Advent Calendar Day 17

And todays offer is a vehicle I hoped would never again be for sale “La Cucaracha” or The German Tier VII TD E25. Please read the last part of yesterdays Q&A .


All three servers have their own bundles.

The SEA bundle:

  • E25 Tier VII German TD.
  • A Garage slot.
  • 5,000 Gold.
  • 15 Personal Reserves: +100% XP.
  • 10 Personal Reserves: +300% Crew XP, 1 Hour.

The EU bundle:

  • E25 Tier VII German TD.
  • A Garage slot.
  • 7,650 Gold.
  • 15x Missions- x5 XP for a Victory.
  • 10 Personal Reserves: +300% Crew XP, 1 Hour.

The NA bundle:

  • E25 Tier VII German TD.
  • A Garage slot.
  • 2,400 Gold.
  • Improved Ventilation class 2.
  • Medium-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer.
  • Enhanced Gun Laying Drive.

That the time of writing it is not available unbundled on any server.

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Advent Calendar Day 17

33 thoughts on “Advent Calendar Day 17

  1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    Tomorow is SU-76I

    WoT FR leaked it by mistake with their automatic facebook messages : today instead of making a post about E-25 they posted about the SU-76I while linking to the calendar.

    So WG is in the mood for selling all tanks they said were too good to be sold.
    24th will probably be Gold Type59.

      1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

        Yes they can.
        And you even agreed with it when you accepted the EULA and shit like that.

        And they SHOULD nerf all of these tanks in order to make the game balanced.
        And they WILL need to nerf them if they want to make balance 2.0. Otherwise they simply cant rebalance the game.

      2. zombietropa says:

        I think that in the T&C that WG withhold the right to make any changes they want. In buying the tank, you accept their right to do this.

        Also, if the tank breaks the game (I’m just talking generally here), and WG doesn’t fix it, because people hear that their new game breaking tank may get and rise a fuss, it will kill WoT, or at the very least the tiers the game killer plays at.

        If you like the game enough to pay money for a tank, you enjoy it enough to be willing for the meta to change, so the game remains balanced and fun for everyone.

      3. I paid for it and it needs a nerf. Im sorry but dont ve one of those cunts. Pull your dick out of your ass, people like you are the reason they can’t balance blatantly overpowered premiums

      4. Patata Caliente says:

        Same here. I have the tank, but I nonetheless think it is broken and needs nerfing for the sake of overall game balance. As far as I’m concerned, they shouldn’t have sold it again in the present form.

  2. E25 isn’t op and type 59 is nowhere even close to being competitive anymore, nevermind OP.

    There are much more broken tanks in recent releases and even those who have been available in the tech tree for years. Liberty, Patriot, IS-3A, SU-122-44 etc.

    All in all the tank balance in this game in general is a joke.

    1. Major_Marinin says:

      Yeah i played more than 2k battles in my Type 59.
      But compared to all the T8s atm its just weak anymore and does not make fun to play anymore

      1. FleischMichi says:

        thinking the same, i dont own the type 59 but killing it with my mutz or cdc isnt a big deal at all. stats show me a mediocre mobility, bad gun and ok armour so nothing op at this stage in the game. the op period is long gone

      2. Type 59 is not what used to be after 5 years of power creep and severe nerfs. Right now I when driving it, I am scared if a Tier 6 light autoloader pops on my back and wreck me.

        There are much better prem tanks out there. hell even the Super Pershing is better, with the 192mm pen!!!!!

      1. Yeah and search for replays on youtube for any other tier 7 tanks and you’ll find similar.

        That’s a pretty garbage argument for it being OP. It has good RoF, mobility and camo. This combination means it has a high skill ceiling. Good players can and do exceptionally well in it.

        However do even a little bit of digging in game stats and server stats and you’ll find E-25 is just overhyped. It has an anoyying pew pew gun nice mobility and that’s it.

        SU-122-44 has a 1% worse base camo and worse mobility but not by that much. It actually has better track traverse and is harder to circle than an E-25.
        On the other hand the SU has better pen, alpha and dpm. You know…stuff that actually matters.
        Accuracy is irrelevant in this game in almost all maps and situations anyway.

        So please stop spreading the ever popular rumour that E-25 is sooo OP. There are and always have been loads of tanks that are way more broken.

      2. Anonymous says:

        EVERYONE, every single youtuber or community contributor says the e25 is op and shouldn’t be in the game as it is right now. But HAVOC here doesn’t think so. lol Yeah right m8.

  3. Greene Ghostav says:

    Seems to like like a last ditch effort to make some cash for WG.. now I wouldn’t be surprised if Type 59 or M6A2E1 goes on sale in the next few days.

    1. ステトガイ says:

      Well if they are apparently selling the SU76i, then god knows what this calendar would be, and they were doing so well over the past few days! Whoever thought of selling the E-25 again must have been dropped when he or she was a baby…

  4. E25 is back!! says:

    Actually I was hyped for the tank and picked it up.. at first I thought it is the most fun tank cause first game kolobanov.. but getting 2 radley Walters in a row in 2 games was like wtf is going on.. I don’t know for avrg players for me who has 3,5k+ recents on tier 10 tanks this tank feel just wrong to play cause if you use it right and with brain the enemy team just can’t do shit against you raping them… I should have fun dominating enemy team and carry but This just feels so wrong and somehow not fun for me 🙁 don’t know why ^^ but a nerf wouldn’t be the right thing to do, cause the majority will riot. I guess it’s right that it only performs hyped op in a good players hands and for 99% of players there are stronger tanks.

  5. Just Call Me Zo says:

    Called it! I knew they’d sell it again. WG are just going to cash out on this game and abandon it as soon as WOT II comes out.

  6. Brett Brakefield says:

    I’m just sitting here, chuckling to myself, at everyone who says the E25 is OP. It isn’t. If you want OP, the SU-122-44 can eat the E25 alive, along with most Tier 7s in the game.

    The thing with the E25 is that it has exceptional camo values, is very low in profile, has a base RPM of 20, and travels faster than sales hunters on a good day.

    There’s only a couple problems; it has the same gun the Stug has (except it fires significantly faster), and once spotted, it has to rely on speed and troll bounces, or it gets shredded. Anyone who says the E25 is OP needs to get their head examined. It’s only good because it’s a stealthy little roach, and nothing more. Again, the SU-122-44 is better at this day and age. (And before you come bitch at me, I’ve had both of these tanks for years now.)

    Matter of fact, some tech tree tanks are worse to deal with. After all, we basically now have a 90mm equivalent in the form of the Ikv 90B, the IS is still popular after all of these years…and do I even need to speak of the O-Ni?

    Every tank can be countered, so long as you know how to counter it. E25 camo is very easy to counter by simply absorbing it’s shots, and then spam HE into it, because it’s likely it won’t be able to take HE rounds.

    1. Anonymous says:

      yada yada yada, every even semi relevant contributor and streamer, youtuber says its op its fckng broken and should not be in the game in its current form. But you and a few others got it right and everyone else got it wrong :))))) YEAH RIGHT. The fck outta here.

    2. Patata Caliente says:

      What you describe is an E25 played by a bad player, of which there are many, admittedly, especially after yesterday. Only a potato would trade shots in an E25 with a SU-122-44 for any extended period of time. A good E25 player breaks off as soon as he is spotted, changes postion, hides until unspotted and then waits for the next opportunity to shred an opponent from the back or the side. The mix of absurd camo and exception DPM can be absolutely deadly in the hands of a good player, provided, of course, that he’s on the right kind of map – not that much you can do with it in Himmelsdorf, really. Still, I stick to my guns about the tank being unbalanced. Feel free to regard anyone who disagrees with you an idiot.

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