Allowed Mod’s Clarification.

From The SEA.server forums FAQ. pages. I hope both NA and EU follow suit

OK to use mod functionality:

Not forbidden for now, but may change in the future:

  • Mods that reveal players’ additional equipment.
  • Indicators pointing in the direction of currently spotted enemy tanks outside of actual field of view (ie. not shown on the player screen), with names and distance. [edit] This is only legal if there’s only one arrow pointing to the nearest enemy tank.
  • In-battle camouflage rating calculators


  • HP Pools (adds information about HP of the tanks (ally and enemy) as last seen by the player)
  • Battle Assistant: provides alternative view for SPGs
  • Extended 6th sense sound duration, eg prolonged to 10 seconds.
  • White dead tanks: makes destroyed tanks more visible by making them totally white
  • Modifications to objects to make them more visible, like bright yellow trains etc
  • Zoom out mods
  • Enemy gun indicators on the minimap: shows direction where enemies within the draw distance are pointing their guns (on the minimap)
  • Fog removal
  • Sound mods
  • Effect mods: changing how explosions look like, removing smoke etc
  • Server-side reticle: secondary aiming point that corresponds to where your tank is aiming on server side
  • Damage indicator mods: OK as long as these don’t show the enemy reload time.
  • Reload time indicator (approximate with no countdown). Example.
  • Clown skins and skins that show locations of crew and modules.
  • In-game penetration indicator mods.
  • Extending both the sound and icon visibility duration of 6th sense.
  • Received hit indicators. Example.

Thanks to DoM1n for the heads up.

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