Another Banwave arrives *update*

Wargaming did strike again with another banwave.


17.988 players got banned temporarily for using an illegal mod for the first time.

5.724 players got a permanent ban for getting caught a second time.


3.186 players got a temporary ban

833 players got a permanent ban


169 players got a temporary ban

32 players got a permanent ban


336 plyers temporarily banned

77 players permanently banned

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Another Banwave arrives *update*

44 thoughts on “Another Banwave arrives *update*

  1. Berto72 says:

    Lot of players tell that they use Tundra because near to all use it…. 3.000 temp ban and 800 ban? pfff….nothin…

      1. DZ says:

        they would if they ran it through steam… then steam could VAC ban all the shitheads because steam will scan for independent programs as well running the process, and if its a known cheat, POOF! vac banned.

  2. Vepe says:

    This is good news. Haven’t used even xvm after last update and the game is more enjoyable without pretty useless stats information (of course top clan players are still a priority target especially when clicking with arty for in-game MM balancing ;).

  3. Gunner says:

    i always knew there was a massive problem on the RU server, when ever I have signed in to the sandbox or test server Russians always seem to hit you without aiming and always in a weak point of the tank. Good job by Wargaming long may it continue,

    1. beepstar says:

      Or any proof that *everybody* is using hacks. Choose only what you want to believe, only accept facts that fit your theory. Opinion is truth. Welcome to the modern world.

  4. JonseyMcDanes says:

    glad there’s a crack down on this stuff, there was alot of spoopy things happening in cw before they started banning people(granted there still are some very spoopy things happening from some clans still, but its definitely alot less and pretty funny when you see an enemy team in a skirmish full of 0k cromwells)

    1. PzBarkhorn says:

      Checking the entire player database is lenghty and hard. Its not some kind of active live database scanning thing, m8.

  5. Old Rebels says:

    My friend got banned temporarily for using XVM and 3D for arty Battle Assistant !? It’s mean that everybody who use mods for arty and XVM can be banned !

  6. Mathew says:

    Cheating’s bad, it shouldn’t happen mmm’kay! I don’t defend it, and I don’t like it.

    But I do want to take the role of devil’s advocate for a moment.

    The number of bans on EU and RU is huge, temp or permanent. Resentful banned cheaters will be spiteful. They lost face, and irrespective of their dishonesty, will be advocates for any criticism (just or unjust) against Wargaming.

    The cheating culture based on these figures seems too entrenched. The amount of bans to deal with the cheating will have to have an impact on their bottom line.

    Wargaming should have dealt with this from the beginning.


    1. Xavier says:

      So you think WG shouldn’t ban cheaters because they won’t spend money on WoT anymore? Chances are they will make a new account and buy premium tanks again. Plus not that many NA players were banned so WG’s profits shouldn’t be affected too much :p

  7. AkrapovicSBK says:

    The only way to stop the haxors is BAN all mods, xvm etc. I would like vanilla game for everyone, no haxor, xvm clicker, tomato, rage problems. Just play and try to enjoy, everyone in his own way bad or good. Soon™!

  8. Fujitsu says:

    Warpack works like charm. No ban, what-so-ever. But it turn off straight away when I enter clan wars or stronghold. I guess ppl from warpack figure it out that WG is only targeting competitive gameplay right now.

    I think this is great news for ppl in clan wars & strongholds. No more insta-target ammorack 🙂

  9. lol well i for one am perma banned now , i was one of the 77 on NA server , but and its quite a big but!!! i thought or know i was using nothing illegal what proof have i ? well i turned my python logs back on after the seven day ban and only have xvm and a few mods i made myself installed, i am not hiding my status as i am not guilty i am simply pointing out that WG are wrong. many or probably most will laugh this off thats fine with me ,I cant do anything about the ban as there is no redress ,your guilty until proven innocent , and when found guilty there is 100% no proof so you cant even defend yourself, i liked WOT as it was pick up and play for 6 mins to 6 hours depending how you felt,
    i just hope it will not go the same way as warplanes and warships have gone but i fear it will. no loss i will leave it for a while then come back again no skin off my nose only this time i will save myself a few thousand pounds.

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