AMX 50 Foch B

Good day everyone,

So as we all know by now, the AMX 50 Foch 155 will be replaced by the Foch B, and you’ll be able to keep both if you have the 155 researched and purchased when the switch happens. Also, the 155 will receive improvements, bringing it to the same stats as the Foch B, and here are the stats for the new Tier X French TD:


  • Tier: 10
  • HP: 1.850
  • Engine Power: 1000hp
  • Weight: 56.180
  • Power to Weight: 17.8
  • Max Speed: +50/-13 kph
  • Hull Traverse: 30 deg/sec
  • Terrain Resistances: 1,342 / 1,534 / 2,301
  • Hull armor: 180/80/30 mm
  • Viewing Range: 380 m
  • Signal Range: 750 m

  • Gun: 120mm AC SA46
  • Damage: 400/400/515
  • Penetration: 257/325/65 mm
  • DPM: 3100.9
  • Magazine Reload: 36.438 sec
  • Reload: 2.0 sec
  • Shots Per Magazine: 6 shells
  • Accuracy: 0.326
  • Aim Time: 2.21 s
  • Depression/Elevation: -6 /+18 degf
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AMX 50 Foch B

61 thoughts on “AMX 50 Foch B

    1. Anonymous says:

      better prepare yourself for the biggest pain wargaming delivers, tier 7, 8 and 9 french tds. you’re about to lose some hair, and it’s not a even a joke.

      1. theritzkid says:

        Use reserves if you have them. It will help you out so much. I’m very close to finishing it and it’s been 5 days.

    2. wolvenworks says:

      tier 6, the ARL hotdog? boy, 3-4 MONTHS won’t let you finish it peacefully in SEA….(in consideration that you’re not a complete twat and a moron who only grinds one tank at a time)

    1. Never mind says:

      Same skin, new gun stats, Why be original? This is WG the online gaming company that brought you copy and paste content.

  1. Darius says:

    J’ai comparé avec wot, je vois pas ou il est le buff de mobilité, il prend même un nerf de mobilité puisque le hull traverse passe de 32 a 30!! puissance moteur reste inchangé ainsi que la résistance terrain. ah si il prend 0.54 ch/t et il perd 1.85 tonnes.
    mais du coups on se fais enflé sur le plus important pour un TD, la rotation.

    1. Blankman says:

      I think he said the 155’s mobility is worse than the new foch 50B, with less HP/T and terrain resistance, although traverse speed is important for TD.. I don’t speak nor read French though..

      1. Anonymous says:

        that’s pretty much what he said, if you use google translate, for once it was not bad 🙂

      2. Eizergue says:

        Nope, it’s the opposite, he is saying that we are being “buttfucked” bu the loss of mobility, wich is important for a turretless TD.
        Trust me, i’m french.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is this tank with it gun not op or? -> 6*400dmg and only 36 sec reload?? Look at the grille 15 (no armor and nearly not much mobility left and only 2500k dmg per min)

    1. NDGR says:

      As the mobility stays the same, and so does the frontal armor and horizontal gun traverse, this td is not very mobile, the armor is ok-ish at long range, close to useless at close range and it’s not very flexible in mid to close ranges. So imo it’s fine, at least it has sth going for it

    2. a passing hobo says:

      While it’s dpm and clip potential are insane they’re balanced by a horrible gun arc, terrible side armour and frontal weakspots, very low hp and most importantly the lowest penetration on all T10 TDs.

      1. cynicaldutchie says:

        The T57 heavy has terrible gun handling though, doesn’t seem to be the case for the Foch B.

  3. Backslash says:

    call be crazy but this damage potential reminds me of the wt e100. 2 sec between shells, strong accuracy and aim time. pen never mattered as people spam gold most of the time ( but 257 is still low for a tier 10 td), and only 36 sec reload compared to the waffles 50. just bring the waffle back wargaming.

    1. SquishyStar says:

      Well, since this one doesn’t have a turret at least, it’s harder for players to shoot baguettes effectively around corners, thus making it less broken than the WaffelTräger.

    2. NDGR says:

      The waffle had a way higher burst damage, so pls stop comparing these two.
      WTF100: 2800dmg in 8 seconds
      AMX: 2400 in 10 seconds with slower aim time, no turret, less pen, less accurate

  4. Limoncello says:

    so the mobility will still be crap. this means that this tank will still be trash. Ty WG you needed 2 years to give it just a new gun? and 40 mm side armor. wooow this huge changes….. I am impressed.

  5. Rombat says:

    Tier 8 td’s even premium one’s have better penetration on regular ammo than this…in rest it look like it can be used in clan wars again the Fosch…with the new gun in the new form….and even the old one.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This just shows once again that wargaming people are greedy bastards, with that pen (257) people are just gonna spam gold…

  7. Never mind says:

    This smells very much like the “results” form the original SandBox. The stats seem the same and its is in line with the “wish” to have the AMX 50B be an “Assault gun.”

  8. Morganator says:

    I mean cmon at least give it some more pen 276 or grille like and maybe do something for the gunhandling to balance it out

  9. CheeseSpace says:

    People get a free Crew Trainer Tier 10 and still complain. What on earth happens with our younger generations…

    1. That’s only true for those who already have it and I really doubt there are a lot of them. French TD line hasn’t been interesting to play for a while. I found the tier X enjoyable on occasion, but it’s a b*tch to grind.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The weak spots will still remain, the shitty easily overmatched roof will stay and the mobility is still a lackluster…not such a big buff imo.

  11. SirNopp says:

    Just gonna spam grind the French TD line to get both the Foch 155 and Foch B coz I think French TDs are cool. Enjoyed my grind on the ARL, just lost a bit of hair, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the bad gun handling, none-existant armor on the AC46. looking forward to the AC48 : ^)

  12. 2 second reload with 6 shots is pretty insane… definitely looking forward to these changes.

    Agreed that the AC 46 and ARL sucked – I found both of those super painful to play thru. Once you get the AC 48 its alot easier… you have to wiggle the hull and the armor is surprising effective.

  13. from world of tanks polska
    I don’t understand why reading with understanding is so difficult.. There are still many questions, confusion and distorted information on this subject, which is why I’m I with explanations..

    Many players are trying to convince the foch (155) to become a premium tank. Well, no!
    On the official wot portal we can read: ” if you examined and purchased the 50 Foch Vehicle (155), it will remain in your garage, changing the status of the special vehicle (…)”
    Now stop!

    What’s the difference between premium and special? And if you think some of the foch are to become a premium vehicle, have you ever met the premium x tieru tanks (not those from the campaign)? Except, of course, the Chinese server where things happen.
    With This I’ll leave you all alone because these differences know every player.. 😉

    now im confused…foch 155 will be removed n remain its stats record like what happen to WTE100 with grille15? there’s no foch 155 anymore in your garage?

    1. NDGR says:

      The foch 155 will be removed from research, but if you own it, you keep it as a reward vehicle, which is pretty much the same as a tier 10 clan wars tank. Those are not premiums though. You can fit any crew into them, but they do not have higher credit income.

  14. Anonymous says:

    The penetration is too weak for TD. What can you do when maus,type5 and tanks like that come in front of you nothing you will be forced to shoot gold.

  15. torturebear says:

    I am so looking forward playing this thing. Foch 155 was my first tier 10 TD when it came out and it was awesome back then and sadly they nerfed it to a bad tank. It is still playable but not really enjoyable (everyone who owns it and shoots one of those three precious shells and it bounces with the last kill shot on a TVP knows what I mean) with a seriously bad gun handling. But the most annoying factor was the reduction of the power to weight. It turned from a cool tank to a slow piece of shotgun – because sniping is not something this tank is good at.

    Now we get the pure TD version of the WT back – not as powerful but powerful enough for fun and enjoyment. Maybe even an alternative in CW for some beastly burst damage. Gun handling looks nice but then the decisive factor might be the gun traverse which I cannot find … pure logic (well not pure but a bit) would suggest more traversability than on the 155 since the gun is smaller in diameter. But lets see.

    From my point of view they did something nice and all the complains are just pictures of the moment until the final release.

  16. Looks nice except for the penetration and in this meta of super heavy tanks, 257mm pen is ridiculously low. I’m expecting this tank to be one of the most expensive tier 10 TDs to play, right up there with the deathstar.

    That is of course if you want to be competitive and do lots of damage, otherwise expect alot of 1 out of 6 pens per magazine in a lot of Maus / Type 5 scenarios.

    1. torturebear says:

      Surely it is low penetration. But actually what is an IS 7/4 or a Maus doing when it is facing Maus or IS7? The people are way too much comfortable with those high power penetrations. And I am also seriously doubting the sense in Heavies easily penetrating themselves frontally (that is why E100 became so super weak) – it shall not be an auto pen anyways. But everyone is expecting high power penetration nowadays.

      I would just play this new Foch as a great counter for mediums, TDs and a good arty hunter with the magazine but not as a peek-a-boo frontal assault gun for devastating ANY other tank. Imagine the Foch flanking the heavies – then the 257 is working fine. Sadly I must admit that I also dabbed the 2key a bit too often in the last year but in fact when I play my Maus or IS7 with normal ammo and I do can flank someone then usually I can do damage and the same goes for this thing.

      My conclusion on the Foch: Awesome burst damage against mediums and TDs, a good support from afar.

      1. NDGR says:

        I do agree on the fact, that we players are too reliant on high pen guns. The only problem in this case, it’s a td, not a med or heavy. It’s supposed to crush any armor.
        On that flanking part, you are right, but that highly depends on whether or not Wg improves the 50 foch chassis. With its enormous and obvious frontal weakspots and bad gun traverse angles it’s too unflexible to perform effective flanking.

    1. torturebear says:

      True… it is lower. But actually it is pretty much on par too every other heavy gun – and the AC46 is the 120mm from the Foch 50 B and 50/120. The E5 and T57 got 258 pen and 340 on premium ammo even though the premium ammo on the French gun is APCR and for the American it is HEAT and I always prefer APCR over HEAT. So actually it doesn’t really matter – what you cannot pen with 257 you wont pen with 265 neither. But it is not lame on penetration in general: Kranvagn gun has lower.

      I give you a good reason why the penetration is ok like that: Just imagine a DPM (or damage burst output per clip – lets call that DPC) … so, imagine a DPC of 2400 in 10 seconds (Batchat atm has about 1950 in more than 10 seconds, actually 4 times 2.75 so 11 seconds) – so again, just imagine a DPC of 2400 within 10 seconds with a penetration of 300 on normal ammo. Would be pretty much super dangerous. So, the people can do it, with the normal heavy premium penetration of 325 and a clip cost of 6000 credits times 6 = 36000 credits. But to have such a dangerous clip you need money. If not you got a decent tier 10 gun with good accuracy, good aim time totally enough penetration and some burst. More pen is possible but costly.

      @NDR: my words above also work as an answer to your last post.

      And your last part in your post is the crucial thing, I mentioned the gun traverse so we will see how effective it can be. Truly the chassis of the Foch is not very good but it will be improved and therefore interesting.

      Next interesting data block is the shell velocity on normal and premium ammo.


      1. torturebear says:

        Another very important thing: T57 is feared for its burst capability AND the low shell loading time between shots of 2 seconds.

        The new Foch TD has 6 instead or 4 shells and the same low shell reload between shots. So it is a very nasty tracking capability.

      2. NDGR says:

        True, I has potential. It all comes down to the stats we are yet the see, I’m really interested in how it turns out

  17. Ultra0wnz says:

    So if I understand this correcly the foch 155 will become a special vehicle (premium vehicle without the credit boosts I thought?), if it is in your garage before the update. It will also stay tier X as I read here? Did not find that confirmed in any of wargaming’s posts yet 🙂

    Currently enjoying the grind though, waited out the update as first because the tier 6 was terrible and clippers are more of my thing… However, the tier 7 let people bounce on me remarkably often, and the tier 8 is an equivalent of that with a better gun 🙂 Expecting to get the tier 9 today or tomorrow, and then I’m off to the final part of the grind!

  18. Cebulowy says:

    Guys french premium TD is comming, so WG has to improve Foch. In other case people wouldn’t play it so there would be very little potential clients, means less income. IMO of course.

  19. torturebear says:

    Well some gameplay videos are up and I feel my points agreed on. I dont mind the lesser penetration when you got the other potential and also the gun traverse is ok. I am looking forward to play it again.

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