AMX M4 mle. 49 Buffs Incoming

Good day everyone,

The recently introduced French Tier 8 premium will be recieving some buffs after analysis of it performance stats. Heres whats changing…

*Updated with some new info and clarifications


-HP Increased from 1350 to 1500

-View Range increased from 360m to 370m

-Frontal Hull Armor increased from 180mm to 190mm (upper hull increased from 20 to 45mm)

-Credit income increased by 10%

Tenative release is set for 11 November, via micropatch.

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AMX M4 mle. 49 Buffs Incoming

33 thoughts on “AMX M4 mle. 49 Buffs Incoming

    1. Side effect of republishing on wordpress I’m afraid. I do say I wish our Console devs took to buffs this quickly. They let the poor Kanonen JdgPz run around with prebuff stats for months (or just took PCs lead and buffed it from the outset)

      1. You need to understand, that patching for consoles is different than PC. Console patches go through a long certification process. WG can fix something in a patch, submit it for certification to both Sony and Microsoft, and that patch can not come out for a month depending on how it fares in certification.

  1. This is going to be a very competitive tank, a very mobile and very durable for a heavy tank. Sigh.. I know wargaming wants to make money but I really wish you could buy these tanks with in game gold or that there could be a mission marathon for it… I really like the look of this tank, more balanced than the T26E5 which doesn’t have a weak point and comes in stylish french blue.

      1. Bricktop says:

        Knowing how WG buffs work recently they will give it +200% all around armor and go drink vodka.
        Ye, totally not looking at you e5

  2. Rombat says:

    Nothing about rubish radio range? I love that wg change thr policy about premium tanks in a way that this tanks should be on par with regular vehicles

    1. The coupula isn’t a big weakness and compared to most tanks that have multiple weaknesses, this can be worked with. Just use the 10 degrees of gun depression or good accuracy to fight at range. Not rocket science.

  3. Jurrunio says:

    Are the hull cheeks and lower glacis weak? If not, this thing will have similar frontal protection (if not more) than the Tiger II while being much more mobile than heavies from different nations.

    1. Cheeks are 340ish when pointed straight on… LG is 250. since the UG is going to be 264 there will no need to angle this tank at all. Need to keep this in perspective the commanders hatch is huge and weak at 60mm no one will be aiming at anything other that…. so it has awesome armour BUT everyone can pen it frontally so… who cares ?

    2. The cheeks are weak points as in that they go down to 200-210 mm thick at a 60 degree angle of the hull but the lower glacias plate has some of the tank’s best angling and the same armor thickness. So similar to the ARL 44 and IS-3, the lower plate is not a weak point and quite frequently will be an auto ricochet without getting beneath the tank. The tiger II’s main selling point is the marginally higher dpm and better side armor meaning side scrapping is a possibillity while the AMX mle 49 must side scrape with caution since it has only 50 mm side armor without any magic british spaced armor.

      The Tiger II is probably better in a corner fight and the AMX is a ridgeline warrior. The Tiger II is underpowered though, and the AMX probably will be more flexible just because of the mobillity alone.

      1. AlmightySpaghettiMonster says:

        sidearmor is 40mm not 50…and you shouldn’t sidescrape in it…better to go out whit the angled front protecting your inner cheek…
        the mobility isnt so strong as some think but it is a little better then is6 or tiger 2…

  4. As my previous comment said, I really don’t care as long as :

    1. They don’t release this tank in stupid idiotic paint jobs that look like it came from a cartoon or wonderland.
    2. They add these prem tanks to the bloody tech tree instead of just premium shop offers. Me and many players I know win gold from tournaments, clan wars etc. But it’s all worthless if there is nothing you can get from it. Also there are lots of players who buy bundles and save the gold for prem tanks in the tech tree.

    1. Zippper says:

      This is the reason of putting them in the shop only.

      1.) It is well known most upper clans (top 100 or so) are in alliances to farm gold on global map.

      2.) Gold is easy to make in game and WG wants to make money.

  5. AlmightySpaghettiMonster says:

    The hull cheecks are week only if you angle and you shuld do that only in a corner protecting your inner cheeck…frontal it’s the same effective armor because they have a lesser angle on them then the frontal plate…
    Lower plate is little less effective amor but still it’s very small and you need over 200pen to go true if your on even ground…more if you close the distance to browling distance because they need to shoot down on it…
    On the RL server it has a standard camouflage…or better to say no camouflage…

  6. Ben says:

    lets just hope it won’t be hideously decorated with the french flag and nicknamed the “liberte” and will actually look like a regular french tank

    oh wait…

  7. Mister Z says:

    This tank will be “opish” I mean it is good that think has a coupula that can be penetrated by everything and it can still be hitted when you use all your gun depression over a hill but the rest of the frontal turret ist almost inpenetrable by tier 8 tds and at higher tds have difficulties to pen…combine that with 10 degrees of gun depression makes that thing looks very nice to play but not nice to fight against…

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