Anti-Cheat Analyst needed


as we’ve been in the midst of the anti-cheat subject on the recent Q&As, Wargaming is currently seeking for a Anti-Cheat Analyst to analyse the back-end of mods, it can be found here.

Thanks to “FlyingManticore”

There are also many openings for Seattle, where WoT 2.0 is being developed if you care to take a look.

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Anti-Cheat Analyst needed

14 thoughts on “Anti-Cheat Analyst needed

  1. jakub_czyli_ja says:

    As usual, WG does everything ass-backwards. They should change the retarded WoT design to simply prevent cheats instead of analyzing mods and only reacting.

    1. If they allow mods, some will find a way to cheat. These have to be ‘reacted’ to, like it or not. NOW, WG is certainly guilty of not reacting sooner and stronger.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I can remember the official statement of WG that cheats are not possible 🙂 after 5 year this is a f…..g joke. This really means they did nothing all the years before than just farting their chairs….

  3. It would be nice if WG gave us a definitive list of what is legal and what isn’t. 🙂 They allow us to use mods which is great but not knowing what you can and can’t use makes things annoying difficult. Obviously some mods are clearly ‘cheaty’ but some can feel a bit grey.

    1. They have a thread on the forums just gor that called “prohibited mod policy”
      If your on EU dont bother they dont care. NA will ban you for illegal mods.

      1. Awesome thank you sir. I was unaware of that thread. Is it new?
        Isn’t it odd that there’s a difference between NA, EU etc. It’s the same game…

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