AMX ELC bis 90mm

Good news for fan of tanks in the small and annoying variety, seems the ELC will keeping its 90mm gun.


With the 90mm equiped, turret traverse will be limited, equiping the 75mm will permit 360° rotation.

The 90mm will recieve appropriate changes to fit in the the new light tank balance.

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AMX ELC bis 90mm

51 thoughts on “AMX ELC bis 90mm

    1. GamerKid says:

      not really. I love my 3 marced elc but where is the point in using the nerfed one?? The 75mm, tho crap, is still a lot better. Its like using the 122mm on the KV-85. Simply stupid

    1. zombietropa says:

      This is rebalanced for the new scout MM, aka, normal MM and the introduction of T9/10 LTs. So this AMX ELC will only see T7. Having a 170mm base pen on a T5 is a bit bonkers.

      1. topcat says:

        Tbf the ELC was a TD when it was designed. Turret could traverse 360 degrees too. But it couldnt move while turning the turret, it had to be fixed for driving.

      2. Ok, 194mm on the Doom-Toaster or 171mm on the Archer is fine. Both are T5. 120mm pen is below the M4 Sherman(76mm). And the 14 seconds reload drops the DPM to 1000. The T-34 (57mm) got 2200 DPM.

      3. "Light" tank-player says:

        Darkoverlord is forgetting that the Toaster and Archer are TDs, and the T-34 has the highest base DPM of any tier 5 or 6 iirc.

        Also, ELC is a LIGHT tank, meaning a scout, not a combat tank like a medium or a sniping kill-all like a TD, no need for insane pen if its main role is not combat.

  1. alehodero says:

    why can’t they just make a Tier 6 premium ELC that matches what it is now, wouldn’t that make it better for everybody (ELC remains with same mm and all)

  2. Well then, this is indeed some good news. Glad there is a good choice between the 75 and 90 mm guns. A definite shame that the ELC lost its wonderful 170mm of penetration but 120mm pen is not the end of the world. Certainly will struggle to penetrate tier 7 tanks but since the ELC will not see Obj 252U’s like tier 6 light tanks will have to suffer through I guess now all the ELC will have to worry about is just being one shotted by 105 and 122mm derps. My big wonder is how the ELC will deal with tier 6 and 7 tanks which I suppose the short answer is that all bottom tier tanks will be equally shafted.

    1. Yes, especially when the ELC can still “side-hug” the enemy heavies and they won’t even have enough gun depression to shoot back, having longer reload and less pen won’t matter that much. Last but not least, CALIBER IS JUSTICE –KV2, SU-152, S35CA, AMX ELC and T49 players. As long as they keep the 90mm after the rebalance, it’s good news.

      1. GamerKid says:

        bruh, with the HD model they increased the ELC’s hight and nerfed its camo. You cant hug that many heavys anymore. F.e T29 and T34

    2. "Light" tank-player says:

      Or it could act as a light and spot enemy tanks.
      Like I said before, it is meant to spot not fight after these changes, all tier 5 lights will be in the same boat, with the ELC still having the best pen out of all of them.

      Also, ELC will still be fast (60kph) and be one of the smallest tanks in WoT (great camo), so it will still have those things going for it.

      1. Hey Light tank player, the ELC and other tier 5 lights are not half bad at scouting but granted, the moment your sixth sense goes off is also about the same time it takes a high explosive shell or 122mm shell to be shipped your way. Otherwise, active scouting is more risky because a sudden stroke of surprise or bad luck will end your game a lot more quickly than before. One of my greatest frustrations in scouts is how an unlucky or yoloing M4 with a 105 can sometimes end your game without warning. The situation gets worse for new players who are still trying to learn the game and don’t have sixth sense which is very expensive to grind out.

      2. "Light" tank-player says:

        In response To your comment at Feb 21, 5:32 am, Lucas I totally agree about the derp guns being annoying, I myself play lots of tanks that get one shot by those darn things.

        For the second half, relating to new players learning the game and playing light tanks, I am not sure new players should be playing tier 5 or higher scouts.

        I say they should start with some tank that is good at active scouting at tier 3, like the M3 Stuart, then work to tier 4 if they prove themselves competent enough and enjoy scouting well enough, and so on up.

        Besides, only a very mean person would suggest going down a light tank line to a newbie who just joined, I would rather suggest the Russian IS line or American T29 line for newbies 🙂

        Of course, sometimes you just can’t help people.
        Thanks for giving a reasonable and well-worded reply Lucas.

      3. Hi Light Tank Player, thanks for being so friendly about your reply, my bad if I was brash or anything of the sort.

        In hindsight of all the lines I’ve played, the IS and T29 line are fantastic lines for new players, definitely. I suppose if all players were the same I mean, many of them come from different games and back grounds so if even a miraculously low 10% of the new players coming into the world of tanks shared my experience of knowing nothing and no one when they started. There could be hundreds to thousands of players going to a brutal line and being turned off from the game because they can’t compete against equal tiered opponents or even stand a chance of not being instantly fragged by a tank only one or two tiers higher.

        This is in particular to tier 5 tanks that will see a lot of howitzers, tier 6 and above that will have to fight 252U’s, IS-6’s, and Skorpion G’s will have their own unique flavor of hell on earth.

        Perhaps if wargaming makes these light tank changes, they need to lock off light tank lines for players that have completed at least 5k battles. These changes for losing +3mm is just too harsh for the types of tanks scouts have to go up against.

        Was really fun to read your reply! thanks Light Tank!

      4. "Light" tank-player says:

        Totally agree to what you said Lucas, that ”temporary locking lights” idea would be interesting to see.

        Always nice to have a pleasant conversation, and in the internet of all places too!

      5. Hi guys, nice to read decent discussion!

        I agree with you that the light tank line can be quite tricky for the new players but they still should be able to go down that line. There should be maybe some sort of warning in the game for new players about the LTs.

        I’d like to remind you that there is not only one way to scout and ELC is very effective passive scout. And ELC is very effective in scouting for itself and shooting the target from safe distance behind the bushes where the muzzle flash cannot be seen.

        Also I’d like to see the new deployment ability added to ELC, so that while deployed it could get the 360 degree turret traverse.

        Thinking about the derp howitzers on LTs (or any other tanks) … what do you think, would it be too much if they would implement similar stun effect like they are testing with the arty HE shells? Would it make the HE shells more OP and annoying?

        Take care, have fun!

  3. Really interesting to see the introduction of vehicles having limited traverse with certain guns. I could see this as being a good gateway into more dynamic choices on vehicles with multiple valid gun options. I can’t think of one off of the top of my head that would have a similar situation to this, but it might be nice to have turret traverse effected by the weight of the gun you’re using. It’d definitely make a big difference for faster vehicles.

  4. I can get behind all the nerfs, would have liked a bit more pen or an unnerfed/buffed top speed, as it is now 20kph slower than IRL, where it was 15 before. And I really feel the HP of these tanks has been nerfed to hard, bloody hell you are a oneshot 40% of the time for 300 alpha guns, which there are plenty of at tier 5, let alone tier 6/7. A KV1 only has to put in two shots with its 5 second reload.
    I really feel like tanks like this get nerfed way too much, its not like the current LTs, bar a few exceptions, are that good for their tier. Frankly I feel they are pretty similar to mediums on the same tier, with a bit more mobility, camo on the move, but less armour, but you know I guess another chance for WG to make heavies even better/easier to play.

    Also I love how the reasoning is they are still spotters, seriously have you ever been able to rely on your team putting in good shots on your spots. Exactly you cant rely on your team, so getting a remotely decent gun is quite important. (Even more so thinking about these nerfs, compare them to a Cromwell or something, like its faster, better armour, way better gun, same-ish view range…

  5. thebugmonster says:

    1st off, oh thank god the 90mm is staying, thank god historical accuracy is being historic.
    2nd off, nerfing all these tanks is pointless unless the maps stop being corridor maps, I know making them actual scouts is important and all, but nerfing the scouts right now is useless because of poor map design

    IMO that needs to be the next big change. Map changes, the maps arent fine by all accounts

  6. Melebo says:

    Thank the lord. This will be the only scout I would miss the scout MM on though. Loved trolling tier VIII. But isn’t the 13 90 getting to tier IX? Why is this not tier VI?

  7. DickHerMax says:

    People really do not realize the possibilities behind 75mm 110mm/110dmg 360deg. turrent on ELC.
    Campers will suffer while trolls will have quite some fun now. Unless it will be sort of siege-mode 360.

    1. Jurrunio says:

      It wont be a “siege-mode” 360 traverse. In fact, ELC is designed to have limited traverse while moving and full traverse with the 90mm. With the 75 it should be able to fire at all angles while moving.
      Currently, the hull traverse and reticule bloom with the 75mm is quite bad, so I don’t think mounting that and use it as a knife fighter like a Chaffee will work well.

  8. mattbrix02 says:

    Too much whining when y’all haven’t tested it out yet. lol. 120mm for 90mm is no big deal for me. Because you don’t have to shoot your enemies head on.

    Only dummies will insist to shoot the heavies in the front using any LT, lol.

  9. betterdead thanred says:

    though its a shame that my no.1 fun tank is gonna be changed, its about time light changes came along.
    driving t54light in stronghold all the time is boring, same with the lights in tier 6 SH. just simply too OP, now there is light nerf and more heavy buff, now we are looking at a more balanced WOT than ever before.

  10. Tryphon59200 says:

    120mm of penetration?? why?? and it keeps the painful reload time. I want to keep my 3 marks on a real tank not on this ‘balanced’ shit.

  11. IRON says:

    Ok fine WG, thank you for respecting a bit history! 🙂 But.. It’s still not the good solution. Just freakin’ rise it to tier 8! This little monster is just not balanceable at tier 5! Give it also siege mode! It will brought a lot of novelty to the gameplay of the French light tank line by doing so!! 😉

  12. Anonymous says:

    Honestly though, the dpm nerf doesn’t really matter much in this tank, and there’s not enough dpm on the 75 to justify that. DPM wise the 90 mm probably has the advantage because it has better pen(though not as great as before, but oh well) and doesn’t have to fire as often to do the same pen. So choice really comes down to whether you want alpha damage or a rotating turret, and I’m going to have to try these out when they change.

  13. Spider says:

    It’s still horrible! With 90mm the DPM is over 2 times worse than T50 with proposed stats! They even nerfed the top speed. Why not just make 75mm ELC tier V with proposed stats and leave the 90mm ELC at tier VI, where it belongs? It has tier VI MM now, WG won’t have to change a thing to current one. They could make 12t a premium – an autoloader counterpart for Swedish tier VI.

  14. It’s still horrible. With this DPM nerf, it will be 2 times worse than the new T50 at the same tier! And why would anyone nerf top speed of an ELC? Why not make 75mm at tier V and leave 90mm ELC at tier VI, where it belongs with this MM. They could make a 12t a premium – an autoloader counterpart of Swedish tier VI.

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