % than actually playing as team and winning. That along with the bots and the people that just don’t learn (you’d think that after 5k battles players would know the basics).

    Maybe if MM added player tiering based on player rating or stats, maybe more players would come back? I don’t care how many matches a player has been in, a player with 1k rating playing is generally no match for a player with a 5k rating even in identical tanks. I realize that matches aren’t 1v1 but when there is that much of a difference in the players you usually have to consider the impact of individuals.

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