Advent Calendar Day 7: KV-220-2

Todays Tank is the KV-220-2 Tier 5 Russian Heavy Tank.


The KV-220-2 not being on regular sale it comes only as a Bundle on EU , NA and SEA .

SEA has two more expensive bundles available in the Premium shop.

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Advent Calendar Day 7: KV-220-2

16 thoughts on “Advent Calendar Day 7: KV-220-2

    1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

      A tier 3 can pen it frontaly. Aim at the turret.
      It’s powerful because its only weakspot is counter intuitive (usualy the turret is the strongest part of a tank) so at tier 5 people wont often know about it.
      But if a player hits your turret even by mistake he’ll keep firing where it worked.

      Also 120mm frontal hull… At tier 5 gold is high enough to go through if flat. And at tier 6 you hardly stand a chance. So see it like a more balanced PzIIJ because its not as op when toptier and not as useless when not toptier. And for 30€ I’d say its worth it.

      For the rest of the calendar idk what new tanks would be worth it. Out of all the new supertested premiums we have eventualy more Black Edition tanks, a few tier 7 new tanks that arent that fun in appearance (T25 Pilot, Krupp S.WT…), and the tier 8 on day 24 will probably be the american strange tank that was leaked some time ago. It’s gonna be a tier 8 anyway, to make it a real worth it surprise.

    2. Infernal969 says:

      It’s weak once you know where to shoot at the turret. But most tier 5 bobs know jack shit about weakspots, so you can roflstomp in this tank. It has the second highest winrate out of all the tanks in the game.

  1. Gen6B says:

    The Euro package with 6500 gold is a better deal than NA, the KV220 almost free if you factor in cost of gold. It’s $32.23 ($2.24 more than NA) for and additional 1800 gold which equal $804 gold per extra dollar spent.

    1. flint74 says:

      Except that the difference in price (in £’s) between the advent deal and separately buying a Tier 5 heavy tank along with 6800 gold (6500+300 for the garage slot) is only £2.07, or to put it another way the advent deal is giving you 547 gold for free.

      Suddenly this looks like yet another pretty poor advent deal…especially when, at the same time, all of the Tier 5 and lower tanks in the store have now all been put on sale at prices discounted by 33-40%

  2. Gen6B says:

    If you don’t have a heavy russian trainer (IS6/Church III/KV5) it’s a very solid buy. Even if you do, it has a very high winnrate (tied with B2-740), but with that poor ammo it won’t make much money.

    1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

      It never sees tier 7, so you basicaly have tier 4 matchmaking with tier 7 armor and tier 4s have worse guns than that.

      96mm pen is enough. The only probleme will be when facing T-150s and M6s from the front, other than that its enough.
      Just like the AP rounds are enough in B2, people who say its unplayable without gold are noobs, the only tanks it requires gold against are Mathilda, Valentine, Hetzer (front only) and M3 Lee/Grant (front only). Even other B1/B2s have easy front weakspots.

      And with the amount of ammo it can carry, you should be able to take enough of both and do well enough in battle to earn at least 20-30k per game.

      1. You go on its flank that has less armor than some tier 4 and hide under his gun. Aka you’re smart. And your rof is enough to kill it between two reloads while he wont oneshot you unless a lucky pen with HEAT (the turret is weak on KV but if he doesnt hit it he wont do anything and AP is too unreliable).

        And if you’re only able to face its front then 1) you’re not supposed to engage it this way and 2) you’ll be no different than pretty much all tier Vs against the OI.

      1. Hmm, my mistake then. All the images I’ve seen recently of it are SD models.
        They do the same thing with the SU-122-44, though…they show a nice shiny gun muzzle but the game model is still SD and looks much fuglier on the muzzle. At least its gonna be HD next patch.

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