Aimbot Mods seen as “Improved aim” by EU Support


A fellow European Community contributor, Mistercro (which I have to thank, he was the one that sent this, including screenshots) received a replay from a player who uses aimbot mod and made a YouTube video:

I downloaded and watched the replay as well, not to discredit Mistercro but to give a second evaluation and I’m 100% in agreement with him, the player is indeed using an aimbot mod.

*Edit* Note: Locked aiming from WoT doesn’t move around searching for best weakspots like it does here, it stays locked in the center of the target.

Battle Results:

The community has the misconception that aimbot mods are useless (even I believed so) but the reality is that the player made nearly 8k Damage. And yes, perhaps he could have done same damage if he wasn’t a lazy git and actually aimed but don’t forget that these mods auto-aim at crucial weakspots of the opponent vehicles, driving around and press click is the only brain usage he is doing.


A player wrote a ticket to EU support team over this replay, the answer he got was expected but doesn’t stop being alarming:


(…) this player is using autoaim improved/autoaim+, this mod is capable of aiming this way. (…) Even though this mod can help with aiming, it is not considered a cheat or a illegal mod.


Of course there are other offices that have a list of illegal mods/cheats but in an entire life as a gamer, this is the only company that I have recollection of letting shit like this to fly by.

This is actually creating other problems, the fact that Wargaming EU does absolutely nothing to police these (and although there is no way to 100% control it, some care is still better than nothing), random players started harassing and reporting the good players who actually do an effort by accusing them of being cheaters. And yes, these accusations are happening on every server, but I receive feedback and have as much NA as EU readers/viewers and the amount of players affected belong largely to EU server.

Wargaming EU, please.

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Aimbot Mods seen as “Improved aim” by EU Support

147 thoughts on “Aimbot Mods seen as “Improved aim” by EU Support

  1. Noobster says:

    really who cares, if you take aiming away then the game is a pretty boring driving sim. If you sit in the open, with your weakspots open in paper tanks, then expect to be wrecked – if it is an aimbot then whoopdy doo.

  2. Stanisław Szczypuła says:

    I think I was right abandoning WOT and moving to Armored Warfare. After playing 10k battles and spending considerable amount of money it wasn’t an easy decision, but clearly WoT is getting more and more ridiculous.

  3. Matthew Shine says:

    I think what most people are missing here is the fact that WG aren’t saying it’s OK to use an aimbot, it’s that the fucking retards don’t realise the player is using an aimbot, they think he is using the autoaim+ mod that makes autoaim easier to use.
    EU support are just dumb fucks and have no idea what they are doing…

  4. Michael says:

    I use autoaim indication+, it’s useful for quickly locking onto a target at short range when ducking and diving in a scout tank. It doesn’t lead the target at all. I guess he’s using something similar. It’s interesting how he manages to hit those weakspots even at long range when rng should randomise the impact point somewhat. Incidentally, you can see the use of autoaim indication+ by youtuber 4tankersanddog on some of his videos, he won’t admit it though when asked!

    1. Teobold Tor says:

      If he was using Autoaim Indication+ or anything else using autoaiming you’d hear the crew feedback when he acquires and releases the target but this looks more like the aimbot in Destronov’s video where the bot was activated by pressing a key rather than triggering autoaim.

  5. Teobold Tor says:

    I’m one of the last people to start complaining about “OMG HAX” (and I thought these mods would be useless because of the RNG) but I’ve noticed in the last month or so a lot of “double crits” on my higher tier tanks. The first times I was thinking someone was playing well (and some of them were) but it’s becoming obvious that something is going on beyond player skill when players who as Jingles says “can’t find their own a*se in the dark without a map and written directions” are managing to hit weakspots on heavily armoured tanks with extreme accuracy or are hitting critical modules/crew with laser like accuracy.

    The other mod I think is increasingly popular is the AW-style artillery “red dot” mod. I do play artillery when I’m eating, and have noticed counterbattery fire coming in far more often and from players who looking at their stats I doubt would bother with looking for tracers manually and it’s also when there are our tanks lit up for them to shoot at. I know a lot of people won’t mind arty getting killed, but it is still a cheat.

  6. Syphier90 says:

    About this…Isn’t this turning into CS 1.6 none Steam version, where all ppl were using aimbot + wall hacks and so on? This looks a bit more like that time really…I beleive the only solution about this problem would be banning all the mods and creating a “Search files pre-load program” like a lot of games have, to clear the game and make mods accessable in time…because right now, it’s getting out of hand….
    But that is just my thoughts about it…

  7. Rombat says:

    Once upon a time Serb said that if you have skill you have the right to pawn. People using mods pawn without any skill…so the right to pawn is to everybody who use mods…but Serb never mention anything about mods. What is Serb’s opinion about this mods?

  8. Anonymous says:

    not to sound like I am making excuses for my bad play……but this aim bot explains a lot of what is happening on EU servers last 2 weeks……during FV 4202 mission I played only t9 and t10 tanks….and there were just too many cases of players with 20k battles, bad wn8(red),hitting my weak spots over and over:2 hits in a row from same tank hit ammo rack or cause engine fire{twice), and I have good crews on my tanks: safe stowage on every tank , German ones even have that skill on driver that reduces chance of fire……I cant claim that everyone IS using aim bot….but still too many things to be coincidence

    1. Muddy Side says:

      The critical damage is easier since before xmas, there is a lot of people saying that WG modify the critical parameters so we all are getting a lot more of those. And I have noticed that I can burn and dmg a lot more modules in the recent months. It is insane the number of modules I destroy when I drive the arty — and I am a very bad arty player, only 3% of the matches I played where in arty.

  9. Well then, let’s cheat.

    Unlike gold ammo, free2play players can actualy use it as well, “everyone can use it” isnt that what cheat ammo defenders say ?

    And oh it’s legal as well.

    Congratz WG, the only company who sells cheats and allows others.
    I thought EU has had some changes, seems like not : still the same idiots in charge of technical support. 2016 is not gonna be different. WG will keep saying “we’ll fix this” but nothing will be done.

    Might as well start playing like others so it becomes actualy fair. T-54 full gold and aimbot, not cheated at all apparently. Too bad I cant even afford playing it with AP : even 5k dmg games end up in -9k credits.

    1. Anonymous says:

      You must be kidding, where do you see an aimbot during the whole match? You can clearly see the mouse movement, no crosshair jumping. Srsly, with accusations like this you only show that you have no idea about the game. At a certain skill level an aimbot doesn’t help you most of the time, the problem aren’t good players, stop searching for excuses for your own bad plays.

      1. Anonymous says:

        At 8:31 he enters into sniper mode, the camera doesn’t move, but the gun circle jumps from one weakspot to another.

      2. Quaksen says:

        Watch the middle dot. It moves. Watch the SERVER crosshair, it jumps after the center dot, as is quite normal for the SERVER crosshair to do…. lol.

  10. JS says:

    This is what we get for a company that refuses to improve their game or remake it in another engine. It’s that simple. It’s at a point now where they can’t improve the games security and performance. They exhausted themselves using 13+ year old middleware development tools (BigWorld), and it simple cant be improved further.

    It’s only a matter of time before the game will be riddled with mods, cheats and hacks weather or not some parts are server-side or not. Exploiters will tear the game apart and mod it to death sooner or later with more serious mods like this.

    1. P7 says:

      You have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. There is nothing wrong with the engine and in fact it is being improved all the time, in the next patch there will be a major overhaul of the physics for example.

  11. hditerrorizei says:

    This is what we get for a company that refuses to improve their game or remake it in another engine. It’s that simple. It’s at a point now where they can’t improve the games security and performance. They exhausted themselves using 13+ year old middleware development tools (BigWorld), and it simple cant be improved further.

    It’s only a matter of time before the game will be riddled with mods, cheats and hacks weather or not some parts are server-side or not. Exploiters will tear the game apart and mod it to death sooner or later with more serious mods like this.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Wonder why people dont give credit to the guy that actually post the video first as laponac was the guy that post it before everyone else…

  12. infetrus says:

    This is why i stopped playing clan wars and strongholds. When you’re playing versus tomatoes it’s easy to think your skill and tactic will outweigh any mod but as soon as you meet opponent of your own skill or better, suspicion alone that they’re using cheat-mods is very demoralising. Not to mention players are even more inclined to use them in those game modes.

  13. 1337 Hax0r says:

    I use the Autoaim+ mod and have no problem using it. It is essentially the PC version of the autolock feature on WoT Xbox. Autolock on WoTX allows one to press a button and the reticle will move to the center mass of the target inside the reticle circle.

    Actually, Autoaim+ is worse because autolock on WoTX will only lock on if at least one pixel of the target is visible. This is particularly annoying if the tank is behind cover and only their roof-mounted MG is visible, but still, some part of the target has to be visible. The Autoaim+ mod on WoT PC will lock on the nearest target no matter where they are located. They can be on the other side of a mountain or on the other side of the map, the mod does not care. As a result, one has to actually look to verify that it is a valid target else the round will go straight into the side of a mountain. Yes, the Autoaim+ mod does result in the TC announcing “target locked”, but it only aims at center mass. Still have to go into sniper mode to adjust or pull the trigger and hope to luck out with RNGesus.

    The Enhanced Autoaim mod in the video is, IMHO, past the gray area into clear cheating. It provides way too much active assist to be fair — leading targets, following targets after they disappear, targeting weak spots despite RNG. All things that the “legal” Autoaim+ mod does not do.

    Unfortunately, Google could not find it. What website can it be found on so I can be sure to block it in my firewall?

  14. Clarification says:

    You guys do realize, that this mod can be found in the Aslain installer right? So technically it’s not illegal on EU

    1. Anonymous says:

      The aotuaim in the salain installer is not the same one. It does not lead target or find weak spot. It simply allows someone to lock the autoaim to the nearest tank without having to target it first.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Even if the mod aims at weakspots or modules it can not replace your brain. When the user is sniping from fare away RNG will make it useless because you can not disable this mechanic. Shooting at moving targets will not be possible either because the mod does not lead shots at all. The mod also does not make your tank invincible .. you can still be penetrated. Most of you commenting here are average players at best searching for the reason players are better than you. Even if you get ammorack hits after another it is fairly random and guess what a capable player would study tanks and the module placement if he wants to improve but what do I know I am just a rare example of someone who doesn’t expect something from itself 🙂

  16. still_guns says:

    I can understand aimassist for WoWS (which many people claim is easy, even though it’s not), but if you need aimassist for WoT, then you don’t have the braincells for it. WoT aiming is easy as pie, and aimbotting is just pathetic.

  17. Muddy Side says:

    Ilegal mods are a terrible thing for this game. It sets a bad environment where players without these mods think that they are stupid when finding other players have these additional advantages. It removes the skill from the game.

  18. Carde says:

    Seeing I mainly play on the NA server (which seems less accepting to this stuff) I dug up one of my older throw away I thought I go to the EU server accounts, downloaded an EU client and loaded this aimbot mod up to see what is what.

    So far I am doing worse than I do without this aimbot, it hops all over the place trying to find a spot to shoot and in doing so often misses the time line to shoot as your target vanishes or you have to expose yourself to long.

    The only thing I see where this mod makes a difference compared to a decent player is at the extreme range against moving targets, there it can calculate the lead needed much quicker.

    Going to experiment a bit more, forgive me to see if changing some of the mods settings make it better or worse, but so far the only big point is as shown above in the video at long range it helps quite a bit, but sniping against stuff sitting there or medium to short range I find my own aim does a better job and faster.

    Just to be clear I will never condone the use of things like these, but I am curious to it’s working and affect on the gameplay of a decent player.

  19. badge says:

    Just for your info i watched a few videos where your dear friend mrcro uses some extra aim bots, where he hits commander hatches on tanks just as he turns his barrel, no aim time at all…. So its funny how he is acting like an angel now…. Btw try to make wg remove all posibility to implement a mod in a game so all would be equal, and not have to report one by one, which can become annoying, why doesnt wg implement in game original mods that can be selected in a menu, and others cant be added manually…. All the rest sucks and doesnt solve the problem.

  20. Anonymous says:

    i think wot should do a program who detects all ilegal mods and instantly bann the account (like almost all companys who have games online and you pay them for gold,premium etc

  21. bata says:

    I don’t think that black&white approach is good for anything in this life let alone wot…I must admit that banning mods will fall hard on me as I developed a certain gameplay which will not stand afterwords. I do use autoaim but not in a BOT sense of the word and do so for a reason. Ever since 9.12 my right click LOCK is not working. Tried everything to no result and finally installed autoaim – it does not lead tanks at distant aiming, no aiming at critical spots – what it does is lock them when I click in a vicinity of tank am dancing around. So – no usage of server reticle, no leading moving targets, but as predominantly light and med player, if they ban this mod it’s not a same game for me anymore…

    And for all of you deep philosophers with spartan life approach of snipe aiming at close targets – well, I dunno what field commander would tolerate no locking in close CW combat. I know I wouldn’t…

  22. 2ndchange says:

    HAH.. its all good ans shiny if ppl can use execuse that someone is “hax” and can explain how theyr stats are awesome… But truth to be told.. as i have played game from early beta, now way way over 40k+ games, so i have decent idea what ppl use and how.(yes, been part of big clan so yes, they help em self). As what comes to game, i have hoped for years that they ban all mods, that would be ideal, allthou some mods WG has implanted in game, made by players over the years.

    Basic Random game needs 3 things. Right tank for right place in map, decent team players to make most of the terrain and mods.. Why mods? cause some mods help you , some even assist you alot, like this Auto”aim”. But none of the mods make you god like.

    Players can complain, they can be angry.. but fact that no mod, not even some “packs” cant make you better player if you dont have decent skill allready. So mods help, but totaly ruin game? No, i dont think so. I use hitlog mod. Usefull to see what shot me and tells me how much i need to make to get that shiny blue color for the fight.(not a stat whore, but still, better blue than red 🙂 )

    Sry for long writing, my english aint the main language so.. sry. But i say.. They should ban all mods.. While waiting that day, do play.. have fun.. remember, No mod make “red” player blue.. that i have never heard nor seen.. Cause the “2-3 hit to ammo side” guys can shoot nicely whit mods, but they usualy relay they mods too much and have no clue where they should be.


  23. Anonymous says:

    looks a lot like aimbot, but it’s not aiming at weakspots it’s only trying to compensate for the movement of the enemy.

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