A Sliphantom video analysis of what’s wrong with WoT

The first of a new series. Enjoy or at least think about.

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A Sliphantom video analysis of what’s wrong with WoT

18 thoughts on “A Sliphantom video analysis of what’s wrong with WoT

  1. G. says:

    i have premium tanks worth over 300k gold nominal value and way over 20 t10 tanks (+4 t10 planes and a lot of premium planes + some ships).
    How much WT or AW would have to be better to drop all that and start from scratch?

    1. Nyctasia says:

      I have a similar collection, and left WoT 2 years ago because it was getting too unbalanced with powercreep. How much better would another game have to be? Just more fun, no more. WG will continue to screw people over if they keep playing regardless due to ‘too much time invested’ as they know whatever they do the loyal little sheep will still play on asnd buy the latest OP crap they put out.

  2. Sandor Nagy says:

    As GM said on WG finals: “You cannot have the same premium tank twice.” .. then a finalist replied “Unless you repaint it” … so much truth!

  3. Zbyszko66 says:

    Sliphantom – a hero we need, and maybe a little bit deserve <3 I hope it gets the attention it needs. Also, WG seems to be balancing tanks that have underperformed in the last patches, nerfing the superheavies, nerfing the ammo on both BC25t, AMX 30B and on the new Foch B – maybe it's the start of the global rebalance they were talking about? It's about damn time!

    1. Ion7 says:

      Thank you for bringing that up. Autoloaders in general should receive their historical ammo capacity, and then need to return to base to reload. It would prevent tanks like the bct from a) climbing and sniping and b) from assasinating, hiding, and repeating.

  4. Stormcloud says:

    Expected sme interesting analyses but the video just mentioned the obvious … well, to be fair, it may not be obvious to some in the masses. tl;dr monopoly gives a company license to do anything they can imagine.

    As per top comment from the G guy, time invested also plays a major factor, which manifest like the tides.

    Low ebb, players, frustratred from the hair pulling and mental stress go off a holiday. High ebb, players, grew enough hair to pull, their batteries fully recharged for shenanigans and comes back to WoT for round XX.

    Those that never come back walks bald.

    P.S Too many games, too many MMOs, not enough time for one person play them all beyond superficial.

    P.P.S My hair grows vewy slowly.

  5. Tiger says:

    There is another video by sliphantom which goes by the name “Is wot too pay to win” (too as in too much)

    I request you all to look that up on his channel and it is the truth.

  6. Never mind says:

    He is spot on and I hope he is able to get some recognition for his efforts. In the past WG screwed players but hid it, now its just open in your face “FUCK YOU!” A good example HT #6, Tiger 131, and soon Tiger 217. Three resins of the same tank, in fact the tiger as it should be. What WG is really selling with the 131, is a BIA crew. ok fine, but what will 217 have to make me want to buy it? a multi skill crew??? time will tell.

    1. Seth says:

      I agree to a point; yes the HT #6 is a Tiger BUT Japan bought 1 (along with a Panther, PZ III N, and a PZ III J) for testing and possible integration into their designs (just like they did with jets and other items) but were never shipped to Japan and were subsequently sold back to Germany. See http://www.ww2f.com/threads/german-tanks-in-japanese-service.54297/

      Now, if WOT is going to include tanks that were just design drawings, then I think it is acceptable to include a tank that was bought for testing and possible integration into future designs. I think that WG should also include the other 3 tanks into Japan’s tree also.

    1. Uggala says:

      The game was at its best when the big arty nerf came and nobody was playing the goddamn shitters. Yeah, there was a TD plague after that, but these things need line of sight like everybody else, so in the end, it was much more enjoyable. I’d rather have three WTF100 in the game than 3 Tier10 arties.

      Right now? The shitters have received a major buff and ruin your game much more than anything else. Instead of getting oneshotted every 10 games, you get twoshotted every 2 games when you dare to play something without armor, and with the heavies? You can’t move without the suckers humping you until you’re dead. Even speed doesn’t save you, i can’t count the times where i died as a scout because they splashed me during an active scout run, crippling the engine or pulling your tracks off in addition to dead crew members & stun – Which costs you the speed you needed to avoid the big ass guns you just spotted… Ah yeah, and splashing around corners is also beautifully excruciating. Even less safe spots on the map….

      And then add all the borderline OP premium tanks which are flinging around the skill ammo like there’s no tomorrow, also a reason to not play heavies anymore. So yeah, the game is declining. Not all is bad of course, many good things happened too, but without those i wouldn’t play anymore.

    2. OrigamiChik3n says:

      When was WOT better? When tanks didn’t drift like it’s a B category “Fast and furious” rip off. When tanks didn’t flip over by driving over slightest undulation. Yes, it was much better than it is now. Take your crying and drown in it.

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