Anton Pankov Q&A and New Ways to Earn Bonds

Bit of a combo article for you all, a brief Q&A with Anton Pankov and some new ways to earn Bonds in 9.20.1. First up, the Q&A:

-Regarding the absence of HD winter maps, there is nothing necessarily wrong with them, it’s simply that with everything being so white they require a bit more care in regards to lighting in order to look good. They’ll hopefully be shown off at this years WG Fest.

-Speaking of which, this years WG Fest has been announced for Moscow.

-Elaborating on the lack of a gift tank for this year, Anton says that one of the reasons for this is related to a plan to rebalance the lower tiers, and WG not wanting to introduce something so temporary.

-Regarding new nations, we’ll have to see what progress is made. At the present, there are a few nations that the developers are looking at, but we’re not going to announce anything officially, even with the Polish and Italians. There are also a few alternate tech tree branches and ideas for premiums. They’ll be announced when/if they are ready.

-There will need to be some experimentation with the IS-6, whether that’s increasing the penetration and ditching it’s preferential matchmaking. It’s not entirely clear what will be done with it.

-“If I could go back in time, I’d have never announced 10.0 Rubicon.”

-We had another tank set to go as part of a collaboration with another company (not the T92 LT), but the deal didn’t go through. So at the moment we have a tank fully modeled with all kinds of paraphernalia, just waiting for something to be done with it.

-Regarding any sort of appearance of Warhammer 40k content, it won’t be reserved for only the Asian servers.

-Alternative hulls, not all tanks have these, but they can possibly be part of the new customization system.

-Trade-ins aren’t planned as part of an ongoing event. We might have some additional functions to go with it.

-Regarding anything involving tank changes (like high tier Japanese heavies) ask Murazor. We are keeping an eye on things though.

-The Defender can be sold this year, if you’d like.

-WarGaming is looking to first get maps transfered into HD. After that they can look at the possibility of having aspects of the environment be destructible and possibly affecting gameplay.

-Statistically, introducing Tier 10 light tanks was a good move. They didn’t encroach too much on the medium tank’s role, and such a thing was necessary do to the MM changes.


New Ways to Earn Bonds

And in additional news, new ways to earn bonds will be introduced with update 9.20.1:

First off, Bonds will now be awarded for playing Tier 9 & 10 vehicles.

As well, Epic Medals and Battle Hero achievements will also have a Bond reward as well, depending on the Tier you are playing at and the complexity of that medal. More details to come later.

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