Advent Calendar Revealed

This is based on previous years. Started on December 1st. Source

  1. Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. K
  2. AC 4 Experimental
  3. Type 62
  4. M46 Patton KR
  5. VK 45.03
  6. A years Premium account
  7. KV-220-2
  8. ?
  9. ISU-122s Berlin
  10. AMX 13 57 GF
  11. KV-5
  12. M56 Scorpion
  13. Jagdtiger 8.8
  14. IS-3A
  15. ?
  16. IS-2 Berlin
  17. ?
  18. ?
  19. Cromwell Berlin
  20. ?
  21. ?
  22. M 41 90 GF
  23. Rudy
  24. Apparently a new Premium Tank.
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Advent Calendar Revealed

65 thoughts on “Advent Calendar Revealed

  1. lafie says:

    So far the list is batting at least 3 for 3.

    Ie has three right out of three. Not entirely sure if they got the 3k before it was posted so I don’t count that. Seems legit.

  2. xxtechmanxx says:

    Ok lets make some guesses for the new Premium Tank!
    I guess it wont be a tier 8 Tank it will be something like the Tiger II Premium that was leaked previously or maybe its gonna be a KV-1 which can train both German and Russian crews like on Console.

      1. Teknokraatti says:

        I thought that the L-60 was supposed to be the new year gift tank. At least its stats and tier would have suggested that.

        But about the unreleased premiums: The ones that would be available would be the Krupp-Steyr waffenträger (Unlikely), Obj 244 (Also unlikely), Tiger 2P, Chrysler K, Somua SM, Lorraine 40t, VK45.02p ausf B7, Obj. 252, T-25 Pilot, Kirovets-1, T71 CMCD, and finally the VK65.01.

        If I had to guess, it would be the T-71, the Obj. 252 or the Chrysler K.

      2. flint74 says:

        It’d make more sense for the L-60 to be the Christmas gift tank than an advent calendar giveaway, but that’s thinking logically and when did Wargaming last do anything logical?

        Also, presumably one of those later question marks will be the Pz.II Ausf.J, especially if the other advent giveaway tanks/items haven’t sold as well as Wargaming would have liked.

      3. Teknokraatti says:

        Yeah, seems like I was wrong. Not the first time, and definitely not the last time.

        Interesting though, it certainly looked like the Krupp-Steyr was stuck in development limbo like a huge number of other vehicles and the last time the devs talked about it, they weren’t exactly pleased with the vehicle. They had trouble balancing it properly in the existing game environment, which is not surprising considering the glass-cannon DPM playstyle of the Krupp-Steyr and the current claustrofobic close-range alpha trade environment.

  3. Psychopatton says:

    Only KV-220-2 that I’m spending anything on. If not bundled that is.
    Hopefully there will be a nice surprise one day. A new tier eight Russian would not really be a suprice..

    1. Teknokraatti says:

      The KV-220 has traditionally been in a bundle, but not a horribly expensive one at that. Something like 30 euros. (Similar to the LEFH18 B2 and the B2)

      Be advised though, according to VBaddict, it is the single most OP tank in the game by a wide margin. I have one and it is glorious, though undeniably unfair. I got mine bundled with a bit of gold, and managed to find use for it, but your mileage may and likely will be different.

      1. Psychopatton says:

        If the bundle is reasonable I’ll probably get it. Looks like a fun little tank and should suit my playstyle whenever I need a break from high tier battles. The crew won’t mind either.

      2. I have it and it’s not that op. The hull is very powerful, but the really crappy gun more than makes up for that. It can barely pen it’s own tier.

        The LeFH is really op though. It outperforms most tier 6 Artie’s…

  4. FleischMichi says:

    Only thing i will probably buy is the Rudy, already own similar premiums. Yet another calendar without e 25 but that shows that wargaming probably didn’t go full p2w now.

      1. FleischMichi says:

        yeah i own the cromwell b as well, its just straigt better than the normal one. might consider buying the t 54 proto instead, i thought the rudy only is a little slower in acceleration but better in gun handling?

  5. “Apparently a new Premium Tank.” – I’m placing bets on it being the T92 tier 7 light tank. 9.17 is meant to be out before then (unless iit gets delayed) and in the public test the tier 10 arty T92 has been renamed the T92 HMC.

    Would say it’s a pretty solid indicator.

      1. Looks like a Caenarvon with a Centurion Mk10 turret… looks very nice

        which reminds me that I read somewhere that the Swedish planned to mount the Centurion Mk10 turret onto the Emil E3 (Kranvagn) hull and use it as a base to design future tanks off… nothing came of the plan.

        Just thought it was relevant since the Swedish are comin

  6. Dreachon says:

    I hope that somewhere will also be the normal T26E5 without that awfull patriot scheme though I shouldn’t be surprised if WGEU screws up again as usual.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I guess the “?” will be bundles of personal reserves along with gold, food or any sort of cash grab thingy! Agreed with the KV220 being OP af, gonna buy if it comes out in single tank on NA.

  8. Landser says:

    There will be no Type-59 or E-25 in the calendar. I don’t know why people keep hpoing. Those tanks will NEVER ever be sold in the shop. Only given away in streams/events as top prizez.

      1. Darksteel_ plating_46 says:

        yeah of course, thats why they sold the type 62. and also, they state it to in the customer cervice center. if you want, i will look it up for you. that doesnt take away though that there wil be quite a lot of people angry. never say never.

  9. gpc_4 says:

    WGNA posted in the December overview that there would be 4 new premiums. First was the IS-6B. I’m guessing the next will be the Krupp-Steyr, then the black Mutz, and then I don’t know. I’d like it to be the T92 LT, but there are a lot of other options; T71 premium, Lorry, the French autoloading heavy, T25 Pilot #1, etc.

  10. iceshapedgod says:

    – 24. Apparently a new Premium Tank
    That Krupp-Steyr Waffentraktor most likely? They usually putting out new tanks on RU cluster first and then on other clusters for higher price to rip-off some more money.

  11. RandomAnswers says:

    Its clearly that tank qb showed as a sneak peak *already avaliable on ru server* t7 german td mix between borsig and jag tiger 8.8cm

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