Advent Calendar Day 9 [NA update]

9740a59a96fe46f787ff9a3e0c10d758Todays EU bundle is the not unexpected Tier VII Premium Tank Destroyer E 25. As expected the NA bundle is the Tier VIII German Premium Medium tank Panzer 58 Mutz.

So you get for the considerable sum of £42.77.

  • Tier VII German TD E 25;
  • Garage Slot;
  • Gold: 7,650;
  • 15×missions: x5 XP for each victory;
  • 10×Personal Reserves: +300% Crew XP for an hour.


Again two bundles. For $60.49.

  • VIII Panzer 58 Mutz;
  • Garage Slot;
  • Gold: 4,450;
  • 15×missions: x5 XP for each victory;
  • 30×Personal Reserves: +200% Crew XP for 2 hours

And for $39.99.

  • VIII Panzer 58 Mutz;
  • Garage Slot.


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Advent Calendar Day 9 [NA update]

36 thoughts on “Advent Calendar Day 9 [NA update]

    1. Anonymous says:

      We are greedy fucks and despite we said we remove e25 because it destroyed tier 7 mm and people don’t like bundles we thought about all the money we would make and said let’s sell it. I bet it will sell like crazy * Obligatory ‘Wg is just a company that wants profit’ WG mokeyslave/funboy coming to dislike*

  1. kwixis says:

    What the fuck is wrong with cashgaming?! They fucking said they would never sold it again ! THEY FUCKING SAID IT!

    Wait… Why am l even surprised ? It’s cashgaming after all…

    1. NeM says:

      i agree it’s a bad idea to sell it but they didn’t promise not to sell it again…
      It doesn;t make sense when they’ve been saying over the last few months we need to fix prem. matchmaking blahblahblah

  2. “Therefore, rather than put the E 25 through drastic rebalancing, we made the difficult decision to gradually withdraw the vehicle from sales, and grant it the status of an exclusive Premium vehicle — just like the Type 59, KV-5, and several others. Given that, we won’t rule out the possibility of the E 25 returning to the Premium Shop in a special event or as a reward for in-game competitions.”

    E25 not for sale angain? Well, it seems someone at WG didn’t get the memo…

    1. Peter Nunn says:

      They never said that, see Fioretzcarraldo above, he quotes what they said:-

      ‘…Given that, we won’t rule out the possibility of the E 25 returning to the Premium Shop in a special event or as a reward for in-game competitions…’

  3. Berto72 says:

    “Unfortunately, there is another side of this success story; the total number of E 25 vehicles in game is steadily increasing, which leads to an imbalance in the battles of the respective tiers. We would like to keep the E 25 in the state we all love it for, without any painful changes and rebalancing. Therefore, we have made a difficult decision to gradually withdraw the vehicle from sales”

  4. Melebo says:

    For all the people screaming “I’m uninstalling WOT!!” apparently no one really does. WG is willing to sacrifice game balance for money, we know this, and as long as they don’t feel negative blowback anywhere else why would they care? I don’t like it, but I can’t blame them.

    What I think is a comical timing is that right now tier 6 and 7 tanks are discounted, and you get the chance to try out your new tank against 2 e25’s all the time. And maybe it’s not just a coincidence… 😉

    1. Anonymous says:

      I wouldn’s say so. Many people uninstall wot and the playerbase is steadily declining (US server merge). If they continue this route in a year maybe two wot will become an empty shell where almost all people are gone and the only players left are loyal that play nothing else but premiums. And i don’t think people will fall for this HD map remodel. After a couple of battles they will realise why they left the game, 1)broken mm 2)complete unbalance 3)no potent anti-cheat mechanics. This game will die. Well maybe not but it will remind nothing of the glorious old day where not 95% of all tanks are premiums firing gold…

      1. Toodlepip says:

        I don’t think the player base has substantially decreased; not in EU and RU anyhow (according to WoT-Info). I think Wargaming’s problems are of a different kind – they no longer manage to continually attract substantial numbers of new players, and worse, it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to monetarize the players they have. Not surprising really, given the amazing series of blunders they have produced lately, and besides, how many premium tanks does one man really need. In other words, I think Wargaming have seen their revenues continually shrinking for some time now, and even though they are still making good money I think they are getting nervous.

    2. Anonymous says:

      I think WG knows the game is not doing too well currently. They just chose a different strategy to deal with it. We players hope that the game get better, the company just want the game to be profitable. Losing player is bad, that negatively affect profit. There is two way of fixing it. Attract more players into the game, or get as much money out of the existing player as possible before shutting the game down, and let’s face it an online game can’t run forever. Looks like WG chose the later.

  5. JD says:

    NA is the Mutz. When EU had the Mutz, NA had the E-25. Now it’s Vice Versa. Not sure what the point is/was, but that’s why they get paid the big bucks.

  6. So many people whining about this…seriously?

    WG never actually said it won’t be sold again. They only said it was being removed from store. And if you read it specifically mentions it could return to the store or be sold in special events or given away for events.
    So for once WG didn’t actually lie.

    Secondly the E25 doesn’t break tier 7. Its not even close to OP. It wasnt when it was first introduced and it definitely isnt now since the powercreep.

    The E25 is just anoyying to deal with but it is easy to deal with. And there are much much much better tanks in the game tier for tier that have been released as premiums both old and new. Su122-44 and Defender are just 2 examples.

    1. Anonymous says:

      How much does WG pay you? I am intrested,i really am. Can i make a living of supporting wg’s stupid decisions? Also March of Nations shows that 95% of the winers were in premiums but i guess it doesnt really break the mm…..

      1. I am not paid anything by WG except what I have won in tournaments. Prem tank. Gold. Prem time etc.

        95% of winners in premiums. It took me a 5 second look to see that about 60%-70% were in premiums. Not 95%. This also applies to all premiums not just the E25.

        If you are arguing that there has been a massive powercreep with the new premiums which breaks the game balance. I completely agree with you. Tanks like the patriot and Defender and game breaking.

        If you arguing that the E25 is breaking the game…lel you have another thing coming.
        Look at worldwide stats in the e25…one of the worst of tier 7 tds…..even with prem mm.
        It has poor armour, poor DPM, poor penermtration, poor alpha. Now I know people are going to be like off you fucking idiot it’s DPM is amazing. No it isnt. It has a epic rate of fure but its damage output is very very low. It balances out as quite average dpm for a tier 7 td.
        In the current corridor brawl meta it suffers even more. It is not competitive at all.
        Like I mentioned in my last post tier are other tier 7 tank destroyers in the game that are flat out better in almost every regard.
        SU122 44 being one of them. You want dpm? The su122 44 tier 7 has the same DPM as the stb 1 tier 10 medium. The only tier 10 meds with better DPM is the OBJ 430 and amx30b….not to mention it has very good at our for its tier so when equal or lower tiers are shooting at you you can bounce quite a lot. On top of that you have 2% worse base camo rating. Yes just 2%. And the mobility is actually not that much worse. It actually turns faster than the E25 and is much harder to circle.

        So before every raging moron jumps on hype trains about tank because they listen to morons like QB do some research, check the actual stats and don’t whine if a tank beats you. Learn to counter it.
        I’ve seen so many idiots sit sideways on in the open to an E25 and then whine it’s OP….

        People follow these so called internet celebrities YouTube’s and streamers and believe everything they are told. Tanks that aren’t OP are ogerhyped and called OP. While tanks that blatantly break the game are called balanced. This is especially true of some of these CC who just seem to do nothing but kiss WG ass.

        Conclusion. Don’t be mad. Don’t just listen to what you are told. Learn. Understand. Improve.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Curious though that i just checked and in the tier 7 branch of March of Nations top in the German Tree was *drum playing* the e25!!!!!! The totaly not op e25!!!!

      1. Peter Nunn says:

        i think premiums were top in most tiers, or at least dominated the top scores, so that argument does apply to only the E25, but to all premiums.

      2. Top in German tree…because there are so many good German tier 7 in the game right?
        Vk3002d, tiger p, panther….etc. the only tank in that tier that is actually good in the German line is the tiger 1 and jgpanther.
        Look at the competition. Of course the E25 is going to be top 3 at least. It’s like saying the non disabled person is going to win the 100m sprint against paralympians. Well that’s ducking obvious isn’t it (No disrespect meant at all to any paralympians/disabled people, I have close family who suffers from the same)

  7. Nameless says:

    WG’s intelligence has recently started to leak in incomprehensible quantities…
    Oh wait, I see nothing on the ground…

  8. bettersealclubbersthanwalletwarriors says:

    the only thing that is missing now is the defender for the next days on sale for 666,66 with 3000000000 free xp reserves and 1 gold

  9. Good Job WoWP Developers.... Thank you! says:

    Once again yet ANOTHER promise broken by the WoT developers, who said this tank would not be reintroduced into the game.

    As a person who has 29k battles, with literally thousands of dollars invested into this game, it’s sad that they keep moving from bad to worse with each new patch.

    WoTs is SO broken at the moment, and the dwindling number of active players over the last 12-36 months shows it.

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