AMX-13 105 Screenshots & Stats


Stats and screenshots for the announced Tier 10 French light tank, AMX-13 105

French – AMX-13/105

Hitpoints: 1400

Engine: 250 hp

Weight: 16,000

Power-to-weight: 15.63 hp/t

Maximum speed: 68/25 km/h

Hull traverse: 40 deg/s

Turret traverse: 39.6 deg/s

Terrain Resistance: 0,863/ 0,959/ 1,534

Viewrange: 420

Radio range: 750

Hull armor: 50/20/?

Turret armor: 40/20/?

Gun: 105 mm D. 1504 (autoloader, 3 shells in drum)

Damage: 390/390/480

Penetration: 234/280/53mm

DPM: 1589.6

ROF: 4.076

Drum Reload: 39.161s (2.5s per shot)

Accuracy: 0.384

Aim: 2.21s

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AMX-13 105 Screenshots & Stats

25 thoughts on “AMX-13 105 Screenshots & Stats

  1. The LTs really aren’t about their guns are they.. good lord the clip reload is horrid. And here I was thinking the lights would also have insane power to weight ratio but 15.63hp/t? that’s properly shit for a LT

  2. Nevermind says:

    What a POS compared to the other two that are posted. Why do the french always get shit on? 1000 less DPM, slower, less armor… :/ Thanks for nothing WG

  3. Tryphon59200 says:

    1000 less DPM?? 68kph compare to 75 for the German and 3 shells in the drum for 40s of reload… Oh it’s French that’s why, Wargaming always loved French tanks.

  4. Qesarius says:

    I really dont get it: why is wargaming hesitating? Isnt it obvious at the French Vehicles? t9 light: B-C 25t AP and t10 light B-C 25t. They are the Ideal candidates for those Spots. and Nobody would argue about Historical accuracy, because by its Weight its still a Light tank, by its Armament (compared to the other t10 lights featured here) as well. And everybody who has seen this thin in battle will agree that mobility is also given.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wow only THREE shells per clip vs 5 on the Batchat and 12 in it’s real life clip size. I hope WG manages to make it still great to play.

  6. Anonymous says:

    there was a prototype of 13/105. but with 2 drums of 3 rounds so in the end 6x105mm rounds. compared to 13/90 with 2 drums with 6 rounds each. i’m waiting for the ne balance of the bounce kinematic because all french tanks (light and medium) have realy sloped armour so …. like 30 1er prototype, it will do lot more bounce (i strongly hope, santa Clause please !!!!)

  7. S842 says:

    The main problem of the AMX line is the poor acceleration for a scout. This gets you killed. From the engine horsepower, it seems this will not be improved.

  8. Jurrunio says:

    Doubt whether this is good enough. Tier 8 AMX 13/90 has 1440 damage in its drum but this one has less than 1200 while having similar reload times. Ofc this one has more pen, but its also 2 tiers higher. Its mobility seems to suck as well, being slower than most tier 8 lights.

    1. Nocomment says:

      Yup this thing better have good gun handling (not a strong point of French tanks in game) or what’s the point?

      A dedicated Tx spotter with the current maps is a typical WG bad joke.

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