Advent Calendar Day 6: 360 Days of Premium time

As excpected day 6 will give us the chance to buy 360 days of premium time42b8acef1f994c8692d28897959f2166

Link to the Advent Calendars: EU, SEA, NA

Someone tell WG that 1 year of premium is a terribla idea.

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Advent Calendar Day 6: 360 Days of Premium time

29 thoughts on “Advent Calendar Day 6: 360 Days of Premium time

  1. drakko26 says:

    Any idea what’s up with the letters you can scratch and reveal on the advent calendar?

    I’m thinking we’re gonna have the same as last year, a code to type in.

    Letters this far are QDWE (days 1 and 4, respectively)

    1. Sara says:

      “What you do not know, though, is that this year we are also introducing something extra: on random days, we will be adding a special scratch-out area to the Calendar entry. After having been cleared with your mouse, it will reveal a part of a bonus code. Collect eight parts to complete the code and redeem it on the website to claim a nice holiday present! Make sure to visit every day and claim your gift after the top offer reveal on 24 December!”

  2. reda says:

    Rita , your website has just become another page of WOT, you bring nothing new , no events or announcements coming in advence, just copying and pasting what’s already posted in wot page , this is page is no longer interresting , too bad :/

    1. Squiggle says:

      Start your own page then. Instead of being a whiny little bitch, start Reda status report. I’m sure you will get all the in depth stories that no-one else does.

    2. You do realise she is largely dependent on what the Community Managers etc. can provide? They are actually rather slow with providing the news, especially in the EU region. She can hardly post any news if the people who should provide it don’t even know it…

    3. Haha, I like all the unneccesary excuses for Rita like you’re agreeing with him that everything is copied from the wargaming home page, simply put, you will not find such a collection of information from tank leaks like the latest super test tanks and changes in the test server on the world of tanks homepage. You will also note there are a lot of links to community events, scandals, videos, charities, and changes on other wargaming product platforms not frequently mentioned on the world of tanks homepage. If need be, I would be happy to link you to these posts in the past week but you are right there is quite a bit from the wargaming home page, maybe 25% of the content here is just that if I am generous with my estimate. This is not a bad thing as it does establish the site as more of a sub information hub to the world of tanks site for learning official and non-official projects but the more savy of people just call that kind of thing a blog.

  3. I would like it more if they sold premium hours. 80% of 360 days is wasted time, because you aren’t playing the game. If you could buy bundles for premium hours. For example 500 hours that are only used when you actualy play the game. The could charge them the same as the telephone providers, so 1 hour and 55 minutes would be 2 hours and 2 hours and 7 minutes would be 3 hours. WG would make there profit from that but it would be still more fair for players then whole days of premium from which you on average would only use a couple of hours. And I think more players would make use of it then. I would. Now I don’t, other then once in a while 1 day when I know I am gonna play a lot.

    1. You can already get pretty much that in the form of personal reserves.

      Premium time is already priced as if you will only use a few hours of it each day. Buying by the hour would probably be hideously expensive.

    2. betterdead thanred says:

      they have already implemented a similar idea, in the form of ”personal reserves” which gives a 1-6 hour boost, varying between 5-200% to extra: xp in battle / crew xp / free xp / and creds.

      ideal for most players i believe, slightly annoying to activate them for use. does not expire. but i am unable to purchase more of these that gives free xp or extra credits boost. WG could fix that

      usually play 1-2 hours myself. and i think WG would profit from making them easier to use, and upping up the cost a bit.
      Select when needed
      normal 24Hour prem is 250 gold right?
      combining ”large” boosts equal to give 50% extra of everything would make it about 200 goldish?

    3. flint74 says:

      In an ideal world your ‘premium hours’ idea would be absolutely what the game, and its players, needs.

      But this isn’t an ideal world, and wargaming, who by all accounts appear to be a business first and a game developer second, are, it seems, primarily interested in making as much money from their community as they possibly can as quickly as they can, hence why they’ve recently started ‘forgetting’ to include unbundled tanks in the EU store once again, because they know full well that there are just enough people out there with more money than sense who will fall for their marketing and sales gimmicks, because those players absolutely positively have to have the latest shiny things and hang the expense.

      This is also why wargaming really couldn’t care less about how any of us use our premium time once we’ve spent a good amount of money to purchase it, just so long as they can reliably keep making sales of digital 1’s and 0’s and our money is in their bank account more than it’s in our own, that’s all that really matters to them.

    4. thesherbet says:

      I think a good part of this is that while in the west (EU/NA) would prefer this, it’s just as likely that RU users might not, and since an idea this important would have to go through Minsk for authorisation, they would probly just turn around and say no

    5. abusemtex says:

      That kind of premium time was requested years ago and denied by WG very quickly.
      Even though it would be much more fair and in the end probably more rewarding für WG.
      But unless comrade Stalin orders it out of hell nothing will happen.

  4. Disappointing offer – The NA just got this for, I think, something like 50% off.

    This sort of discount isn’t anything worthy of being in here IMHO – as has been mentioned this happens ever quarter I’m afraid.

  5. jeremy says:

    This isn’t much of a sale at all. A year of premium a week or so ago was almost HALF of what the sale price is right now! I’m glad I bought it then on the NA server.

  6. Uuuhhh says:

    For buying a year of premium I get to save the amount roughly equal to purchasing a single month. What a great deal, I can save $15. Thanks WG, u really no how make it easy to say no.

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