Advent Calendar Day 15

Todays Tank is the Russian Tier 8 Medium Tank The T-44-100.


The Bundles for EU and SEA are the same,NA has it’s own:

SEA and EU.

  • T-44-100 Tier VIII Russian Medium Tank.
  • 1 Garage slot.
  • 5,250 Gold.
  • 15x x5 XP for Victory Mission.
  • 30 Personal Reserves: 100% Crew XP, 2 hours.

It is also being sold as Vehicle + slot. All are 1 day only.


  • T-44-100 Tier VIII Russian Medium Tank.
  • 1 Garage slot.
  • 5,000 Gold.
  • 1,500,000 Credits.
  • Medium-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer.
  • Improved Ventilation Class 2.
  • Vertical Stabilizer Mk 1.

For 1 day only.

It is also being sold as Vehicle + slot for three days.

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Advent Calendar Day 15

21 thoughts on “Advent Calendar Day 15

  1. bbmoose says:

    We should all decide to not buy this kind of crap. €45 for a bearly average tier 8 medium is out of proportions. Just like with the black tanks, it’s better to don’t buy that crap.

    1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

      Thats always what happens in marathons…
      WZ-111, FV.P… The marathon is mostly a way for people to get a tier 8 premium (aka an expensive tank) for free, or at least much cheaper. It’s never said that marathon tanks are just exclusive, its just that people buying after marthon will pay the full price.

      And T-44-100 is worth its price. Yes its as expensive as a heavy premium tank of this tier. However T-44-100 is no SuperPershing, the tank is really good overall and can totaly compete alongside the best premiums. So the price is justified imho ; and out of all the tanks that were available during the advant calendar for now it is probably the only worth it offer. All other tanks either have strong downsides in some situations (removing the fun you’ll have one game out of 5 because its OP then), either are simply bad or below average or with no real point as a premium (Scorpion, IS-3A…).
      T-44-100 is to the regular T-44 what the Cromwell B is to the regular Cromwell : the exact same tank except somehow so much better, and the regular tank being already pretty good it turns out to be a very enjoyable premium while overall balanced (no insane strong point balanced by insane weak point, a tank good-enough everywhere making it good in general).

      1. bbmoose says:

        Good point bro, but for ~€28 you can also buy another, better and competitive premium. Mutz, STA2, M4 Rev, M46KR, etc. All are competitive tanks en some are somewhat better then it’s regular counterpart. That’s what’s wrong with the game in the current meta, right?

      2. SpeedyCraft51 says:

        Mutz and patton look somewhat interesting indeed. Not so much for M4 and STA, at least before their buff.

        But soviet tanks dont have many prems for their mediums. This tank, the T54-proto and the Mathilda. And out of the 3 the T44-100 is probably the best overall, more fun to play and can work better against higher tiers imo. But that depends on everyone’s tastes.

      3. You can suggest the Mutz, STA2, M4 Rev, or M46 KR but none of them can brawl or side scrape like a T-44-100. Plus as Speedy hinted to is that it is a premium crew trainer and unlike the T54 mod 1, the T-44-100’s play style is more similar to the Obj 140.

    2. Renarde Martel says:

      Speedcraft51: not many premiums for the Soviet mediums? Mate, they have a lot. T-44-100, T-54 Mod.1, Rudy, T-34-85M, Matilda IV and T-28E. That’s six.

      1. Note that only the T54 Mod.1 is at tier 8 and it doesn’t have anywhere near the mobility of a T-44-100 with fairly good side armor that beats most tier 8 mediums. Essentially, if you like going fast and still getting stuck into a brawl or circle strafing enemy heavies, the T-44-100 is for you.

      2. bbmoose says:

        You can buy a Rudy for crewtraining and another Tier 8 med for credits for nearly the same price as one T44-100.

        However, I agree with Speedycraft on all the other points he made.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Off topic for this entry, but it’s the latest one so most likely to be read…

    Anyone hear any details about these Female Crew? It soundslike there’s some kind of competition from 16th Dec to 16th Jan, but is that for one Crewwoman? One a week? Any details been suggested/leaked?

    Of course, I could wait until tomorrow, but…

  3. Ion7 says:

    On a side note, holiday ops was posted on NA, after reading through it I still don’t get it. Hopefully it will be covered here soon.

    1. Looks like we’ll be getting a set of minor campaign missions as they listed like getting in the top ten in a random battle to complete a mission and get a crate which will give us a Christmas tree decoration from tier 1-4. From there, you mix and match similar decorations like you’re playing an iPhone game to alchemy better tree decorations with the ultimate goal of collecting 5 tier 5 decorations. Top rewards look like getting a 30% discount on the tier X Strv 103B to getting a Type 59.

      Don’t know what a Rasp reward is but it might be a new premium tank as well as other random rewards. Hope that helps clears things up.

      1. Anonymous says:

        You don’t get a Type 59… I only see Swede discounts. If you are talking about the Type 59 in the Christmas tree, that is an ornament of sorts, not the tank

      2. Melebo says:

        Yeah sums it up for the most I guess. It’s quite the elaborate special at least. One thing to add (for EU at least) is that there’s 12 mission from level 1 to 4. Level 1 are really, really easy and can be completed every day. Levels 2 to 4 are counted on a weekly basis and are moderatly more difficult. All in all just something you achieve by playing normally.

      3. ah, my bad, don’t know why they think anyone cared what the decorations looked like but you are right, no Type 59. Rewards are pretty meh then and I can see quite a few of those hard core players chewing on their shirts because they bought the tier X before the discount and could have saved several million credits.

  4. OopsAA says:

    Got it for free, Joy to play but not exceptionaly. Indeed better then the original T-44. Price is high for a med tier 8. As a credit maker it’s not the best, but it’s a nice looking tank.

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