Announcment from WOT support.

Tank restoration for the Trade-in event.

TAKE NOTE! This exception will be offered for tickets created between 28.04.2017 and 13.05.2017, both included. Please note that these dates are subject to change depending on the workload.

With the new Trade-in event you can change a premium tank you own and is eligible for the program to a different one of the same tier available in the tech tree.

Due to this we have decided to offer restoration of one of the premium tanks eligible for the program without time limitations, even if you have used this exception in the past. This will be possible between the dates mentioned above.

Before contacting support please make sure that:

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Announcment from WOT support.

17 thoughts on “Announcment from WOT support.

  1. bla says:

    We like to offer almost as good customer service as WG NA but just because you might want to trade that one in …

    Fuck WG EU

      1. 0natvar0 says:

        This would be my first restoration but I still can’t recover it because it’s only for tank that has benn sold 2 month ago at maximum, I sell it in 2012 so good luck for that. Thest best part is that there is not technical issu that legitimate that, they just say fu** you because idk …

  2. bla says:

    We like to offer almost as good customer service as WG NA but just because you might want to trade that one in …
    Fck WG EU

    1. Melebo says:

      1. You can now trade in (sell) a tank, and immediatly use the returned gold towards another same tier or higher prem tank. You only get 50% of a tanks gold value.
      2. In case you sold a premium in the past for credits, you can now buy that premium back for credits.
      3. Use the bought back premium for the trade in feature.

      The tank must be on the list of tanks that are available for trade in, AND the tank must be sold for credits. So a tank already used in the trade in can’t be bought back for credits.

      Oh and it doesn’t say you have to use the tank for the trade in feature, so you may just use it to get a tank back.

  3. A lot of people that sold their pz IV stug, T28 concept, or any premium like a Pz IV S. for credits have the opportunity to buy back those tanks with credits to resell for gold. It’s pretty generous to the stupids that sold a premium for credits in the first place. But hey, not everyone cares for the long term.

    Great summary Melebo, really helped me undestand this thing as well

    1. BattleBudgie says:

      AT-15A. At least that thing got a considerable buff, while TOG… Is a TOG. Not to mention it’s one tier higher.

      1. Trololo Guy says:

        But you can trade in HMS TOG II* for discount on clearly-not-OP Type 64 now, which you can’t do with AT-15A. Nobody would play any of those two (TOG, AT) willingly anyway.

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