An idea to increase general interest in WoT eSports by “shutupshake”


A redditor, shutupshake, has given permission to post on RSR his article on how the public general interest on E-sports could be raised:


What is holding WoT back?

WG seems increasingly interested in promoting WoT as a viable eSports game. Unfortunately, WoT has a few huge barriers it must overcome to match the success of games like CS:GO/DoTA/LoL.

1. The general server population plays a different game than the eSports version:

Competitive tanks comes in the form of the 7/68 Attack/Defense mode. If I said that sentence to a rando they probably wouldn’t understand me. Not only is it 7 v 7 instead of 15 v 15, but it has specific composition restrictions and a map mode that isn’t in the random pubs. I don’t think your average Joe playing pubs would immediately understand what’s going on in a competitive tanks match. It’s just so foreign to the normal game. The random queue matches a pub plays in DoTA/CS:GO are pretty much the same match formats a pro plays at a LAN tourney. A DoTA pub can understand what is going on in eSports matches and can even apply things they learn to their own pub matches.

2. To access the competitive side of tanks, the general server population has to grind a significant amount of endgame content:

If I tell my friend that I play competitive tanks, they might say: “cool, can I try it out with you?” Invariably, I have to say no because they don’t have the tanks to even try anything near the competitive side of tanks. eSports tanks are now primarily tier 10. The amount of time and effort to grind these tanks just to try them out is asking a lot of the general server population. Let alone building a whole stable of tanks worthy of competing with: Hours and hours of gameplay. And if they don’t buy premium time/tanks, it gets exponentially worse. How can a random pubbie get excited about eSports tanks if the tanks themselves are essentially out of reach? This isn’t so in other eSports games. DoTA comes with everything from the start. CS:GO is similar. LoL at least gives players access to a rotation of heroes from the start.

So what can be done about these barriers? I am proposing a solution to both problems:

Allow players to buy a WoT eSports Pass that gives them instant access to a rotation of competitive tanks that can only be played in the Team Battles mode

For a nominal price, anyone can instantly have something like 3 competitive tanks in their garage with 100% crews. Some sort of mix like an Object 140, T110E5, and RU 251. This stable of tanks changes periodically and they don’t keep the crews. This helps solve problem #2 because it allows any player access to the endgame content needed to at least try a competitive form of WoT. The fact that the stable changes periodically will broaden their exposure to the content and motivate them to grind the ones they like in the actual F2P game. This would not be new to WG. They did a similar thing for the Rampage game mode in that they gave all accounts access to tier 10 tanks that were restricted to just the Rampage mode. Also, this is not unlike the rotating heroes available in LoL.

Restricting these tanks to only Team Battles helps solve problem #1 because it encourages the general server population to play a mode that is at least close to the eSports format. Obviously WG would have to update the mode to match the 7/68 format. They could simplify the MM by making it 7/70 and avoid holdups waiting for tier 8s to ready up. MM could even work like LoL where you ready up your tank before joining a team. Regardless, the Team Battle mode is the link between the regular game and the competitive game. WG could find a way to make it work. If you can get the general server population to play a mode close of the eSports mode, they will naturally understand the eSport itself. This will motivate them to grind the actual tanks and form competitive teams like the pros.

Overall, I think this is a win-win for everyone:

  1. It costs money, which WG likes. The price would of course need to be reasonable, $20-30.
  2. It gives anyone access to the competitive aspect of tanks.
  3. It encourages people to watch league and consume content, which WG likes.
  4. It motivates people to play the F2P game and potentially spend more money, which WG likes.

If something like this is implemented, I could at least answer my friend with a “Sure, buy this Pass for $X and we can play right now.”


A thanks to shutupshake!

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An idea to increase general interest in WoT eSports by “shutupshake”

75 thoughts on “An idea to increase general interest in WoT eSports by “shutupshake”

  1. I don’t watch E-Sports? Why I don’t watch E-Sports? Well I’d rather play than watch. I watch a couple of live streams of UK based streamers when they’re on – RitaGamer and QuickyBaby – but that’s more for my education in solo play and for the communities.
    I’m never going to down tools and pay attention to the WGL stuff.

    1. QB isn’t that great of a player to be honest if you want to learn how to play. The guy tried playing on the NA server a few times and got his ass handed to him by the average pubbie and I’m not talking blue or unicum stat players.

      Only time I’ve ever watched QB’s vids or streams is when hes giving some insight on a new tank for which no one else has access to just yet.

      1. P7 says:

        “QB isn’t that great of a player”.
        He is rated super unicum on the EU server meaning he’s among the top .01% of players. He is primarily an EU player, on the NA account he’s only played about 400 matches, yet he’s already at 64% win rate and his WN8 is rapidly climbing.

        You’ve seen him play a couple of matches and from that you think you can determine his skills as a player? Laughable! Everyone has good and bad matches. If you think unicums always wipe the floor with everyone else in every game you really don’t know much of the game. Obviously RNG and bad teams affect unicums as it does everyone else. The difference is that unicums make the best of the situation even though that is not always enough.

      2. Pablo_Rob says:

        GLENN ARMSTRONG SAYS: “(QB) tried playing on the NA server a few times and got his ass handed to him by the average pubbie and I’m not talking blue or unicum stat players”

        That’s a complete lie.

        I think some of QB’s US streams are still on twitch if anyone want to verify who’s right.

    2. go watch dechaPL, mailand or orzanel. First on doesnt talk at all, Mailand is a nice guy and Orzy is a fgt, but they all eat QB style wot education for breakfast. Dank me laterz.

      1. and you also have 🙂 4200+ WN8 with almost 60k games … it’s easy to get there, but maintain a role like that, it’s for pro’s only 🙂

    3. Anonymous says:

      QB is a good player, but not a great player. He has a good WN8, but that’s inflated by the tanks he plays. He plays a lot of tier 8/9. When he steps up to tier 10 he struggles to have anywhere near the same impact. I’m not denying he’s a good player, but if you wanna learn how to play the game better then you want to watch people like Orzy, Anfield, Marty vole etc

      1. Anonymous says:

        Anfield, yeah, rofl – learn how to play in 3 easy Anfield steps – load 90% gold and spam it everything, whine about sky cancer all the time, almost never push while farming damages.

    4. QB plays on EU which is really campy so people who actually know how to play can really sky rocket in WN.
      Over here on NA the level of aggresion is higher and people are far less passive. Its simply a harder server to play on.
      He may be a super uni but he also pads so hard in mid tiers with gold and food…
      Hes also not good to learn from if you play NA ,strats that work on EU well will possibly kill you on NA and vice versa.

      1. The only thing I would say to you is look at his stats when he plays on the NA server. He’s played there a lot of late. Shows he knows what he is doing. As for premium ammo and food consumables… you can afford them if you play as well as he does.

  2. 1n_Soviet_Russia says:

    Really legit idea, especially if you give the players access to the rewards too. This way if you practice you can earn back the 20$ or more in in game content.

  3. Teobold Tor says:

    I personally don’t watch Esports for the same reason as Hedgehog. I do watch Rita but in the main watching other people play tanks, especially in a format that is completely different doesn’t interest me. I saw some of the WGL streams Jingles and QB commentated on but it wasn’t especially interesting to me.
    That said, why not implement that, then people who wanted to pay to get into that format could do so and enjoy themselves while SerB gets more money for his moon base.

  4. aengis says:

    main problem is that watching WOT is usually boring… the RNG+gold+OP tanks is a horrible combination; you have a metagame where only 3-4 tanks are a real option, gold is a must instead of just a choice and 1 real PRO can’t take a 5vs1 like at other games.

    and thank god that mods cant be used in competitions

    remove or limit HARD the use of gold, max 10% of the rounds for ex.
    limit the rng to +-10 not +-25, at least at the DMG .
    and rebalance tanks so more of them are equal, not just 4 OP tanks and the rest cant be used if you want a chance to win.

  5. pixywing says:

    E-sports is a joke when a 300 damage shell can roll for 225-375, with an additional +/-25% roll for penetration, followed by 0.33+ accuracy (.17 is the worst in AW and World of tanks should follow suit) , there is no max crew cap thus you need to waste tens of thousands of hours grinding out crews to be competitive, your Commander needs that repairs, recon, BIA, and sixth sense.

    There are also fire chance, module damage, and ammo racks all of which are % chances again adding more RNG and less skill into the game. Coupled with spot checks that don’t occur often enough its a joke calling this game anything close to competitive let alone E-sports.

    Fixes to this should be +10/-10% shell damage and penetration rolls thus reducing RNG by over half, increase gun accuracy to 0.14 on my top tier tanks (this would make random games more skill intensive as well reducing gold spam as you can now aim for weak-spots and actually hit them more easily). There should be a max amount of skills a crew should be able to get like 5, as well making it far easier to get to this point. It shouldn’t take 2k games with one crew to get them there.

    1. One says:

      If they buff the accuracy so much they will have to nerf damage to hell. Hope they never make it 0.14 as you say. Now damage should go down to -/+10% but penetration should only go down to -/+20% or -/+15% at the worst.

    2. Teobold Tor says:

      I don’t have too much of a problem with the accuracy in WoT as it’s a balancing factor, imagine a KV-2 or an ISU with an accurate gun for example (they’re bad enough with the Hand of Stalin) but I do agree that RNG plays far too high a part in WoT especially if they want it to be a serious e-sport. Having +/- 25% is far too high a range for damage and it’s too high for penetration too IMO,
      The AW tanks are modern (or at least more modern) than WW2 vintage tanks with better fire control systems so as far as accuracy goes I think WoT is fair enough. Also it adds to the flavour of the tanks, Germans have (generally) good accuracy, the British have low damage, accurate high RoF guns and the Russians have derpy high alpha ones.
      It works in AW because tanks have better armour and mobility, but with WoT era slow heavy tanks it would be torture to play anything like a Maus where you get sniped with .14 accuracy.
      Not having a go, just my 2p worth 🙂

      1. pixywing says:

        Accuracy isn’t the issue for a Maus, what kills it is the Heat/Apcr spam that happens against it. I have only played mine 4 games because 80%+ of the shells that hit you are gold, and right now on the NA server its been World of OP Tier 10 Russian Mediums (Obj 140, T-62a, T-22) for the last 2 months.

      2. Teobold Tor says:

        Yeah it was basically the first very large, slow tank that came to mind. I know it gets HEATed up faster than food in a microwave.

    3. shadowy_ninja says:

      I would also like a reduction in RNG, but you have to remember that AW is based on MBT’s with SUPER strong armor and tiny weakspots, while in WoT, certain tanks (E 100) have huge-ass weakspots without much armor. Getting sniped with .17 accuracy would SUCK.

    4. naril says:

      How can you compare the bare numbers of accuracy in two different games… In Wot accuracy is a radius (or diameter, don’t really remember which one) of a circle you would hit 99% of time at 100m. In AW is some kind of angle unit describing a cone which determines the possible directions the shell might go to. And the probability distribution in both cases is different for sure too. Comparing just the bare numbers is ridiculously stupid.

    5. Radiatorman says:

      I agree with the RNG reduction, but I think that improving accuracy that much would impact very badly heavily armored tanks with weakspots like the tortoise/t95, instead I think that improving aim time would be a better option.

      1. pixywing says:

        High pen APCR and HEAT hurt the T95 and the Tortoise is already near un-playable due to the massive cupola everyone can shoot. I would like to see they add more weak spots to tanks instead of this trend of removing them although with accuracy where it is now its more of an rng-port than a machine-gun port weak spot.

    1. CoreOfLive says:

      It makes sense though. But doing that they need to create several streams or a streamable program that allows players to watch the players like they died in battle.

  6. Laserguided says:

    I have watched e-sport, and I found them dull. There is not much variety in tanks ( lack of TD and SPG, same old op tanks for a given tier, same old map position and deployment). There are not special effects or amazing maneuvers that you would expect from players that call them “pro”. Overall, they not very exciting to watch.

    Moreover, there is a sense of detachment from the “pro” when you go to the forum. Some “ pro” or good players like to make fun of average players by calling them “pubbies”. This lack of respect from “pro” just turns me off.

    My first suggestion to make e-sport more exciting will be increase tank variety by including X number of TD and SPG per game, randomize the tank selection per match, and use same map rotation as random matches from WOT.

    My second suggestion would be adding special effect during watch. For example, WOT can show which module or part of tank was damaged or destroyed by incoming fire. Also add more smoke, weather effects, fire, etc during a match. I assume WOT uses good computers for e-sport right. I want to see something different, something more exciting from an e-sport match compare to actual WOT game play. It also allows the “pro” to demonstrate that they have the skill to play in a more complex environment.

  7. esports for WOTs is boring as hell to watch. Also, the players are mostly pricks and assholes who make fun of not only red players but even greens and blues so why would i promote those pricks. Pro atheletes arent as stuck up as unicums in WOTs

  8. Honestly, the major failing that WoT as an E-Sport is, as others have said, lack of variety.

    Sure, some people may like medium and auto-loader tanks, and they may find it interesting to watch, but others like the heavy giants like the E100, Maus, and IS-7, with armour that can bounce shots and take a pummeling.

    Still others like the Big Gun TDs, tank designed to put a shot between your eyes at 500M and wallop you for over 750HP. They like the mind set, patience and calculation that is required to play a sniper effectively.

    And still others like light tanks and the danger that is associated with playing tanks that have about as much armour as the average soda can. But they also love the idea of having to play smart and avoiding detection while at the same time finding the best spots possible to light the enemy team.

    But with WoT E-Sports, it’s the same OP auto-loaders and mediums going against teams comprised of the same tanks with no variety.

    It’s like if you went to a Football game and the whole team was nothing but running backs, or wide receivers. Sure some people will find it exciting and fun to watch, but they’re ultimately lacking in what other people find exciting and fun and driving them away.

    1. If you want to test this watch penta vs outofrange,
      It itself is a unique set of games, never have I seen deathstars or 263s or full batchat yolo setups in this mode, even conq gcs on himmelsdorf or 113 yolo rush and maybe a conq gc on the hill (no joke), some arty jousting, arties being tds . Actually really enjoyable to watch, I guess with new motion physics and tanks like the 140 an e50m not being able to do their stronk wiggles anymore it will change a lot

  9. wfschepel says:

    Nobody gives a damn about WOT e-sports because, a) it is boring as hell to watch, and b) it is not a good game for e-sports due to insane RNG. However, the third reason is the real killer. The vast majority of players out there is, to put it mildly, casual-minded. E-sports is a foreign concept to those.

  10. Lost me at “$20-$30”. World of Tanks is already a very elitist free to play game. Putting that high a paywall for a rotation that will most of the time just net you a selection of vehicles that will be atrocious for a mode that the person is not ready sounds more like a WG plan to milk a few bucks than an honest proper idea. It’s the whole “Löwe” problem all over again.

    The rotation would need to be hand tailored in the least to make it attractive in any way and the price would have to be lower, $15 at the most. Heck, if even Activision is checking the waters to sell only the multiplayer part of CoD for $15, why would it be appealing to the random player to spend more than that for what is essentially a trial run in a game that is free?

    Want to attract more people to the e-sports “scene” of the game, make the game more attractive. Fix tiering, fix ammo choices, fix the long grind, have better tutorials. World of Tanks suffers specially in that last one, just like Warframe. Difference is, Warframe community is welcoming and helpful while WoT’s community is borderline MOBA toxic. It’s a complex game that takes time to grasp.

    E-sports are born out from having viewership, not how much money you toss at it. Make the game more accessible, easier to understand, to comprehend (and on that part you were right on, Rita, using a mode that is night and day compared to the regular match doesn’t do any favors) and your players will become the viewership you need to actually make it a thing. I still remember the comments from some podcasts about the finals (back when Jingles and QB were commentating) and the general consensus was “I have no idea what is going on here”.
    I understand getting teams of 15 to compete is very impractical, but at least try to match it as closely as you can to Random Battles.

  11. Anonymous says:

    The problem in WoT ESL is RNG. Even the most badass player/team is still susceptible to getting screwed over by the RNG, which usually ends up being the reason why a particular high-ranking team lost. Guy is unloading his 13 90 into the flank of a T32, the commentator is like “Excellent positioning, now it’s a walk in the park” and all of the shots end up flying into pitchka materina, nowhere near where he aimed. Also, 3v3 matches and the such are a joke. They end up in a draw in the majority of times.

  12. pacer123 says:

    WoT is fun to play but boring to watch. It’s slow-paced, way too RNG-based. I would rather watch something faster and still tactic-based streams like RB6:S.

  13. People don’t watch wot e-sports since it requires no skill. in a game with 25% rng on everything, luck means the lucky win all the time. people much rather do something else then have some people sling gold at each other.

  14. phdrvrba says:

    Well, since we are now getting stuff like “we removed tank rocking and inertia movement when breaking from new physics, because professional players didn’t like the loss of control” I’d just prefer if all these pros with their e-sports went to fuck themselves with a cactus.

    Whole thing just keeps eating cash, hinders development, WG doesn’t really need it nyway, the meta is boring and vast majority of players don’t give a fuck about it anyway.

  15. Caomhanach says:

    I think people are overstating the RNG issue. Stepping away from ESL for a moment, we can find other highly competitive, popular, high stakes games. Best example, I think, is poker. There is an inherent luck aspect to the game that no amount of statistical knowledge, bluffing, and people reading can completely compensate for. Yet these other aspects of the game are still more than important enough to turn poker into more of a skill game than a luck game, even if luck is still present. This unknown element, in moderation, adds an additional level of excitement, where there’s a feeling that anything could happen. Other examples would be Magic the Gathering and its ESL counterpart, Hearthstone, both of which have, or is developing, a significant competitive scene, despite the inherent luck factor in both games.

  16. Yndy says:

    I participate at eSports at a semi-pro level (ESL Open and Major) with a team of semi-pro guys like myself. I am aware I cannot make it to pro and in the same time, I don’t have enough time to also watch e-sports. I know that it would help my performance but since I never want it to reach pro-level, it competes with my playing time.

    The good part is that semi-pro level allows essentially to get a lot of game content for free, it pays my supporter, I got back half the money I ever spent.

    I would recommend more people try it at semi-pro level because the prizes are ok and reachable.

    Now on e-sports I would like to see more promotion on the main WOT page, like a window to current streams and a calendar of events.

    Also I’d like to see more action and less talk, I don’t know about others, but I prefer to watch 10-20 minutes in a sitting and with the current format I have to constantly fast forward.

  17. madogthefirst says:

    Problem with WGL is most strats are YOLO and hope the enemy has worse focus fire than you. Where is the thought process? Where is the positioning? Where is the out smarting?

  18. alex says:

    the E-sport in wot is bad because of simple things like:

    1th point: THEY TALK TOO MUCH AND IT’S BULLSHIT, it’s like 5 minutes of e-sport and 50 minutes of talking! just play already! why popular games like football are interesting to watch it’s because they actually play the game instead of talking shit about a middle rush and gold spam. it’s not interesting ad it is
    and insteed of just 7 rounds make it 20 very fast so you don’t get bored watching.

    2nd point: they shouldn’t use gold ammo, gold spam like that force them to play only op tanks like is-3 or T8 scout, all we see is IS-3 spam, 50 100s, and scouts. and it restrain the use of advanced tactics like in normal E-sport. it’s only who shoot first win, everybody can do that if they spam autoloader and gold. even a golden tomato player.

  19. TBF the only reason I watch esports is because some of the players in penta, tornado rox and hellraisers are streamers I watch play, and sometimes it’s great to watch the throws.
    But in all honesty if Esports were like PENTA vs Outofrange it would be the funniest thing ever,
    that set of games had it all, to deathstars a player called violet stetpedder arties playing like tds, arty jousting a conq gc on himmelsdorf full yolo set ups

  20. Anonymous says:

    i feel that Wargaming is leaving money on the table because they could be selling things like camo in the premium shop and emblems or what not on top of your Great Idea also why not have a system to donate money to the Finial prize pool

  21. marianr87 says:

    For me at least those solutions wouldn’t work in making me PAY for tier 10 tanks that I can’t play in random. I rarely play any other mode other than random. I don’t see the appeal to them. I’ve played some team battles and clan wars when I was in a clan, but you depend so much more on other people there because they expect you to obey commands and work very well in a team and if the commander is crap you lose, if the team is inexperienced, you most likely lose. Plus those other modes don’t give you anything worth having, you don’t make more credits than random, it seem like less, and any mission for those modes are much harder because of that.

    Then E-Sports would have to be interesting in the first place to the average player in order for them to even consider spending money on a similar mode in regular WOT. It just doesn’t add up.

    Then it might not be such a good idea to unlock tier 10s with 10-20 dollars even if they are restricted to that mode. It just cheapens the grind to the regular tanks and can deter people from playing to unlock them, but that may not be the case seeing as they keep giving out the rentals for Rampage and that bares the question to why pay at all when you test them for free in Rampage.
    It just does’t sound at all like something it would interest me and I’m probably in the majority.

  22. Reno Stefan says:

    Watching e-sport is boring, but watching QB and Jingles is fun.. They’re both wot, but what’s the difference..? Simple, it’s because e-sport is too objective and too formulated.. Not that it’s necessarily bad, but it makes it doesn’t fun to watch..

    Kinda like math (sry folks, i don’t like math that much) vs arts.. They’re both a subject at school, but one is interesting, other isn’t.. One is strictly bind by formula (e-sport), the other is free and communicated with personal flair (streamers who played at random battles)..

    My point is, make the e-sport battle more interesting by adding some flair.. Adding vehicle class limitation to the tanks used so it didn’t turned into ‘world of op mediums and autoloaders’s e-sport’.. or even putting a random rule for each round, like ‘a mandatory elc amx on each team’.. That’ll add some flavour and appeal to the casual player in mid tier with the tone of ‘hey, my recently unlocked elc is used, awesome!’

    It’d be too random and hindering the performance..? Well, even in real sports, you can’t always have your all-star team member on the field, eh?

  23. Not Sure says:

    What is one of the things the WoT player base hates the most? Gold Spam
    What is one of the main aspects of WoT esports? Gold Spam
    WGL matches showcase one of the most broken parts of the game and they wonder why the player base isn’t watching more!

  24. Anonymous says:

    These are completely stupid ideas. Why should anybody be allowed to buy into competitive gaming if they don’t even have a couple T10 grinded themselves? The only people who would buy this would be the Löwe players with 1k games we have now ruining T8 games. These players that don’t even know how spoting works and accuse everybody for hacking who hits them. I just imagine how even an average player with 3 or 4 skill crew would stomp these players with crews without sixth sense. Does anybody think that new players would enjoy this? The shitstorm would be insane if WG would do this.

    Just play T10 SH and you see how much fun you have as an average player with 10k+ games and decent tanks… you get stomped over and over by experienced players. If you gave excess to 7/68 to people who don’t even own a decent T10, the average player would lose interest after less than 10 games and complain about the waste of money.

    Also I don’t understand why people are complaining about the rules. If you want 15vs15 and similar rules to randoms you can play CW an SH. It’s not that 7/68 would be too hard to understand for the average player, but the game itself is too hard to understand for the majority. You can clearly see this when you think about people complaining about premium shells and rng in competitve games. Without premium shells you basically couldn’t beat tanks like E5s right now and rng also adds a degree of skill to the game, because you have to compensate for rng and in the end the better teams wins, because it’s not about one shot and one game during a season.

    We had similar rules as in random earlier, it was a terrible campfest most of the time. The new rules are a great improvement. More players would make it impossible to have interesting strategies, a lot of maps are just too small to play 15vs15 with T10 and don’t brawl it out every time after arty shot for a couple of minutes. The only change I could see would be a limitation on tanks to use. Similar to map picks and bans there could also be tank bans for gold league.

  25. karl0ssus1 says:

    Except rampage mode has struggled (and is completely dead on the smaller servers) due to low player pop, and that was with far less of a barrier to entry (if you didnt have the right tonks, WG gave them to you for free, no money needed to be spent). I dont see any mode taking off that the average user has to pay to play, there just wont be the uptake to give it functional MM.

    A better option would probably be to run more lower tier tourney events and market it better to the playerbase. Adding tiers of prizes other than gold, such as camo/emblems, personal reserves, and potentially even tourney only reward tanks would encourage a much wider range of participation, especially with the lower barriers to entry.

    Anyone who has played other F2P games knows the lengths people will go to for unique skins. Its insane that WG barely leverages the customisation aspect of the game.

  26. Start small.

    Make small scale – no registration needed – periodic competition which is integrated into the client. The participant should be limited to three man platoon up to super platoon (5 man). The rewards should not be big, but pretty widely spread. Make it fun by adding unique rules for every set which change everytime (E.G Have 3 vs 3 vs 3 vs 3 match where every person must be from a different class in tier 9!). Make it as weekly event rather than opening it as a new mode.

    Basically, getting tournament atmosphere from grassroot community (casual players) is one of the key idea.

  27. party1c says:

    The REAL reason why E-sports dont work in WoT?


    who wants to see one team outplay another and still lose cause they lowroled a few times and/or bounced on weakspots? plus there are still ghostshells arround, you can abuse serverlags.

    i dont say wot isnt fun, but there is to much chaos in the gameplay to be competetive.

  28. Beepstar says:

    I am sure it has been said before but I think for e-sports to be popular with the general population then it has to be accessible to them. eSports should be restricted to 0 skill crews (as in 100% trained but no further) and no premium items. This would significantly level the playing field leaving just skill and RNG to dictate the outcome.

  29. _Jdawgg says:

    So, I skipped reading all the comments posted so, if someone said this before me I apologize.

    I am going to start off saying I really like this idea, as a person who plays League on NA. Now, you mentioned some other games, I am going to touch on League of Legends specifically. In LoL you can purchase champions by just playing the game and using the free rotation, meaning you never actually NEED to pay money in order to get the same kinda meta champions the pros use. I feel like if this pack were to cost money, it wouldn’t do a damn thing for our eSport as a whole.

    That being said, I would still do something like this, only just as they did for the Rampage mode, give EVERY account access to 4 or 5 tier 10s (at least 1 each medium/heavy/TD), 2 tier 8 tanks (1 light & 1 arty). I know people are going to pick apart the fact I say arty, but it can be viable and used on many of the current maps, and if you don’t believe me go watch some of the recent Silver League NA vods on inchon’s channel (4k+ damage dished out in a tier 8 arty). This would give them access to a wide variety of vehicles with which they can play the format and actually have a chance to enjoy themselves. With the accounts having more then 3 different 10s, would give them an ability to follow the rules we in NA use ((which I think to be better then EU in a sense(tank diversity)) no more then 2 of any tank model) and they could compete with anyone. The tanks themselves would need to be similar to the prem tanks in the sense that you can put any crew from the nation and that vehicle type into one of those tanks and away you go.

    With the changes I would do to the overall suggestion, would increase exposure for the tanks and league play itself, and would do just as you say, it can get pubs who try out tanks via the “free rotation” and potentially grind for them due to liking them in team battles.

    NA Silver League Member

  30. Hubewa says:

    A lot of people here mentioned RNG as a factor for the game not being popular.

    Can I say that that is completely missing the problem?

    This is a strategy game but when you look at a sequence like this:

    From a game that is littered with RNG moments (Company of Heroes 1), its impossible to say that RNG is a problem that makes the game uncompetitive, rather it can make it very interesting.

    OP was right – the thing that is holding competitive WoT back is the grind (I’ve tried to get fellow clanmates interested but noone had the right tanks so it died quickly) and how detached it is from what pubbies usually play.

  31. MOTHER'S LOLL says:

    I’m not surprised that WoT isn’t successfully in a prefossional e-sports area. As long as the game is dominated by players/clans which know the best hacks. Not to talk about the massive unbalanced matchmaking, which doesn’t care about the expansion stage of the merged tanks even the player’s skill. The could start to rank players by their performance ranking and than the top level/pros could be supported into e-sports.

    But what is the situation so far, we have clan and team matches, nothing to complain (apart from rigging ;-)) and more than 90% of casual players which get unsorted matched together.

    Again, implement a ranking of players. Take the top players for e-sport.

    But finally, I don’t assume WoT is a fair/clean e-sport at the moment…

  32. A problem that many “pubbies” often mention is – “it’s boring to watch”. Players, who actually take part in these tournaments, have the same issue – WG gives zero shits about presenting the stuff.

    According to players from NAVI two main issues are:
    1. commentators have no idea what’s going on and often speak bollocks.
    2. the “camera” (i imagine they mean the spectator mode) work is often showing anything but important piece of action because people that control it don’t understand game situation.

  33. wolvenworks says:

    i’m thinking more on the line of a tier division so you don’t need a TX to play compet. maybe something like a t6 tourney and a 15v15 tourney. admit it, if you shove 15v15 into Mittengard, the action will begin IMMEDIATELY, regardless of tier.

  34. Migsaec says:

    Why not just use more tiers for E-sports? Why must it be high-tiers-only? There are other tanks, and mid tiers are more accessable for the public and have better tank variety anyway. The fact that you allow several tiers mean that you open more tanks for the competitors to use.

    And to prevent same-tank syndrome(Seeing the same tanks over and over again), put in rotation of tanks and let both teams use only tanks from that rotation for their match and also limit the amount of HT/MT/LT/TD/arty per match according to the map.
    If they are indeed good players, they should perform well on not just the same few tanks. Throw them into tanks that aren’t commonly used, give them all bad tanks, give them slow tanks, no-armor tanks, all sorts of tank rotations. Throw them into situations that people are more likely to know, like playing horrible tanks, bad map for their tanks, etc.
    Basically, mix it up.
    The reason why WoT videos on youtube is more popular is because the matches aren’t as fixed as E-sports. You don’t see them playing with terrible tanks in E-sports. You don’t see stock tanks in E-sports. You don’t see complete strangers playing together as a team in E-sports(And those videos are the best imo, especially if they don’t even type in the chat). You don’t see the competitors playing without sixth sense on their TC.

    They can even implement a point-based system(And this can be even used in casual tourneys) Choosing a relatively less-armored tank line up for your team in a city map give your team a multiplier to your awarded points if you win, winning with more lower tier tanks than your opponent excluding scouts nets you more points, stuff like that.

  35. Anonymous says:

    WOT eSports? what the f is that?……ooohhh you mean the gold-shoot-festival……no that’s boring to watch, besides it’s annoying that RUSSIANS are able to play on the EU-cluster, when they have their own….why do I have a picture of *animals on tanks* in my head…Kappa

  36. WGLEU_sux says:

    WOT eSports? what the f is that?……ooohhh you mean the gold-shoot-festival……no that’s boring to watch, besides it’s annoying that RUSSIANS are able to play on the EU-cluster, when they have their own….why do I have a picture of *animals on tanks* in my head…Kappa

  37. I’m surprised nobody else have mentioned or thought about the most obvious thing to mix things up in eSports. Ofc it’s a total copy from the MOBAs, but why not just have the same system on picking only ONE of any tank per MATCH. Also have the ability to ban 1 or 2 tanks to be picked at all, like in all MOBAs. Then you’d have 14 DIFFERENT tanks in a match and the teams would really need to think how to use the tanks they got the best.
    Also like many people have said, GOLD rounds should be banned in eSports, that just makes any high armor tank loose its meaning and makes low penetration gun, that is balanced out by high rof and/or accuracy, OP.

  38. The OP has good ideas, and it’s important for Rita and all the players to think about this and chip in. Having read the comments above I would say;
    1. I do not agree with some of the commentators who suggest reducing rng. There are plenty of esports with it and WOT will fit in.
    2. Rather than just paying $15 to get a rental pass for three temporary tanks, it would be better to allow players to also gain them from ingame wins, in the same way as the Rampage rental tanks.
    3. There needs to be a reward for playing team games amongst the casual gamers. WG went too far in trying to get players to play Rampage mode by offering the ridiculous T-22sr as a reward. A small level of reward would assist, the difficulty will be judging where to pitch the reward.
    4. How to break the initial esports camping? One answer is of course to force teams to take clickers and lights as well as heavies and mediums. Everybody hates clickers, but WG alleges it stops camping. This would be there way to prove it. Should teams be forced to take a td as well? Difficult to say if trying to make teams camp less.
    5. Better guides and tutorials.
    6. Better publicity.
    7. Better spread of prizes so that even the teams ranked 1000-1500 pick up a minor prize of some description for playing and losing a few games.

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