A video from two of the Wot Dev Team

From the WoT Facebook page a video with a preliminary explanation of the direction the Devs want to go. From Wargaming.

In recent days a lot of concerns about balance of premium shells and premium tanks have been risen. Today World of Tanks Product Directors Thaine Lyman and Milos Jerabek are discussing their concerns for the game.

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A video from two of the Wot Dev Team

52 thoughts on “A video from two of the Wot Dev Team

  1. Liam says:

    Well, I don’t know about you guys but that was a decent video, I believe WG is getting the idea b/c they’re a monopoly doesn’t mean they can get away with whatever they want and have us just stand there and take it up the ass. So yah, I have high hopes for the near future,

  2. astoxos says:

    They practically told us “Chrysler is good in city maps and defender too”. DUH GENIUSES, they are better than the same tier regular counterparts! WHAT EXACTLY are you going to change with your strategy? Give us a fuckin clue not that “we are working on it”!

  3. docbassie says:

    So basically they say they will keep heading in the same direction…
    “Player skill will still be the most important” — sorry, but what is f*cking premium ammo still doing in the game then? why are weakspots disappearing?

    I don’t think they truly understand what the problems are which came forward in the past few weeks..

    1. CoNamDaiBan says:

      Don’t worry, we have some “1v1” videos coming from the strongest players of the server, this looks FUN !

  4. Vidar Hook says:

    Some of what they said was not really true. The defender is over preforming compared to the IS-3 by 400 points of damage and 5% higher winrate on average, the M4 49/Liberté compared to the Tiger II by 300 damage and 3.5% winrate, the T26E5/patriot compared to the T32 by 300 damage and 3.8% winrate, and finally the Chrysler K compared to the T32 by 300 damage and 4% winrate (source – vBAddict). Also, “…we actually started changing a bit of strategy to focus way more on the strengths and weaknesses of the vehicles…” is a very mild way of putting it. Our concerns are that they do NOT have weaknesses (excluding the odd pixel, although the Liberté does have one). Also, they mention the Chrysler being bad on Prokhorovka and Malinovka. But those two (and fiery salient obviously) are pretty much the only ones without a decently protected heavy tank corridor. That’s 2 out of 36 maps. There are going to be better and worse maps for heavies but mentioning them as a 1:2 ratio isn’t representative.

      1. Vidar Hook says:

        The Liberté is a french tiger, hence the comparison. But the tiger 2 is only marginally worse than the T32 according to statistics so that comparison would’ve been equal.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I hear you.
      And when they say that the 2 tanks will have a bad time on those 2-3 maps have in mind their counterparts which will have an even worse time.
      I stopped playing tier 8 because when it is a full tier 8 match 50% of the tanks are OP premiums and the rest are unfortunate souls that need to grind worse tanks.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Typical Wargaming, issue a bunch of useless platitudes and then double down on the issue that is making everyone mad. These people seriously don’t get their community.

  6. Tony says:

    hmmmm so what they were saying about older premium tanks, that they sucked, is just saying we bumped you in the past and still gunna do shit about it. tanks like the type 59, was good in its day, now you hardly see any cos thay are so outmatched. they have done the same for some non premium tanks i.e foch 155 etc, they need to check what the changes are going to be before nerfing or buffing any vehicle, i say drop premum ammo, and return to the days of having to learn weak points, and ffs bring an anti cheat, to many players are still willing to risk getting caught because they have a get out of jail free card for first offence.

  7. No_Quarter says:

    remember how it all started? SirFoch said WG is a joke. He is goddamn right

    it is fun to see them compare it “to TVP which is not that good in it’s tier” – so you are telling me that there are bad tanks but there are no OP ones? Aren’t bad tanks bad because OP tanks shit on them…… what are they smoking man

    1. CoNamDaiBan says:

      Well, you’re actually supposed to pen Defender lower plate. In theory. Because his lower plate is even better than some tier X.

      Logic ? Hello ? Do you need some ?

      Oh and btw, how are you supposed to flank when you drive a KV-4, dear genius ? You know, the supposed “armored” tank that is slow and full of weakspot (turret get easily pen by IS-3 standard ammo).

      All regular tanks, even VK 100 01 P have frontal weakspots. Except premiums ones.

      But nice joke here.

      1. i have playing defender and chrysler a lot, and most of tier 8 9 x can pen my tanks so easily like a butter (most of them penet my tanks with regular AP), so i dont know which crybaby or whinner like u all, how u cant penet the chrysler or defender….. ^^

  8. Matthew Shine says:

    Skill matters?

    That’s why I YOLO’d in my Chrysler in a battle, didn’t try to play properly in any way at all, and did 3.7k damage and blocked 5.5k…

    Much skill, many wwow!

  9. sgtschlautter says:

    I’m sorry, but I firmly disagree with what was presented in this video. Sure, players who don’t want to spend gold on ammunition don’t have to… but who on earth spends gold on premium ammo any more?! Not the premium players and certainly not the standard players. The issue arises when players have to buy a premium tier 8 tank with premium account in order to support the spending of premium ammunition. I can tell u for certain that unless you are an absolutely outstanding player playing on a standard account, it will be hard for you to pay for new tanks, new modules, new equipment, premium ammo, and food for crew performance boosters. It just isn’t possible. If a standard player does pay for everything that premium players can afford on their tanks, they will take a century to go from one tier to another… especially at mid-higher tiers. I challenge major YT’ers to build a new WoT account and not pay a single dime on the account for a month. Play exclusively on a standard account and put at least 2 hours into the game each day for a month. either play the tank the same way as you do on your other account or play like a true free-to-play player. Better enjoy those 50% crews! I truly challenge YT’ers to put this challenge to the test. I think it may be a wake-up call to WG to change the formula. Their game is Pay-To-Win whether they want to admit it or not.

      1. Yellow Mellow Fever says:

        AFAIK, in his “road to unicum” vids he uses a premium account but doesnt load any gold shells.
        He also reviews premium tanks, but perhaps that’s on test server only, idk.

      2. Taugrim eh? I liked watching his AW videos when he still enjoyed AW. However, I just thought his ‘road to unicum’ series was just another WoT YT series so i didn’t watch them. Thanks for the information though, I’ll go watch his vids

  10. Anonymous says:

    What they’re saying is the new premium tanks are perfectly balanced so long as they’re played by useless idiots.

    Which is an interesting definition of balance…

    It’s just like the Japanese superheavies, like autoloaders, like arty – they don’t give a damn about balance in any single tank-vs-tank encounter, in any single game, all they look at is the statistics of a thousand, ten thousand, games. Individual player experiences don’t matter to them.

  11. Partybooper says:

    “I’m a shitty player. You are a much better one. When I play in a Defender, you can probably beat me in a TVP VTU. So, the Defender is balanced.”

    I wanted to vomit at this section.

  12. Afrika says:

    Didn’t bother to watch the video but from all the comments I can make out that typical WG stubbornly sticking to ‘our new p2w tanks are perfectly balanced & F U all who have a problem with them’

    So the REAL problem persits, type5 & Maus will be nerfed but not these new p2w tonks that have ruined the most important tier (8).

    GG assholes at WG.

  13. CoNamDaiBan says:

    Maybe WG should consider buffing his devs before anything else. Or at least employ real ones and not humoristic comedians.

    1. VladCelTroll says:

      They does not heff money for dat thingz. They 2 p00r. They buyings for Serbu’s mun racket.
      (I hope people do guess that this is sarcasm lol)

  14. Potato Pants says:

    So, players with an abundance of time to expend on the game can buy premium shells with credits? Okay, that makes sense.

    Players who cannot afford to spend that much time can go and purchase premium ammunition with gold? Again, makes sense.

    You may have forgotten one small percentage of the playerbase. And I know these types of players aren’t that common at all…

    What about those who lack the time, the money, or the will to buy premium ammunition?

  15. VladCelTroll says:

    Well, here you go. That’s your much-dreaded Q&A. Or, at least a part of it. Everyone was so hyped that WG finally listened to us and may be changing the game just as we wish. What did we get? “Defender is balanced”. Actually, I’m thinking of making a meme about this. Both a video and some images.
    Does anyone know how to embed images in your post?

  16. Buchi says:

    Yeah, I finally got it. Premium ammo is not broken, its only misnamed. Premium ammo should be named standard and current standard should be named beggar ammo. Its a must to carry premium ammo, players playing a lot buy with silver, players with families have paycards. Therefore why bother with weakspots if you have right ammo.

    I like these 2 muppets. Are they dumb or failed abortion or threatened with dismiss?

  17. Madmax says:

    What a load of BS. False info. Utter arrogance. I’m swapping to another game after 4 years of only playing this game

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