A quick look at the Swiss heavy tank line

Due to the extremely good feedback on yesterdays article on the swiss medium line, i’ll be doing an overview of the heavy tanks sooner than i planned.

I’ll start with the Standard Disclaimer that i do not work for WG and thus have no influence in what they do.

And another disclaimer, which i don’t know why it still need to be brought up:


Switzerland = Swiss, Sweden = Swedish

Anyway let’s talk tank.

Tier 7 : KW 40/52

40-45 ton version of KW 30. Due to the KW 30 having very poor armor with the proposed weight of 30 tons, it was suggested that KW 30 would have been uparmored to get a similar amor thickness as the M48 patton, so arround 170mm Turret armor and arround 110mm- 120mm hull armor frontally and arround 75mm side armor.

Top speed of arround 45 km/h with an estimated Hp/ton ratio of 13.3 hp/ton.

The gun would be a 90mm gun.


The reason why this never happened is because of the swiss designers figuring out rounded armor arround 2-3 years later thanks to the american Patton tanks. ( So yes, the Panzer 58 looks the way it looks thanks to the Americans)


Tier 8: KW 50


It’s called KW 50 due to the fact that it was designed in 1950 and thus is an earlier veihcle as KW 40/52, in order to avoid confusion with the name i changed it from KW 30/50 to KW 50.

While this vehicle used to be a Medium tank candidate, it would be much better suited in the Heavy tank line. While it would have been 30 tons, it’s far from being a glass cannon. Due to it’s hull being rather well angled and most importantly, piked. Because of that, the armor thickness and thus the weight could have been reduced. In WoT’s mechanics the primary angle is 65° which is 5° off from the auto bounce area, couple that with the secondary angle of 5-10° you get a upper plate which is: while relatively thin, very effective in bouncing shots.

The Turret itself, it very well armored as well, with areas being 300-400 mm thick, it would be a hulldown monster as it has a 10° gun depression, however the Turret becomes very weak relatively quickly so shooting the turret on the most outer part may result in a pen.

30t Panzer

In addition, the side of the hull is only 30mm which can be overmatched by most guns it meets.

The gun would be a 105mm gun with average penetration for tier 8.


And if you think that this sounds very OP, don’t forget that things like gun characteristics and ground resistance can be nerfed to make it more balanced against same tiered tanks.


Tier 9: VFZ 69 Variante D


Illustration by David Bocquelet

Normally known as Panzer 74 from my former articles, VFZ 69 is it’s first name from 1969 when the first design was proposed. Armor would be as follows: 250 mm Frontal turret armor, 100 mm side turret armor and almost nothing on the rear.

Hull would be 120-150mm on the front ( there are no armor numbers given for the hull, this is pure guesswork) and 35ish on the side of the hull.


It would have the option to mount a 105mm L7, a 110mm gun and the famous 120mm L11 chieftain gun.

In addition to that it would have multiple engines propelling 46 tons of tank, the engine which i try to get WG to actually implement would be a 750hp engine which would give it a hp/ ton ratio of 16 hp/ton and a top speed of around 68 km/h


Tier 10 VFZ 69 Variante F

Illustration by David Bocquelet

Same as Tier 9, however it would have a bigger turret and a hydropneumatic suspension.

About Premium tanks:

Since Switzerland did trials on the Tiger II it would only make sense to add that vehicle as a premium tank. Only problem i currently have is the glorious idea from WG to make that exact Tiger II variant a tier 7 german premium.

Don’t mind the gun, it’s a damaged gun.

Also said Tiger is currently getting Restored to full working order.

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