A player’s views on the direction of WoT Console – By Firehawk894

Here’s the first Console follow-up article like I promised. These are the words of a normal/random player from the community. I also need to thank everyone who has reached me with more Console feedback, I am currently trying to reach everyone. – Rita

Author: Firehawk894

World of Tanks console has been the only WG game I have played to date and I have enjoyed a lot of my time spent playing it, from the initial release all the way up to present date. When the game first came out, a lot of people were excited that they could join the action the people on PC played, without having to use their trackpads or coal-powered computers, and a lot of people took the devs as being initially pretty decent.

But as the game grew older, people started to notice changes. If you found a bug in the game, if you tried talking about the bug on the forums, you would be told that the devs were “aware of the situation”, in other words “Stop drawing attention to this”. Just over the past year, the game has updated to include the new physics from the PC version, such as tanks being able to skid, use their handbrakes to quickly come to a stop, flip, roll, and much more. However, if you DO flip your tank over, you may notice that you don’t get killed, your tank just magically flips back over after a 10 second period of you being on your roof, with no damage done except if you fell a distance while flipping and that change was done very reluctantly by the Devs, only because they had to upgrade to the latest servers.

In the Console edition, there is no reliable complaint system, any complaints are made through the Xbox/PS4 complaint system. Let’s say you’re driving around in your AMX 12 t and you find a nice bush to spot from, then suddenly a wild allied KV-4 appears, shoves you out of the bush and results in your death, you can do nothing but submit a negative player review, which is basically saying “This person is mean” and does nothing in the way of actually logging it. If you go to the forums and try to submit a ticket, you will be told that submitting a ticket is for bug/tech complains only. Console games like HALO, Call of Duty, Battlefield, even Minecraft on the Xbox have a system for reporting players built into the game for years, without the need to rely on automated and often barely functional systems.

Speaking of the forums, you have to be extremely careful what you say on there, because of the unpredictable and inconsistent moderation team. Anything short of worshipping the game and holding the moderation team up as gods will most likely result in punishment (with a few exceptions). There have been a few times where I have witnessed forum members expressing polite criticism of a planned feature or the current state of the game, only to have their posts removed or edited by the moderators, unfortunately, it is quite difficult to find evidence of this, given how the posts tend to be removed after the censorship occurs, censorship in the term of the post being locked and removed, or the author’s post being edited and changed without any notice.

Additionally, there is a majorly enforced rule against “naming and shaming” on the Console forums, while this rule is an excellent idea, in theory, it’s execution leaves a fair bit to be desired. True naming and shaming causes the post to be locked and removed as it should. However, if you are showing off a gameplay video and a teammate bumps into you, you might also get removed for “naming and shaming”. Some poor sap got his content moderated for speaking ill of an AI Bot in the PvE Proving grounds, then an even more unlucky soul got his topic banned for naming and shaming… wait for it…


The latest event in WoT Console is the VALOR (Veterans And Loved Ones Responsibility) Charity, but instead of actually doing something, they have just slapped a new Emblem in the shop and a notice about the event in the initial loading screen. When WG PC have charity events, they at least have an event where they stream or play World of Tanks themselves. November of 2016 had a charity stream for a Children’s Hospital, while the stream did raise a decent amount of money, the “live stream” was mostly just looped footage of a pre-recorded Q&A discussion from devs, which aside from looking like they were desperate to do something last minute, seemed very rushed and unprofessional, along with offering no interactivity for the playerbase who had questions.

WG Console seems obsessed with putting what the staff want into the game while ignoring the parts of the player base that dare to question them, in fact, you’re more likely to be targeted with threats of moderator action. One of my main problems with these recent updates is the way that the console devs are trying to force more payments into the games, via optional changes that the PC get’s for free, there have been new crew national voices introduced into the game now… except you have to PAY for them, 250 gold, you have 10 free tokens after the update with an additional 10 for every year you’ve been playing, but if you’re a long-time player with a lot of tanks, that isn’t going to do much considering one mistake means the token is gone. Speaking of tanks, WG Console enjoys introducing Premium Tanks that are functionally and statistically identical (if not very slightly inferior) to their PC counterparts but will cost more for having a permanent camo. Additionally with certain Premium tanks, will be made available in the store (The Hidden STuG for example) in overpriced ‘bundles’, usually called Loaded, Fully Loaded and Ultimate involving the tank itself and a lot of consumable items such as 20-30 rounds of APCR ammo and one premium Repair Kit, Medkit and Fire extinguisher each, and the Ultimate package may come with premium food items and the crew already at 100%. After anywhere between 3-9 months, the tank on it’s own will become available in the store at a slightly lower price for just the tank.

In addition to re-skinning of Standard Tanks and selling them for gold currency, Caen is so far one of two completely new maps that have been added in the past 5 serious updates, the other being Kassarine, the only “new” maps than usually get added are simple ‘weather’ variants. It should be noted that unlike World of Warships, weather doesn’t ‘approach’ you either have a map with weather effects or you don’t. The majority of weather effects; “Snow, Rain, Typhoon” doesn’t affect the tanks at all, there are only two weather variants “Erlenberg – Blizzard” and “Steppes – Sandstorm” that affect the view and radio range of tanks on the map. However, reception of these maps is mixed at best.

Even the WG Team are fairly hostile towards players. Console editions still have the WT Auf E100 in a “nerfed” state, nerfed in the sense of it was made slightly less accurate while moving and rotating the hull and turret, it still retains the 6 round clip however. It also had its view range nerfed to 390m after two years of incredibly inconsistent view ranges for tank destroyers (FV4005 was introduced with 390m while the Waffle had 420m). One WG staff argued that the Waffle is staying in the console game because “It’s camo value and turret armour make it balanced”. Many posts on the forum have been removed because they questioned the decision to leave the Waffle in. Some of the forums moderation staff also seem to have a personal vendetta against certain forum members, which led to the establishment of The Bunker.

The Bunker is an alternative forum for World Of Tanks Console content, which was created by a band of users, (specifically by a guy who was banned for putting a “How to Play” guide into the wrong forum section, with only a single warning) ,who were sick of moderation action on the WG forums to be “ban first, warn later”. If you want to see what the WG staff think about their player base, just look at the 3.9 update news “Due to popular (and repetitive) demand-” … maybe it wouldn’t be repetitive if The Team actually listened to their player base occasionally?

Even more troubling is that the representatives of WG and WG console are both trying to avoid contact with each other, whenever players or anybody outside try to get both of the sides talking to each other, it is usually met with a very rude and aggressive response, it’s like marriage counselling…

The forums are just a battleground between users kissing up to WG staff as to not get banned, other players who think they are being treated unfairly and moderators able to remove posts and ban accounts with no oversight. Even the top of the console development team is very dismissive of any issues on the forums relating to moderators over-using their powers the more prominent people on the forum, such as MaxChaos and Raibot (not a bot, despite the name), are actually in the developer office, so it’s a problem that starts from the very top of the console development team, if the very top of the team is part of the problem, where do you go next?

To round off, I believe that the general community is becoming more toxic than Chernobyl’s Elephant’s Foot. There is still a huge divide between Anti-Arty and Pro-Arty crowds, given the statement from WG Console that they are “Keeping an eye on PC but do not plan to change to the new Stun system for now”, in other words, they are trying to delay needing to do serious work for as long as possible. Users arguing over whether using gold ammo should carry a penalty. Things like that.

Questionable moderator actions

Link I was the OP of this topic, “JesterUSMC” actually spent the entire time defending me from two others who thought that because I had under 5K games and no Tier X I wasn’t entitled to an opinion, the text removed from Jesters post was “You seem to be repeating the same point, are you actually here to help or just complain?
Link You ask why someone’s post was moderated? Prepare to have your own post moderated. This user was just asking why “JesterUSMC” was moderated for asking why the other person was here if not to be helpful.
Link No explanation given, no reason for the removal, it is generally a common courtesy to state why the post was edited/removed, Volier_Zcit likes to just edit/remove text in posts and only leave “Content moderated” there.
Link. There are two types of people on the forums; those who worship the mods and WG staff as being unable to do anything bad, and those who do not.
Link. The moderators will tell you to discuss things but will shut you down at a moments notice if you discuss in a way they disagree with. (Also note how this is the mod who removed text with no explanation).
Link. “AFK players -That is handled by an automatic detection system and is not a reportable offense” So you have a ‘system’ in place that is meant to stop AFK’ing people, yet if someone tries to give you a clear name and evidence of someone somehow avoiding that system, they will be ignored or banned.
Link. Even people on the forums know that stating the fact that the moderators will remove posts with no warning, no notice, no explanation, may very well just get you banned from the forums for questioning moderation actions.

It should be noted that YShoneist gained a reputation for going into topics, ‘moderating’ the hell out of them and then just leaving with no explanation again, when I attempted to say hello to Violet Viper, one of the people who created “The Bunker” forums. Here you can see her getting a “warning” AKA threat. For having the AUDACITY to speak out against a feature that the devs were planning on forcing in.

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