Another Selfless Act


while I’m writing other and more important stuff, came across with another gem… MyGunnerKnowsKungFu has selflessly also helped an Arty player to reclaim his honor!


Give this men a cookie!

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Another Selfless Act

18 thoughts on “Another Selfless Act

  1. molochz says:

    I’m gonna post this again and hope I get a response this time.

    @Rita So has your coverage of Armored Warfare stopped altogether? Is this blog exclusively WG related now?
    Please let me know. Thanks.

    1. Hallo, sorry was busy writing a massive article all afternoon. No, it wont be, truth to be told I had to get my sh** together with the new page (which is not yet 100%) among taking care of some other legal adult things so only had time to decently cover one game pretty much.. I also was playing a lot of AW last few months and decided to give it a break (I do the same with WoT once in awhile to not burn out). I’m going back to it now that I got things out of the way. 🙂

      1. molochz says:

        Ok. It’s a pity you missed coverage of such a big update with the third dealer. To be honest I only come here for AW anymore. So hopefully it will continue soon. All the best anyway.

      2. I know! Just wish I could schedule all the crap things to happen at once and in favourable dates! hehe BTW, send me an email, have a gift for you. 🙂

      3. molochz says:

        Haha that was a typo but it actually works. I’ll pretend I meant to say bride.

        I sent you an email btw 🙂

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