AMX M4 49 Liberté – The stubborn Chevalier

Just a Video about the New Tier 8 french premium heavy tank

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AMX M4 49 Liberté – The stubborn Chevalier

25 thoughts on “AMX M4 49 Liberté – The stubborn Chevalier

    1. They will probably sell the tank as the AMX mle 49 and AMX Liberte just as they did with the T26E5 and T26E5 P (Patriot) and provide the option for players to have or avoid the creative paint job. Then again, if you really can’t stand the look of the tank, you can probably find or even make a simple mod where you copy and paste the texture pack of the standard tank over the Liberte so you don’t have to see the Frenchyness.

      1. NoT only am I specifically not getting this tank because of the paint job but the sight of others in this also makes my eyes bleed. It’s an insult lol.
        I mean really….What a paint job….

  1. otakubouzu says:

    Tanitha on ASIA gives us option of regular, normie French Green or Liberte paintjob.
    I don’t see why other server won’t get same option.

  2. Thanks! It certainly is pretty weird, hasn’t come out on NA server yet but judging by how the T26E5 is being sold with normal paint and patriot paint I assume that with the AMX Liberte they will give the same option to players. As for on the EU, I am dumb foundedly surprised there is no option. Maybe there is a bug for other servers where if they put two different camo scheme tanks in the store you can essentially end up with two exact copies of the same tank and that’s what war gaming is trying to avoid?

    1. IF there is a bug (which I highly doubt) then they shouldn’t have painted the bloody thing. They didn’t have to paint the tank and yet, they did it anyway and for what? I wonder if the guy who is responsible for designing the camo-scheme is proud of it being the most ugly paintjob ever in WOT.

      They could have left the slogan on the gun, that would look nice with the vanilla colour.
      More than 10 pages on the WOT EU forums so far about how players dislike the camo and won’t buy because of it, yet no one from Wargaming has given a response….!

      It wouldn’t be much of a problem if every server (SEA, RU,NA) had the same option as EU but they (unlike us) can decide to NOT buy this Cock camo.

  3. OrigamiChik3n says:

    Meantime Russian premium shop had this tank without camo and costing 40 bucks (T26E5 costs 36 bucks there BTW). It was even supposed to be buffed on 11th of November. There is no info about this on EU website so i guess it was introduced with improved stats.

  4. AlmightySpaghettiMonster says:

    the buff on RU came on the 10th…and there you couldnt chose also if you wonna the paint job or not…there were only the non painted version…whats certainly better for me then the EU only paint job stuff…
    and the tank is rely solid…maybe its gonna be a little worse then on RU because on EU there is alot more gold spamming then on RU…

  5. Dontspill McGinnis says:

    All we need now is a real (as in not a complete WG fabrication) tier X British heavy tank in Union Jack skin..
    okay, just a real Tier X heavy will do….

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