AMX-13 105 Video & Screenshots

Brief video and some screenshots showcasing the upcoming AMX-13 105

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AMX-13 105 Video & Screenshots

6 thoughts on “AMX-13 105 Video & Screenshots

  1. Gring says:

    Will they move up the current light tanks one tier up ?

    If so, in some cases, like the french line, they need to add another tank to go up to tier X.
    Any idea what these tanks will be ?

    1. Melebo says:

      I agree drum reload time is surprisingly long, but don’t underestimate the power of dumping a lot of damage in a short amount of time. This 3 shot 105 does 1170 dmg in 5 sec, while 13 90 needs almost 14 sec. to do its 1440 dmg.
      Then agian: 13 90 can clip same tier lights, 105 can’t. I think they need to go for a 4 shot drum to make it competitive.

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