AMX 13 105 Official renders

Hello beauties,

here are some more official renders of the upcoming tier 10 LT AMX 13 105:

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AMX 13 105 Official renders

7 thoughts on “AMX 13 105 Official renders

  1. Nevermind says:

    Well with a 1000 less dom, no armor and less HP than the others, what exactly does this tank have going for it over the other tier 10s? What a POS.
    On another note any ideas about camo values or tier 9?

  2. Kliko says:

    AMX 13 105 was used in the dutch army years ago. It was even adapted so that it could use shells of the olders tanks (they had a lot of shells left in the depot). The gun was so heavy that it wasn’t ably to rotate it’s turret because it would tilt over. Very strange that this version can rotate its turret. Not very accurate…

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