Advent Calendar Day 5: VK 45.03

Todays Tank is the VK 45.03 Tier 7 German Heavy Tank


To start it off: EUNA and SEA do have the Option to buy the Tank in a bundle and to buy the Tank seperately.

I’ll won’t be posting the list from now on. However from what i’ve seen, NA seems to have the biggest and thus the most expensive bundle out of the 3 while EU and SEA do have a pretty much identical bundle apart from one minor difference.

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Advent Calendar Day 5: VK 45.03

10 thoughts on “Advent Calendar Day 5: VK 45.03

    1. Hamiradon says:

      Crappy? It’s probably the best german tank on the tier, you just gotta stop thinking it’s one of the russian autopilot tanks which even people with brain damage can drive. Angled correctly, at has 160 Armor all around, decimating what the tiger 1 is capable of. If you also include the insane gun handling and mobility, other than the reckless auto-aim spamming the Tiger 1 is capable of due to its dpm, and the horrid mobility of the Porsche Tiger, this thing outclasses the othet t7 german tanks by far.

  1. Blitz says:

    Hopefully they get smart and release either the Kannon or Mutz, because non of the tanks that are on the current list for the advent calendar interest me in the slightest.

  2. Honcho says:

    Best gun-handling on tier 7, very good for snapshots and fireing on the move. Its basicly a Tiger 1 that can sidescrape a bit. It does not have the awesome dpm though.
    Its my favourite Tier 7 tank.

  3. Hamiradon says:

    Truly a gem if you use it like a heavium snapshooter. If angled correctly, it bounces most of tanks from t6 and down from all sides. Also, those ground resistances!

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