Advent Calendar Day 10

Lorraine 40 t

The Lorraine 40 T tier VIII French premium medium tank. Todays offer as appears to have become the pattern is available on the EU server in two packages. On NA the same.

For £51.32 or $71.99.

  • Lorraine 40 t;
  • Garage Slot;
  • Crew: 100% on Major Qualifications;
  • unique camouflages;
  • Gold: 6,250;
  • 15×missions: x5 XP for each victory;
  • 30×Personal Reserves: +200% Crew XP for 2 hours.

For £33.36. or $47.99.

  •  Lorraine 40 t;
  • Crew: 100% in Major Qualifications;
  • unique camouflages;
  • Garage Slot.




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Advent Calendar Day 10

17 thoughts on “Advent Calendar Day 10

  1. Salty_Mike says:

    Maybe I missed something, but these sales don’t feel very Xmas priced. I’m buying gifts for family and friends and I don’t want to pay a tall price for a tank just because it’s offered for one day only. Last year they halved the 1 year premium but most of these “gifts” just feel like regular priced items in the premium shop just being showcased harder….

  2. Anonymous says:

    Useless 100% crew, you cannot use it on another tank without paying gold. Plus if interesting in this tank you’d be grinding the Bchat or have it already and thus you’d simply dismiss them

    1. MozzaBurger says:

      I have a Batmobile with a decent crew, I’m almost tempted but on the other hand I told myself to wait for the Patriot :/

  3. Indy_ah says:

    Its a really good tank …. for experienced players. Its fast, it has a 4 shot clip with 300 alpha (1200 per clip) and 232mm of standard penetration. The reload is around 34 sec long with a 100 % crew without bia.
    It has no armor so you are the assasin or you snipe. Thats all

  4. basvdhoeven says:

    @Jerryatrick53: will you pls remember Europe uses the Euro a lot more then the British pound? A price in pounds means nothing to me. Could you pls also mention the price in Euro’s from now on?

      1. basvdhoeven says:

        Probably, but the thing is that I’m not interested in de EUR/GPB rate, certainly not on a daily basis. Furthermore I think that most Europeans have more notion of the rate of their local currency (if not already Euro) against the Euro then against the British pound. Also numbers matter: Euro zone is about 330 million people, while Great Brittain counts around 67 million people.

      2. Anonymous says:

        What? Why would you even care that much about the currency rate? Just google and guesstimate it. Or are you so paranoid of spending a single Euro more that you HAVE to see it here? Besides, if you can afford spending near 40 Eur for a tank in a game, I doubt you are living on such inflexible budget (if your mom’s credit card isn’t involved that is). And if you aren’t buying, you shouldn’t care.

        Screw it… isn’t it better to just go to the WG store first before visiting RSR? (I have a shortcut to WG Specials store on my mobile’s homescreen for this month so it literally takes me seconds to fully see ALL current advent offers. And hey – no currency problems! MAGIC!)

      3. basvdhoeven says:

        @anonymous: You are missing the point… Point is that I appreciate RSR and want them to give all readers relevant information. British pounds are not very relevant to the mayority of Europeans.
        No need to get yourself in a frenzy, I didn’t answer your post to get you mad, but to give insight in my reasoning.

  5. terje sverige says:

    I’ve had this for some time now and it’s a great buy. Probably one of the best premium tanks in regards to credit grinding imo.

    About the gun: it’s pretty damn solid. If you’re used to the BC medium guns you will have no problem with this… Great standard shell pen, rarely any need to shoot gold (even against tier X)

    Good mobility, decent camo. Reloading can be frustrating sometimes and long range sniping due to the accuracy.. But again – the same dilemma as with the regular batchat meds.

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