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Welcome back everybody!

Before we get to the article id like to update you on the lack of content from me lately and the direction i will be taking my articles in the future, but if you just want to get to the good stuff feel free to skip to the Sweden in war thunder section.

A new focus

For the past year Ive been thinking a lot about what I should do with my articles. Ive been rather unhappy with the direction wot has taken recently, we have seen the introduction of more and more borderline overpowered premium tanks, the move away from historical stats, the sir foch situation and so on. I recognize that a lot of you might not care about that, but to me this has been very discouraging as one of the main goals of my articles was always to get the vehicles I wrote about into WoT.

This is not to say that I have completely given up on WoT as there are still many tanks I really wish to see in that game. But it just does not makes any sense for me to spend hundreds of hours researching vehicles and writing articles about them if the balance team is just going to strip away their unique elements to make them fit whatever playstyle they had in mind. And this is why I pretty much stopped making articles after the introduction of the Swedish tech tree.

There was always an alternative to WoT though, a game which put an emphasis on historical accuracy perhaps to a fault, and Just a few weeks ago I was contacted by a individual which had worked researching vehicles for that game. And this brings us to why I’m making this article, you see I had always dismissed working on a tree for War Thunder due to their stance on “paper” vehicles. A large portion of the most interesting Swedish tanks never left the drawing board or mock-up stage and therefore wouldn’t be allowed in WT. But after some research I actually found that there were just as many interesting machines that could work for WT.


So i’ve decided that it was time my articles made a return with a new focus on the possibility of building a Swedish tech tree for WT and vehicles that would fit that game. Therefore starting next week the Swedish tanks series will make its return with weekly articles for the rest of the year, and as part of this I will also be re-making some of my earlier Swedish tanks Articles.

Sweden in War Thunder?!

In Episode 67 of War Thunder: The Shooting Range a player brought up the question of a Swedish tech tree for WT, this was the response he got – “Sweden had some great machines of their own but not enough to give them a separate tech tree”.

But what if I told you that such a thing was not only possible but also has the potential to provide more content than some of the current trees. This tree is just a draft meant to show what could be done, but I think it proves that there is enough content for a stand-alone Swedish tree. The tech tree features 4 lines consisting of medium tanks, Light tanks, tank destroyers and Self propelled AA guns as well as a number of premium vehicles.Since this tree is unofficial things like the placement of vehicles in the tree should be taken with a grain of salt as they are likely to change. There are also some vehicles that might not be suitable for implementation due to requiring additional mechanics to work properly. And of course there is no guarantee that the tree itself will make it into War Thunder. What I can say is that there are a lot of unique vehicles (all of which reached at least the prototype stage) that could add something new to WT Ground forces.

There is room to expand with aviation and naval tech trees for Sweden as well, however that is outside the scope of this article. If a Swedish tech tree were to be added to War Thunder i wouldn’t expect to see anything before 2019 as work has already started on the introduction of the Italian and French tree’s. But with that said lets take a look at some of the vehicles.

Strv 103

Of course we couldn’t have a Swedish tree without the Strv 103. This quintessential tank will be available in 4 different versions culminating with the strv 103D prototype with the composite armor upgrade for rank 6. Its a bit hard to tell just how it would perform in War Thunder due to its autoloader and odd armor layout. But what can be said for sure is that it has the potential to be one of the deadlier vehicles in the game thanks to its mix of good mobility, low profile and awesome firepower for its rank. In fact there are so many variables with this tank that I think the specifics are better saved for a full article on the subject.

Ikv 91

As the rank 5 in the light tank line the ikv 91 offers some of the better mobility at its rank with a 65 kph top speed and amphibious capability. In many ways its a Swedish counterpart to the Object 906 found in the Soviet light tank line, though with double the gun depression at -10°. The ikv 91 is armed with a 90 mm low pressure cannon which is capable of 350 mm of penetration with its 1970’s HEAT-FS ammunition. The main gun is supplemented by a coaxial and an external 7,62 mm machinegun.

At rank 6 you will find an upgraded version of this vehicle in the form of the Ikv 91-105. As its name suggests this vehicle is armed with the 105mm L7 gun which will provide a substantial advantage in firepower for this mobile platform.

Lvkan 4501

But maybe light tanks just isn’t your thing? Maybe a flack truck is more your style? Introducing the Lvkan 4501 also known as the FAK 120 X 53. With the Lvkan 4501 you can enjoy all the benefits of a 120mm truck mounted autocannon including but not limited to 10mm of armor protection, 70 round per minute rate of fire, a gigantic profile, 830m/s muzzle velocity and so much more.

In all seriousness this vehicle might be stretching things a bit to much but it was just too… Interesting to leave out. One example of the Lvkan 4501 was actually used by the Swedish military as a heavy anti aircraft gun but only one was produced since surface to air missile systems were starting to take over its intended role by the time it was finished.

Sav m/48

A more reasonable take on the on the concept of a self propelled 12cm autocannon is available in the form of the Sav m/48. Essentially the Sav m/48 is a highly mobile and lightly armored (30mm at most) assault gun with good gun traverse and depression angles.

The main draw of this vehicle will be its 12cm L/18 howitzer which will offer a theoretical rate of fire of 50 rounds per minute. However I would expect the rate of fire to be substantially nerfed from its theoretical performance If added to the game. The vehicle carries a total of 62 rounds in a large centrally mounted magazine. Thanks to the relatively low muzzle velocity of the main gun (550 m/s) the Sav m/48 will rely mainly on HE and HEAT ammunition. Figures are unavailable for the HEAT round penetration but comparable Swedish HEAT rounds from this time have around 240mm of penetration.

More to come

This was just a small taste of what a Swedish tree could bring to War Thunder, in the future I will take a more in depth look at the various lines and vehicles in their own separate articles. but until then let me know which line or vehicle you would like to see discussed next.

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