Ammo Racks Compilation #2

On a similar vein to the previous video. Everyone loves an ammo rack as long as it’s someone else. Thank’s to our friends at .

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Ammo Racks Compilation #2

4 thoughts on “Ammo Racks Compilation #2

  1. Winterx says:

    Hmmm… I preferred the way ammo racks were previously. With the turrets flying higher and the huge spire of flame folowing, once the ammo started catching fire. Wargaming has replaced this with an unrealistic turret turret flight trajectory and a random fire/ explosion animation that is applied to every ammo rack. It keeps fps more stabile but is kinda sad, once one has seen how it used to be before they did this.

  2. gundam says:

    stupid jgpz e100 has too much module damage on it, most other tier 10 tds will rarely ammo rack you. but the jgpz does it very often

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