Anton Pankov Q&A

Good day everyone,

Quick Q&A compiled from Russian social media:

* Anton, is there any intention of putting the T92 light tank at Tier 8 after the T71? Really looking forward to this vehicle.
– No, I do not intend to.

* Anton, is there an approximate release date for the Tank Exchange? Or an expansion of eligible vehicles?
– No exact time. There are a couple of improvements to make.

* Any plan on fixing the game switching into windowed mode
– Yes, soon as it’s ready will release a fix.

* When is the next wave of bans? Or was that just window dressing?
– We’re working at it.

* Anton, when you already reveal the secret about IS-4?
* There’s no way Anton will disclose, but Murazor, if my assumption is true, then there will not be a counter, but a rearrangement of the ST-1 and IS-4 places, for Murazor has long talked about this. IS-4 will take its original place, where it was ok, and ST-1 will become a good top tier with its trademark turret armor.
– You’re right, and yes, Murazor will tell you.
– Within the next. 2-3 weeks on the sandbox there will be a lot of tests of SPG and LT in different variations. Consider pre-release tests. So welcome.

* Uncle Anton, will they ever make the Sheridan hull into the actual tank, and not the prototype?
– The hull will remain the prototype. With body kit.

* Will there be any branch of the Swedish medium tanks (as they have a kind of modification of the Centurion)?
– Swedish Centurion will be done once, it will be a premium tank. As for a full medium branch, there are no plans.

* I don’t understand, Anton. What is the difficulty in limiting the gold in a tank? Give an intelligible answer to this question, not silence.
– Because before introducing such a change – we want to test it. If it appears on the sandbox – then it is considered for input. If not, then no.

* When is the third wave of hunting cheaters? A herd of tundra users still runs around servers.
– Soon.

* Dear evilly. Will there be any future changes to personal missions, as it was a year ago?
– Yes.

* And what about the server stability? The lag is just shit…
The funny thing is that before when the project began to develop only had one server, and he kept on holding  players online and did not crash, and now there are 10, and not much use.
– When there was a million online was 4 or 5 servers.

* The question may not be quite on topic, but don’t know where else to post it.
When stretching LT branches:
1 – What will happen to permanent camo on Tier 8s?
2 – What will happen with the M41 GF?
3 – Will there ever be some kind of exclusive hull for the original VK7201? Thank you.
-1. Some permanent camo on the Tier 8 lights will redeemed for gold or silver – depending on which they were purchased with.
2. It will remain at its current tier with current performance characteristics.
3. We are looking at it, but the first version seems good as is.

* And if camo is from CW…
– And if camo from CW – probably lay out in the depot.

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