AC1 Sentinel Documentary: Trailer


Wargaming finally made a documentary that’s in English language, check out the trailer of the upcoming “The AC1 Sentinel Finds New Home“:


The legendary Australian Cruiser tank Mark 1 (AC1), also known as the “Sentinel”, has been making its journey back home. In the upcoming documentary, Wargaming will detail the history and journey of this rare tank, and the renovation process undertaken before it is unveiled to the public.
The only tank to be designed and mass-produced in Australia during World War II, just seven Australian Cruiser tanks remain in the world. Once in the private collection of Jacques Littlefield, the Sentinel is now housed in the Australian Armor & Artillery Museum in Cairns.

Gotta be honest, I clicked for curiosity and ended up staying for the piano piece.

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AC1 Sentinel Documentary: Trailer

6 thoughts on “AC1 Sentinel Documentary: Trailer

    1. Bonesaw1o1 says:

      you could probably stretch it even further to a full branch with a little bit of ‘WG creativity’, for instance the ACIV design was never fully finalised by the end of the project in 1943 but a number of things that were on the table per the request of the Army and in line with allied developmental trends included: Torsion bar suspension (one hull was fitted with this for tests), implementing the Ford GAA engine (if they could get it) and implementing what was referred to in one document as a ‘mechanically assisted ammunition rack’ (not an autoloader, more a mechanism that would automatically move the next round directly in line with the breech so the loader only had to move the round the minimum distance to load it).
      with this we could have
      a napkin waffe ACIV at tier 7
      centurion 3/5 at tier 8
      tier 9 is the only tricky spot as Australia transitioned straight from the centurion to the leopard
      tier 10 leopard AS1 (leopard 1 with A3 turret)

  1. Aloun says:

    I’m fairly sure I saw this Sentinel at the Texas Military Forces museum last year. It was on loan from WG, was pleasantly surprised to see it there.

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