Anton Pankov Q&A

Good day everyone,

Very brief Q&A from Anton Pankov, taken from questions on various social media:

– Regarding Personal Missions:
If it is decided that arty changes will go into release – there will be changes in the Mission series for artillery, or rather, there will have to be processed.
Restrictions of 3 arty to fight the same battle will impact certain missions. With regard to current revisions Missions, interfaces, etc. They’re being worked on.
-Stretching the lights to Tier 10 won’t have too much impact on their mission series.

* With the tank trade in that was tested on RU, if it is introduced, can there be a one-time action to replace a tank with something from the same nation or class for no or minimal fee? (Not the current 50% of the tank being traded for)

For example, I would gladly have changed:
1. the FCM-50t -> AMX mle 49 / the CDC the AMX
2. IS-6 -> to one of the favorites according to preliminary performance characteristics Object 252U.
3. T26E4 -> T26E5 / M46 Patton KR
4. Potentially 8,8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger -> Jagdtiger (H)
– No, not possible.

* Nerf to the Grill? – only in conjunction with a change in the TD Mission-15/ Obj. 260 (where it is necessary to shoot 8k damage), otherwise the task comes down not to skill, but generally random chance
– Due to changes in the Light tanks and potentially in the arty – there will be the reason to seriously reconsider current mission values.

* How many more tanks need to be transferred (DN: No context here, but safe to assume they mean to HD), about 100 or so? Only about two more patches until summer, and it’s not hard to believe that a patch will be 50 tanks, as before there were more than 25-30 did at a time.
– 3.

– Marathons were not taken away forever.They’re looking into different formats

* Explain how it is that during the entire 6 years this game has been around that there isn’t one employee who doesn’t know every nuance of this game? Someone who doesn’t need to go to someone else for questions? Now in 2017 we have all this nonsense about what may or may not be going into the live server from Sandbox and this or that not working.
– We have a Hulk, Slava Makarov, and the team that supports it. Given the magnitude of the project its impossible to keep everything in one head.
About the sandbox, is simple – it is necessary to experiment, and thats how its going to be.

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